We Found The Tesla Semi Truck!

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Brian Douglas says:

The Tech Geeks and Purge

Our Tesla Model X Journey says:

You guys did great! Jealous here in Raleigh. Send it our way!

Keith Cleghorn says:

You should get one and convert it into a luxury RV. The Hollywood filthy rich would buy it in a New York second.

roguenode says:

You crack me up. If anything Tesla, SpaceX, or Boring Co is happening or being offered for sale, you are ON IT! Recently the skateboard, now the Semi, Roadster on the way. Have you ever considered getting an X?

katze_sonne says:

Lol, these eyelashes at 2:51 though xD

Spedracer55 says:

I wonder how many miles that beast has on it

Eric Ramirez says:

You guys should get one and convert it to an RV for cross-country trips.

Sagar Parmar says:

You guys are so awesome! Love you!

Hanniffy Dinn says:

I would have 3D scanned it.

life is good says:

Copy Tanner fox wrap

positron underVolt says:


Emese Szorenyi says:

You guys are freakin awesome! Please buy a Tesla Semi if you can! Super cool!

xIAMDAVEx says:

Why didn’t you get out and look around it?

byBono says:

I was always a fan of tesla, but I think that I wont ever have the oppertunity to buy one :p

jansen says:

DÆRIK is the type of guy that gets a trucker licence to drive a Tesla semi truck

Dudley Lamy says:


Mister G says:


Ikuraga says:

I say buy it and do something creative with it like someone commented below, using panels and powerwalls and make it a mobile home/studio of sorts. Very smart idea and if you got the money why not use to do something fun and amazing! If you have family could do road trips in that thing could even add windows to the trailer!

Np16 says:

Surprising for tesla to use steel wheels

Brad Thorpe says:

Get the semi + trailer so you can haul around the Roadster.

Nicole s says:

this is great!! has anyone seen the Tesla music video??? so funny !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hm18P057bnU&t=1s

oisiaa says:

You drove to the east coast and back from Colorado?? Must love seat time in your Tesla!

Tomasz Stanek says:

Thanks, great video. Check back of semi trailer, it have some aero flaps to reduce drag. I think Tesla testing this

Joey O'Brien says:

Great find, yeah get one, that would be amazing

the great one says:

I thought Dairy Queen was a Texas only thing. Learn something every day

Adventures of ‘Neric says:

NO, you do not need a Tesla Semi… BUT imagine this as the base for an RV. Now that would be awesome!

Twelve Wing Productions says:

One of the things I’m intrigued about is the prospect of modifying these into recreational vehicles. Perhaps even amphibious camper/houseboats for people that live near rivers and lakes, or for those running tour companies.

Dudley Lamy says:

Maybe they are transporting Model 3’s…Undercover…

EVIL Co. says:

Tesla logo is of Nikola Tesla’s Death Ray hitting God’s firmament. Think, apes.Tesla logo is of Nikol

James Irwin says:

You could do a modern day ‘knight rider’ with Teslas.

Larry Greene says:


Brian Douglas says:

He’s suspect

Gordini says:

About the ice cream story, I wonder what a security guard would had think about finding
two duds in middle of the nigh sitting in a car in a parking lot liking some ice cream cones 🙂

Bill Cichoke says:

You found IT? But I thought every trucking company this side of Amazon wanted HUNDREDS, and they were already making them.

So it WAS nothing more than a publicity stunt for more investor cash? Was this thing actually electric or just a normal ICE truck? You DID say it wasn’t plugged in, after all…

RayJ-HT says:

OMG you just started filming and then turned a corner and ……mouth drop……its right there! Oh gosh you lucky boy. That was so special, like you said. You had been following it around the country right…no…yes…no? (0:05)

Garrett Thompson says:

It requires CDL to drive, right?

Matt Obadia says:

you don’t need a Semi lol.

Aidan55 says:

Where is this? I live in colorado too and i’ve always wondered if there is a tesla semi in colorado.

Keith Cleghorn says:

I would rent a warehouse, then I would abscond with it. Get it to the warehouse, have it wrapped in pink digital camouflage and post it on youtube. Now having done all of that, I would make a game of where is Waldo and offer a reward for finding it. The reward should be something really cool, like a new Tesla car and dinner with Musk at his new facilities in California. plus your name goes to the top of the list for a space flight.

piksnapper says:

I think that is exactly how the mirrors will be set for highway driving, no need for mirrors.

duckfish7 says:

Center seat? That’s going to be great for backing into a tight dock. Lol. Am I right drivers? Super lame. I like Teslas but I wish the average blue collar guy could afford one.

Tesla Roadside says:

Love The Video 🙂 We Love Seeing All These Videos Of Our Semi Being Spotted. Keep The Hype Rolling! 🙂

Christopher Horton says:

get one!

jay ropxy says:

Get one

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