What options to get for Tesla Model S

In this video I talk about which options I recommend getting and which one that’s not so useful when you’re about to order your Tesla Model S in the design studio.


wenjing Fan says:

Thank you so much for all the videos you posted! I’m wondering if you drive Tesla in the winter time or you will switch to a gasoline car in winter? I think you live in Norway right? I think we have similar cold weather in the winter. I live in Toronto, by the way.

John Brogan says:

What options to get??

All of them

Ruben Kelevra says:

Studded tires are sadly completely forbidden in Germany. Actually very sad, they should allow them on snow-days, so if they last for some days or it is very snowy you might want to change your wheels.

Actually, the only thing you can do is to attach snow chains but than you’re limited to 40 or 50 km/h by the noise or 50 km/h by law in Germany.

phlex icon says:

Does the mobile app require cell phone service or does it use wi-fi?

Chris Sharek says:

Bjorn, curious what you think about the upgrade from 85 to 90. Lots on forums about the 90 not really providing the additional 6% range – possibly a software range calculation issue. Thanks for your input.

ZZZ says:

Hi Bjorn, Model 3 reservation holder here. Thanks for the info.

Kiii Ciii says:

Hey Bjorn, thanks for the video.
Is there a difference in how the car rides when you have air suspension vs when you don’t?

Roberts Svidrickis says:

The video wasn’t too long. It was interesting. I like it. Great experience and useful stuff. 🙂


I get the feeling that I’m the only person watching this who has 0 chance of buying a Model S haha

John Elliott says:

Thanks, you tell me.  I’m from Western Australia.     New Tesla Model S in 2015 to 2016 coming to Perth, Western Australia.

steve au says:

Very good video which can share your experience to others. Well done!

The Andy says:

One of the options now are 21″ turbine wheels on winter tires!!

Arnold Winters says:

I have been enjoying your videos, meeting your lovely wifey, your commentary and humor. I am about to order a Tesla Model S 85D. I need help in choosing option packages.

I now lease a Nissan Leaf until the end of 2015. I intend to order the new Tesla by October 20, 2015, for end of 2015 year delivery.

I am sure of all the current options, which I intend to order EXCEPT 2 of them. Do you have an opinion on the 90Kh battery  upgrade for $3K, and do you like the carbon fiber finish ($1K option)?

Thanks for your opinion.


Roy Richardson says:

Is it not possible to run https://www.evtripplanner.com on the web browser in the car to get the missing navigation info to get  the “anywhere to anywhere” distances & charge points?

Arsham Skrenes says:

Great video! Thanks! It’s interesting to watch and see how the options have changed. Tech is no longer an option and the redundant security system isn’t an available feature. I’m really frustrated that the corner/fog lights are tied to the $3000 Premium Interior and Lighting option. They really should be standard. I wonder if they can just be bought from Tesla as an aftermarket upgrade for a couple hundred.

Juraj Nagy says:

Hey, I thought that could be the camera propose to Tesla in the armrest. I sent the drawing to gmail.

jonathan zere says:

hei bjørn hvor mye må du betale får 3g på bilen og får bestilling?

F0NIX says:

This is one of reasons that I watch all your videos.  I don’t have a Tesla nor have I ordered one, but I am considering it. And you give us good information about the car and your opinions on the choices you have made when selecting the options for your car. Thank you!
I may not agree on all the choices you have made, but you gave us your reason for having them and good background for us to decide for our self what we should get or not.
I’m waiting for more public chargers and superchargers here in North Norway before I will decide to order a Tesla or not.

sn0le says:


This is the test. They tested wintertires worn down to 6mm an even older tires worn down to 3mm.

They concluded that the studs give the studded tires the upper hand when they are new.
But when they are worn down a bit, the advantage is gone.
The rubber is different on studless tires, it’s more soft, and it has an advantage over the harder rubber that the studded tires have.

Valentin Brard says:

Thanks for the detailed video. Very informative.

Do you have any thoughts on 19″ vs 21″ wheels?

wenjing Fan says:

do you think the sub-zero package is very useful for Tesla model S in extreme cold weather?

Evan R says:

DC = Direct Current

sn0le says:

As a note on the studless vs studded tires.
I agree that people should choose wisely based on what conditions they’ll encounter while driving in the winter.
For new tires, the studded outperform the studless on snow and ice.
But NAF did a test a few years ago where they tested used tires.
Their conclusion was that studless tires outperformed studded tires when they are a couple of years old.

paulwesterberg says:

I am surprised that you don’t use the seat heaters in the winter. Isn’t it more efficient than using the cabin air heater?

Paul Shadwell says:

I chose the panorama roof because I’m 1.82m tall and my head touches the headlining without it.
You have to order the Type 2 cable separate. I actually have one which came with my Renault Zoe and it will work with the Tesla too.

TassieEV1 says:

Great advice and definitely not too long.  Found it very informative and helpful.  Yes some of it doesn’t apply but having grown up in a winter climate, Canada, completely understand the studded/studless argument.  Where I am now, Australia, not anything to worry about.  Better cooling system more likely although where I am is the coldest part of Australia, Tasmania, so more middle of the range weather with some hot and some cold(relative of course), not really cold like -35.

Sunil Nijran says:

Hi again! Can you please tell me how long it takes to charge the car to 100% on a typical Type 2 charger? Thanks, Sonny

Newborn says:

Hi Bjørn. This video is not long and very informativ. I watch the whole thing in ease. I have a question though, should you buy nokian winter tires with your tms when ordering a new car? Or should you buy from other vendors? Thanks in advance and love your work!

Sunil Nijran says:

Hi Bjorn! Thanks so much for doing this video – really appreciated! It has really helped me to decided what and what not to spec on my Tesla! With regards to the smart air suspension option, you mentioned that you can lower it to improve high speed aerodynamics and therefore range but does this package not adjust the suspension automatically to do that? Also, when speccing the P85D on the website we cannot at the moment choose the seat colour/type as it just says that P85D ‘will come with Tesla’s new and improved seat’. Do you know if Tesla will clarify this if you order P85D? Thanks in advance, Sonny

Peter Kjærsgaard says:

Bjørn why do you have insolation on your panorama roof in summer time.

Bruce Stein says:

Thank you for helping choose my options, even though they have changed a bit since you made your video. I have an S100D on order, and am impatiently waiting. I went with the “subzero” package, mostly because of bad experiences with getting caught in a blizzard many years ago and having my wipers freeze thick with ice, despite the heat inside the car all focused on the windshield. But no enhanced sound system for me—being hearing impaired, it will not make any difference! Decided to hold off one the larger charger–I question if I will ever need it, and it can be added later if I do.

ThisIsTyDell Instrumentals says:

Cool video. Cool car. Thanks for the explanation

johnjanos1 says:

Google man
D.C stands for Disney Comics
A.C stands for After Christ
Ha ha!
Another interesting video, thank you!

Randy Green says:

Excellent video! Thanks you so much for the all the information.

paulwesterberg says:

Thanks for the video Bjorn! I live in Wisconsin, our winter is similar to Norway so after watching your videos I decided against the pano roof and recently ordered an S85D.

super50cent4life says:

Loving the videos keep it up Bjorn love from sweden !!!

TechExplorer says:

Thanks for the review and advice ! Great Info.


[onomatopoeia. ] says:

great video, really interesting. even though i’ll probably never own a tesla lol

Mrtweet81 says:

Tåkelys lyser opp veien cirka 20 meter foran bilen, mens nærlys rekker fra mellom 50 til 100 meter foran bilen. Bruker man de to sammen, vil kurvetåkelysene ta det meste av effekten fra nærlysene og redusere sikten fremover. Det er ikke for at man blender møtende trafikk.

Michael Wallace says:

DC = Direct Current… AC = Alternating Current

Archives of Mike Anthony says:

Im assuming you left out the seat, decor, paint options, because to each is own on what you want.. like the Textile, Leather, Performance leather, matching yacht floor, etc… 

Me, ill take my Brown paint with black roof (if im not getting the pano roof) and the Textile with Piano Black Decor and i’m good!

Tech package and dual chargers are a MUST! 85 kWh is next on the list.. But now i want the S85D but DANG price adds up fast. 

Epic Benjo says:

It would be nice if someone can sit in both the standard and hi-fidelity sound package and play the same song and do a direct side-by-side comparison

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