We drove the electric Tesla Model X across America

We drove the Tesla Model X from San Francisco to New York in just under a week to see what it’s really like to take an all-electric vehicle on an aggressive cross-country road trip.

We limited our charging to Tesla’s network of US Supercharger stations, of which there are 861.

Each day we traveled to a city that was about eight hours from our starting point. In addition to the drive time, we had to add time spent at the Supercharger stations, which usually took about an hour per full charge.

In case you were thinking about taking a Tesla on a cross-country road trip this summer, we already did it so you can see what it’s really like.

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Kalle Anka says:

go and eat when you supercharging. you never go to the toilet ?

Protopet says:

Supercharger V3 should have much quicker charge times.

markleyg says:

A little confused when you say you couldn’t get to the Grand Canyon. See a supercharger in Falstaff. Also, their are Tesla destination chargers at the canyon.

Tony Mancuso says:

Great video and review just curious what do you use to edit your videos looks good 🙂

Robert Mascord says:

If i may amazing technology, perhaps solar and small fuel generator upgrade to help with reliance on supercharge stations. Also Mr Wei was somewhat condescending.

Bizzy jones says:

Fucking beautiful, once I save up enough for a tesla. Will be traveling with my family

y ella says:

*We drove a Tesla across the US*

Chevelle 70 says:

I want to get a tesla oh but wait they cost too much and it’s not gonna be able to survive in Louisiana.

CartelZ says:

Not using autopilot??

AscendedSaiyan3 says:

You should NEVER charge a Tesla to 100%, UNLESS you have the time to wait.  You should charge to 80% to 85%, so it will only take 30 mins (bathroom and stretching time).

P.S. You will NEVER see a video with a Chevy Bolt driving across country.  That would take FOREVER, because you would have to use 110V outlets in a lot of places. 😀

Ferdinand Kittlaus says:

and teaching us n nothing new about the car

Arnab Roy says:

Would be comfortable if Tesla also built a resting place beside their charging stations.

DarkRaiden112 says:

Can you just sit in the car with the AC on while it’s charging? If you can then it’s not that big of a deal

y ella says:

America: continent
US: county

Byron Pop says:

What the fuck are those sunglasses…not the Snap Glasses.. Cooommmoon

melvin melendez says:

Thanks guys for the video.I want a TESLA !!!!

N/A soundsSoGood says:

dude u went around USA without spending $0 and u still complain about charging system

Mark Brand says:

Somewhere in Utah??? Just happens to be the fastest growing city in the state and one of the largest…..

Pg Gp says:

2 questions did you ever put it on range mode and did you ever try the autopilot cuz those two features would greatly improve road trips

Kurt D says:

Until they get charging time down to around time it takes to re fuel a gasoline auto, there will be only a niche market for these.. Free charging VS your time spent at the recharge station..

Flash357 says:

These guys didn’t have to get it to full charge everytime. Looks like they didn’t do their research. Typical non informed Tesla or EV user. They had no clue.

kiwi potato says:

3:50 are they at a gas station with a tesla?

R C says:

Supercharger stations should have a McDonalds or other restaurant near by. That means you’ve now used your hour wisely.

Win for Tesla and win for small restaurant owner.

Lúke says:

Hold on. The Tesla Supercharger network is designed to supercharge a Tesla to 80% in 30 minutes, at optimal charging availability. You are aware an EV may very well take the same amount of time to recharge the battery from 80-100% as it does to go from 20-80%, correct?

Batteryboy says:

I almost got raped and kidnapped in Utah

William Wen says:

These journalists are forgivable rookies. I suspect they had lots of wasted time.

We’ve driven a Tesla Seattle to NY and back. You just need to plan the stops better.

– end each night at a hotel w/destination charger or near a super charger
– start the day w/ a full charge
– drive/autopilot to next super charger, brunch (which takes 1hr anyway)
– drive/autopilot to next super charger, coffee/snack/restroom
– BTW, you only need enough juice to the next super charger, which is 90-150 miles away.
– This usually takes 20-30 min of charging, just long enough time for restroom/coffee
– Charging “full” is old habit from gas cars.
– drive/autopilot to next super charger, dinner
– drive/autopilot to hotel w/ destination charging or near super charger

You can easily cover 500 miles a day this way. Instead of paying for gas, pay for a nice meal. The car is always done charging before we finish our meal.

Harris Ranch SC is literally at a steak house. Lots of SCs near Texas Roadhouse in the MidWest.

R C says:

Im so jealous.

1) Road trips are fun.
2) Tesla Model X is a sexy car.
3) San Fran, Vegas and New York sounds really fun.
4) You get to spend time seeing the rest of the county during each charging break.

Calvin Chen says:

Did you ever use autopilot?!? I saw the camera spots on the car.

Vac Bomber says:

Why the fuck you didn’t turn on the autopilot.

Pokemon PSA - Brad says:

I’m really curious how it would do in a Canadian winter setting.

nonipaify says:

USA is beautiful unlike what I imagined.

SteveV says:

An unrealistic review by uniformed, non-owners. The car reaches an 80% charge in 30 minutes. Most families spend 20-40 minutes eating, pissing and stretching at rest stops. Did you also forget the part where the car drives itself most of the way and you don’t have to pay a cent for Supercharging? Also, your range is based on battery size, driving style and ambient temperature. About the only thing they got right is that you never want to go back to a gas car.

Mark Brand says:

This comment section is cancer. So many people jumping to conclusions about the tesla with no reasearch.

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