What Would Happen If Elon Musk Left Tesla?

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and founder of SpaceX, has been scrutinized for unusual behavior. Musk smoked weed during the taping of a podcast, announced he might take Tesla private via Twitter, and was criticized on social media by rapper Azealia Banks who claimed to spend the weekend at his house.


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Following is the transcript of the video:


kiwi potato says:

Why are people freaking out about Elon Musk? He works 17 hours a day! Can you do that? He barely sleeps, why do you keep talking trash about Elon Musk and Tesla? He smoked pot in Washington; where’s it’s legal. I don’t get why people want Elon Musk to step down, welcome to America 2018 where everyone picks on people trying to make tomorrow a better place.

Bob dabiuld says:

Too late.

Michel Stronguin says:

People are saying “Leave Elon alone, the man is a genius” yet the media can’t leave him alone, because for one, they have a financial incentive from other car companies plus shorts to attack him and Tesla. Plus because he is destroying the ground they stand on – Tesla doesn’t use traditional media for commercials to push car sells, so what is stopping traditional media from attacking him and Tesla?

01harvey says:

No Elon NO Tesla.

PrincePhase says:

The cheep Want this guy gone… And he’s literally the one guy risking his neck to go to outer space and explore the vast. I don’t want to deal with NASA’s bullshit over again. With all its dependence on the gov’t the fund their shitty projects. They spend way 2 much budget on shit that explodes before reaching the orbit

Chi qc says:

The last 20 seconds is the video

Jose Dominguez says:

the hell with this guy and algore…

Ryne Clausen says:

He is leaving now

Sohail Uppal says:

He’ll start a new car company and just buy back Tesla he’s crazy enough to think about it, and smart enough to pull it off.

Eärendil theBright says:

Bloke works + 100 hrs a week within the highest forms of engineering and business and people expect him to be a normal just like them person lol.

Tom Chu says:

If Elon Musk left Tesla,
he would build a new better company in few weeks.

dThor Riven says:

In history
Tesla already been advanced technology in generation
And now
They trying to destroy it again.

The evil elite are the one who destroyed Tesla

John Carter says:

Elon Musk…Is the real deal, You get what you see. no fake person who pretends to be different than he is. He is a Boss

Exalaxy X says:

Tesla ll go broke

Gaming Authority says:

Why take his tweets so seriously. Look at Donald Trump

Lasando Leslie says:

you are damn right I would never buy a Tesla if it’s not Elon Musk running Tesla because of Elon Musk why I would buy a Tesla because of his greatness not because of some people who don’t never work their ass or invest money in that company to make it what it is today

September 19 says:

2 days after this video came out, Elon resigns as Ceo of Tesla

gib666 gib666 says:

snake oil company goes bust after bullshitter in chief is fired

parodyvideos says:

Tech insider is 100% tesla hate. paid by fosil fue and german car manufactures ?

Andrei Luar says:

Elongated Musket Gun

Constantin Amundsen says:

just let the stock fall very low, tesla buys all stocks, goes private, elon stays ceo, sec is out. brilliant.

Chi qc says:

Elon isn’t a square so they wanna box him in. Smh. He’s a monster.

kiwi potato says:

Elon Musk, I hope he live forever. Why can’t the world have more people like Elon Musk?

The Dope Jackalope says:

Honestly, the problem is that Elon wants Tesla to help the world and the chair wants Tesla to help investors.

Brent Taylor says:

Let Elon be Elon, idiots!! He has many other outlets for his genius. If he becomes undermined and emotionally demoralized about his baby “Tesla”, humanity will lose out. The securities commission has caused tenfold more damage than any misstep of Elon who was merely thinking out loud with transparency and humour as he does. You can’t cage or enslave creative genius. I think Elon should walk away and start a privately funded company called “TeslaSquared” where he would be untethered to arrogant cocksuckers who think they know better. He could buy the scrap heap that tesla would become without him for 10 cents on the dollar and properly ditch all the haters who couldn’t inspire a hard on.

Carry on Elon. You Rock!

slurp says:

He becomes Green Goblin

D Man says:

Stop lying. Manipulation via punditry. The government loaned TESLA the money to stop them closing. It’s not been his company for a long time

criotene says:

Not Al Gore

Lasando Leslie says:

Elon Musk is the person who is selling Tesla why would you want to fight something like that it should be smart business people gaining wealth and profit out of this company not to break this company because of some Legacy we only live once in life

nDenTz_MotionZz trujillo says:

Can’t believe it actually happened

Abhishek Garg says:

If Elon Musk left Tesla, they should change the name of the company to “Edison” or “ConEdison”, as in a con-man named Edison, since Edison was the arch enemy of Tesla.

josh mons says:

Elon should never be looked down upon just because he has a personality. Honestly i mean what is he supposed to be? A play it safe guy like Mark Zuck? That doesnt get you anywhere but being a robot who does nothing but FB and stick to something safe. No he is the guy who doesnt give a shit about playing it safe. He will freefall into the future taking risks gladly and if someone judges him because of how he smokes weed or tries to get the stock up then they should just live under a rock.

Tom R says:

How stupid can you be, Tesla sells out every year and some guy just bought a rocket ticket to the moon for fun lol…Give the guy a break he smokes weed big whoop

ANDy JK says:

i wont like Tesla without Elon. that is just my opinion so i will be left with space x, the boring company,hyperloop(even if its open source) and the list goes on

Benjamin Klein says:

lmao these comments aged well over 3 days

TheKasoy90 says:

What is that warren buffet voice its disgusting

Tyler H says:

Aaaaaaand he’s fired…

Jason Ingram says:

Tesla would be far less inspiring. There is no Tesla without Elon.

TheMakeshiftHero says:

Well he’s gone now

vvlmm says:

This video is a liberal fantasy so absurdly ludicrous. What is the solution? Give it to wahman CEO, or put Al-Gore there? lol What? Al gore? Liberal lunies are a JOKE.

Artist 11 says:

Elon musk is Nikola Tesla of 2000s
Both work for humanity but no one give them what they deserve

Justwhy says:

Elon Musk shouldn’t leave because he will be the new Steve Jobs

Cardinal says:

“Oh he smoked.”

Listen I don’t like those drugs either but I don’t give a f%$k because of what he made. This guy brought electric transportation, solar energy, and a new type of rocket into the spotlight. He is critical to expand upon those types of engineering.

Zach Arbogast says:

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