What Happens When You Put A Tesla Motor In An Old Honda?

Car enthusiast Jim Belosic put a Tesla motor into an old Honda. The car combo can accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in only 2.45 seconds. That’s faster than a Bugatti Veyron or Lamborghini Huracán. He calls his electric car creation a Teslonda.

See more from Jimmy Belosic: https://www.youtube.com/jimmybuilt

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muscle vs tuners568 says:

I think a Pontiac fiero would fit so well with a Tesla motor imo.

Dms192 says:

I want to put Tesla motors to BMW E38 L7

Dakota Smith says:

What the hell are you doing doing this interview. Get out there and take this thing on the track and win a shit on of money and beat lambos

Trevor Steele says:

I like what he did and I think he’s exactly right when it comes to the future of hot rodding.

YouTube is disappointing says:

Its faster than a veyron but looks and feels like a pedal bike. Not an improvement bro

K says:

Hondesla sounds better tho

Evan Douraque says:

Святые угодники!

corndog984 says:


BushPilot444 says:

I like it but the range problem is still a killer. Fastest low range vehicle around…. reminds me of the tortoise and the hare stories. You could be beaten by a Moped at any decent distance.

Qgal5kap123 says:

Why is it on stilts??

Bigblock chevy72 says:

Never in my life will I go electric

GamingExtraordinary says:

You need a serious alignment

joe bourdeau says:

No. It’s not the future. It’s THE END. Of the world. As we know it. It’s all going to fall apart.

Raw Compound says:

This is cool.

Steffin Mezger says:

Still more exciting than an ls swap

Infowarslove says:

A 1950s car chassis with an electric motor would be cool.

Christopher Hasse says:

Clearly, Belosic’s software is miles ahead of what is offered in the conversion kits I have seen. Even before the way cool video game styling. Is there any chance he will consider sharing or licensing?

Allison says:

Speed yes, handling like an old Honda??

Christian says:

I will NEVER own an EV! I will always stay a true car guy and always have a V8 muscle car!

Nathan says:

i want to see someone outrace those supercars with the master teslonda

Jeromy Zwiers says:

I 1,000,000,000,000% agree with this man!!! This is the future of hit rodding. Embrace it!!!

Chris Piedade says:

but he can’t put the steering wheel straight?

PREMONE 920 says:


Mad mechanic says:

I think i’m going to do that to my Tesmondo

SeanFalloy says:

I always wanted to do this to my ’77 chevy stepside.

Jeromy Zwiers says:

I F ing love electric!!!

rob pastore says:

If I had the $$ I will totally do this transplant to my Subaru Outback 🙂 and how can we get a hold of that display software @jimmybuilt

Brendan :D says:

Put the Honda engine in a Tesla…

Nathan says:

0:41 right up
this man came from the future

M W says:

Id like to see the Tesla motor in a 67 vw Beetle

Kenny Noble says:

100 miles then refuel a gas tank at any of the countless, common and nearly universally refueling gas stations in any city in less than 5 minutes or travel the same distance then spend 2+ hours charging a battery bank at home or at a rare charging station that might not even approve your particular system for charging? I know which option I’d choose. Electric cars, in the current state of the industry, are more like super fun and 50% practical toys. Gasoline powered cars are more like 90% practical tools for conveyance which aren’t as much fun to use, but they do what they were designed to do. Race an electric car, long commute or haul heavy with a diesel car or truck, intermediate commute and/or light hauling with a gasoline car, truck, van or motorcycle and short commute, no significant hauling with a bicycle, moped, glider or walk. Unless you plan on running EV on charging rails, designing and using a battery bank and charger to charge completely from empty to full within 15 minutes per 100 miles without battery damage, a bank of solar panels on the roof and/or dedicated trailer capable of supplying a full charge within 8 hours or keeping the battery bank fully charged as you drive… I don’t see how EV are the future.

Phillip Brewster says:

you need to put it up title for title against a lambo and win a free lambo

straitpepperdiet says:

Bad Assssssssssssssszsz

Brian Ongeri says:

Why do you have subtitles? Like… why???

mAKtre47 says:

Crazy how times change.. I couldn’t see myself in an eclectic.. love the good old motor and sound..

lucid says:

You can hear the Geiger counter from Fallout 4 at 0:19 seconds

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