What Engineers Found When They Tore Apart Tesla’s Model 3

Oct.17 — Tesla’s Model 3 boasts the best technology and motor of any electric vehicle, but a team of engineers in Detroit say there’s a major flaw in the car’s design that’s hurting Tesla’s profit margins. Bloomberg Television’s Ed Ludlow reports.


Russell Phillips says:

…said the guy being paid by GM

Strobo Strobo says:

I think those old bunch of dinosaurs shall take a good care of their own business in steed of doing lobby for corporations like BMW, proved to fool every one with falsified pollution test, fake cutting edge technology, and all sort of miserable monopolies. They are the one holding, literally the human technology, back with 100 years by documenting the infamous “development” and empowering the big guys for penny’s. If Musk get inspired from Tesla documentation, good for him. Or if he’s the same as the one that I’ve criticised, we may look for a better one. But for the moment we have stepped forward after 100 years of fake, hoax and even criminal activity.

Thomas Busse says:

It’s important to point out that this should be one review among many, and the many reviews should be from independent media outlets shielded from their owner’s whims and having skepticism of the propaganda machine. Sadly, that’s not the way the media works: is this a take-down piece from a competitor? Are all five conglomerates ganging up against Tesla? Is there a stock pump and dump going on? A foreign plot to erode America’s industrial base? Political maneuvering against California? Such “gekaufte journalisten” (to quote Udo Ulfkotte) isn’t really even in service to Bloomberg’s customer base, supposedly market equity investors (with free content as a tease to get you to subscribe to Bloomberg’s media). Is a Bloomberg customer coerced into paying for disinformation?

C.A. Carlson says:

Haha. Chevy Bold and BMW i3, both wrong. Wheel wells? It’s a complex vehicle, perhaps visit with the cutting edge engineers at Tesla. Find out why it is why it is. They don’t even understand the magnet system, over his head entirely. American engineers continue to engineer large trucks and SUVs. Look at all the cars GM has dropped. They have no foresight and don’t care about battery technology until they can steal it and have it made by slaves in China.

InvestOrama says:

No big discovery here, let’s move on

Tsunauticus III says:

Neo-did-eee-uhm megnetz yo!

Mathias says:

I think it is clear why the car is built to be so complex. It’s so only Tesla can fix it if something is wrong.
Apple started a trend of making little devices like phones and laptops harder to repair. Harder for independant technicians, almost impossible to fix for the user.
Imagine if this also happens with car manufacturers. When you can’t just go to any car shot to have a light fixed because the car won’t accept thirdparty parts.
That’s an extreme example but it’s where we are headed at the moment and I find that very scary.

Dave Daniels says:


Themachinewon says:

I’m only half way thought the video, How Stupid is this Guy ~Sandy Monroe, Has to be part retarded. Just his stupid remarks, Yeah it can be made cheaper, Dumb shit, that’s why its not built by the “Big shitty Three” He’s captain obvious ! points out all the wrong things about TESLA. Or is it that they happen to be doing it right, NOT the cheap way. Na sayer’s like this shit bird are out dated, The engineers at TESLA would laugh at this bone head. Plus show the right car when talking shit about it. He then uses the ” we think” A lot of guessing going on here. Stick to the Big three crap makers.

Jedi Knight says:

i know whats in it a pile of chinese shit .

FusionNauts says:

Musk knows what he’s doing and doesn’t do it for the money. He doesn’t care that he’s not squeezing the absolute most profit out because that’s not the reason he’s doing what he’s doing. He wants to spark human ingenuity and change peoples’ lives, not just make a profit.

smoluk1 says:

FORD is not in any fit position to say anything.

tram90 says:

Could have been interesting whitout the music. Why the heck? Are you presenting technics or “music”….

Andrei Sircuta says:

This is shit

s Smit says:

10k plant workers to build 3 models is insane

davekaza says:

Just because something is the conventional way of doing a task does not mean it is the better way of doing it.
Just because something is cheaper for the manufacturer does not mean it is a better product for the customer .

Brad Kalinoski says:

This company is bank rolled by the big three.

stevenswall says:

Had this been built in a traditional factory it wold have been great?!

Then why don’t the “traditional” companies make something like this?

Answer: Because they refuse to, or put out pathetic models with less than 50 miles of range like Chevy. If this was built at Ford, GM, Chevy, or Chrysler, the board would personally come down and destroy it, ensuring that it never saw the light of day, or they’d threaten the engineers to make the battery 1/10th the size, and make all parts break after a few years.

Craig Love says:

I hate this video

Nathanial Lee says:

There’s a hell lot of controversy in this comment section. The Tesla is an amazing car. It exceeds all other manufacturer’s electric technology in so many ways. However, with Tesla still being a relatively young company, they have flaws. The manufacturing process they use is crap. The way the car was designed was not built around the prospect of time and efficiency. Tesla targetted the Model 3 to be sold to the average Joe who doesn’t have 100k laying around to spend. However, that means more cars to build for the more amount of people buying the cars, and that means pumping more cars out of the factory. Tesla CLEARLY does not have the capabilities to mass produce an affordable electric car at around the price of a fully loaded Camry. The Tesla manufacturing process is a complete screwup. You can look up on youtube right now about the build quality problems these Tesla’s have. Elon is sleeping in his frikin factory just to keep things running.

This is not about Tesla being all this and that, or Tesla is shi**, it’s just that Tesla has its flaw. Sure, this video has its flaws too, like featuring the wrong cars and all that, but that’s honestly what I’d expect from a channel not dedicated to cars in general. However, I do trust the experts that are talking in video e.g. that Sandy Munro guy at 1:34

Da Bishop says:

That’s the problem with working with capital investors: rushing stuff out of the door half baked. Systems integration is a problem.

However, it seems quite likely that the ideal Tesla chassis/body will be made of some sort of composite plastic, rather than mild steel, so it’s plausible that this body is a krufty stop-gap.

They are thinking much like a PC builder rather than Apple: High performance parts stuck into a krufty box with loads of twiddly fasteners.

Askformoreinfo whichyouwontget says:

If Musk is any serious he should listen up and maybe hand a paycheck to these guys.

bongo fury says:

I find it hard to believe the prices of the motors. so you’re paying $49,000.00 for a dubious chassis? Brilliant, Tesla…..

A L says:

It has Omfffff 4:26

EyitsBlue says:

Before i watch let me guess, car parts?

Richard Mathern says:

I like watching videos like this. Comparing main stream manufactures comparing a awesome vehicle that is shaking the market as brilliant yet done way wrong. Their solution is to cut jobs and such to make it better along with a complete body manufacture rebuild to cut down on parts.

Dennis says:

The safest car of the world is build all wrong?!? I want to have my car build all wrong as well if this is the new standard for “all wrong”. And they showed a Model S instead of a Model 3, you should enhance your quality control…

The Piano Channel says:


3644Darrell says:

Tesla’s business model unsustainable. Businesses don’t run on ideals, to help the universe, and all that crap. He is underfunded and does not have enough production capabilities. He is cutting staff and working the rest of his employees into the ground. Large companies are jumping on the electric bandwagon and they have the capabilities to surpass Tesla in a short period of time. Musk’s endeavor, though noble in ideas isn’t going to work from a practical standpoint.

Daley Tayler says:

The problem with this car is that its a better car so that’s bad okay.

Peaces says:

Click bait, its not a model 3

Peaces says:

That is clearly not a model three, look up model three drive train. the model three has rear drive unit that drops out of the car, Not a Model S Multi piece section, I remember this video, It looks like they just re edited some parts of it. Look up model three drive train… LMAO

Benito Bueno says:

a microchip..end of

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