Watch Elon Musk Unveil The Tesla Model Y SUV

Elon Musk finally unveiled Tesla’s Model Y SUV on Thursday, March 14th. The vehicle is derived from the Model 3, with about 75% of the components being the same. The car can go from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, with the standard model having a range of 300 miles. The SUV will start at $39,000, with the long-range model costing $47,000. With the Model Y, Musk completes his plan to have the Tesla models spell “S-E-X-Y.”

Tesla Unveiled Its Model Y: Here Are The Best Features Of The $39,000 SUV
How Tesla’s Model Y SUV Is Different From The Model X And Model 3


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Watch Elon Musk Unveil The Tesla Model Y SUV


OretoGaming says:

anyone else think of the russian hacker when he says teslas number one priority is safety *SAFETY IS NOMBA 1 PRIORITY*

Ghoppa32 says:


brady093093 says:

wheres the pickup?

The987654321Boom says:

is he ok?

Arman Almassi says:

The word “suv” is so loosly used these days

Legend2Kill says:

I never heard him talking before but I thought he is a charismatic speaker but that’s not true

00crashtest says:

Guys, a car is just to get you from point A to point B, not show off. So instead of an overpriced Tesla or ANY LUXURY CAR, just get a Toyota Prius Prime, Nissan LEAF, Hyundai Ioniq Electric, or VW e-Golf.

Instead of changing your expensive DEPRECIATING liability cars every 6.5 years like most Americans (per IHS Automotive), why not just drive a reliable Toyota or Honda ’til it dies 20+ years later, and instead invest the savings into APPRECIATING assets like stocks, gold, silver, or even a higher-class house for yourself.

KSl says:

The only left is A F

Bernhard Jordan says:

tesla , why

dtanktdtank says:

Doesn’t look like suv

Mark Kovalenko says:

Is it weird I really can’t tell the difference between any of the Tesla models

PhillHendo says:

Elon needs to keep off the weed!

remmy LeBeau says:

It’s pathetic watching all the Tesla geeks worship Elon. Elon really wants to get rid of his autoworkers and replace them with robots. He is not a savior. People love false prophets

Manay Lodha says:

My son talks so much about Tesla everyday he wants it so baddd!!

FI says:

1:49 : So we expect to have a true usable range of 300 miles….so, yeah…

A moment of awkward silence later


Luke Du Plessis says:

Man Elon Musk is such a visionary, but he’s also a terrible speaker

Nici-Tuber says:

Audi A8 glass roof presentation… dont even say that.


ThePsychicFish says:

Elon: So, uh I decapitated a hamster last night…


Somphoth Siratsamy says:

Wow, ur one of the losers who don’t know about Toyota Hybrid dominating the Formula E races. Not Tesla, Toyota. This just pathetic, tesla it’s not even a high class car.

Robert Delgado says:

3.5 0 to 60 and 300 mile range! …yo go Elon!

mopsman says:

Remind me to never ever go to a Tesla announcement. A bunch of wooing fan boys embarrassing themselves. I’d need to take a shower on the way out.

Sean Timson says:

Wow that’s a really splendid car.

Andrew Stephens says:

I wish Elon stuttered less, but hey it’s personal this way Ig.

Rodrigo Melchor says:

Everything is pretty nice with these vehicles except the fact that they have no cluster?
Also, removing the front gryll makes them look awkward.

Melody -Mellybyte- says:

Tesla are dumb, they got a huge marketing advantage in electric cars… and they are throwing it away.
quit making Luxury Electric cars and actually make some middle class affordable electric cars with lesser technology gimmicks
Once the bigger car companies begin making affordable electric cars you are going to lose your spot.

dante morrone says:

I love it but it looks kinda small

mixalis says:

Not in Australia, will be over 14o k

Rob9000 says:

Can someone count how many “uuhh”s did Elon Say

hollysaga says:

The model WHY

Lovewith Koenigsegg says:

Elon musk is like Tony stark

Yeah I’m Kabirds says:

Models: S3XY
Coming Models: GURL

scott abbott says:

It would be great if tesla would just focus on one thing and provide what they promise. Trying to do to many things at once means they dont do anyone thing great

Maximus 1826100 says:

That thing is HIDEOUS!!!

Ti. says:

Make a pickup and shut up lol

rick lulu says:

Go practice your speeches stops Stuttering

I maybe a stinky loser, but says:

That was like an akward first date

JASIM A K says:

05:98 he did an amazing job by showing the engine.

Exige Nene says:

He’s so bad at presenting but it’s relatable so it’s okay

J B says:

Why is it so dark you can barely see it. Turn on the lights!

Zakary Smith says:

Please make a truck

esmat khan says:

He is thinking about space x
And talking about tesla

Lucas W says:

Are you serious? That’s not an SUV. Model X is a bastard between a whale and Model S. This is offspring of Model X and a platypus

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