What’s Going On With Tesla? | Untangled

Tesla has been going through a lot recently – layoffs, kinks in production, SEC legal battles, and Elon Musk’s tweets. What will 2019 look for them?

Tesla has gone through multiple layoffs over the past few months and is planning to close some of its retail stores. Despite releasing the Model 3 and Model Y, Tesla is still having trouble figuring out demand and production.

Elon Musk and the Security and Exchange Commission are going through legal battles over Musk’s tweets. A few former Tesla employees have also filed whistleblowing tips to the SEC against Tesla.


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What’s Going On With Tesla? | Untangled


Atlien4eva3000 says:

This why legacy News reports are slow and out of date. Your reporting from FUD and have not facts to back any of it.

Arooj Khan says:

“So whats going on with tesla?
Alot’s going on with tesla”

Thanks for the info peace out

George Hennen says:

Yeah, people who buy a Tesla don’t care to go to a store and would rather just order it. We live in a new time just deal with it and realize stuff like amazon exists. It isn’t them losing money it’s having more money to spend

Redbulpro says:

Stupid video. Tesla is leading in EV’s , Elon is a genius. You can’t deny that. The fact that he runs Tesla, Space X and the Boring company is insane. People like you should not be crying about the mistakes he or Tesla make. If you know better, do it yourself. There is a reason why he is a billionaire…

BlindEye says:


Elon Musk says:

So this video is pointless! Doesn’t really answer the question in the title.

Marcus.abi ilarraza says:

STop that tweeting, who you think your are?Donald Trump

Rahul Jain says:

You sure look incompetent.

Random Stuff says:

This should have been what’s going on with Elon Musk laughing at a dead deer.

mihai 123 says:

its because of elon musk that we have the electric car,the big car manufacturers are stepping in his footsteps,he is a leader,yet this self entitled journalist dares come here and make a video about elon’s ‘attitude’ and ‘problems’ like he knows shit

Ali Akhtar says:

He’s a legend and super down to earth and out of this world also.

Dung Vo says:

Everyone: I dont get why no one takes him seriously
*lol he hosted meme review hes basically a king for 10 yearolds now*

MMABeijing says:

sounds like hating, should i watch the whole video

Tong Tran says:

Whats the best selling EV in the world? Model 3. Tesla is leading the way with 80% of the EV market in the US last year. They are changing the world. Meanwhile the SEC is attacking this great american company

svetarocks says:

Hahaha what an idiot the video maker is! I see a ton of Teslas all over at my place! They are cool cars!

Mr Poe says:

Nah elon musk is just new to fame since appearing on pew news

Artur Franiuk says:

I think you do not understand anything so I will explain to you. There is Elon against auto dealership from all over the world, all the oil companies and all petrol stations around the world worth trillion dollars and Tesla ‘ ‘ Elon Musk ‘ ‘ wins battles with them and if Tesla win the war these all corporations lose money and power over the government that’s why the media and SEC torment Mr. Elon.

Devansh Jangid says:

Why, he won’t become disciplined, no, you’re right, it’s just because…… He’s Tony Stark…..

M.A. M.R. says:

Snitches get stitches, I’m just saying.

NuclearNow_SolarLater says:

Came here to down vote this crap

Lucas Batistussi says:

Press is being payed by the big oil industry to destroy Elon by demolishing the public and investor trust in Tesla brand. But you won’t be successful.

Marcos Watanabe says:

It’s simple:
– promises a lot
– raises a lot of money
– does little of what was promised
– says BS online
– everyone doubts the company is going to get anywhere
– no more money

Otniel FP says:

Is this marc martel?

No,this is patrick

iamAX 830 says:

Ay.. if u do not like his Twitter account, don’t follow it!. He’s a billionaire yes, but he’s human too.. It’s not written anywhere that if you own a Billion dollar company you have to Tweet and speak in a certain way. It’s just something these really old-school ppl made up and it kept going till certain billionaires try to be more Them

nickblue11 says:

There’s people debating Elon, and then there’s Elon who’s changing the world.

JC E says:

I didn’t know musk was a cult leader. So many fanatics supporting this unsustainable business makes me wonder how long can he keep this charade.

Ali Akhtar says:

He’s a legend and super down to earth and out of this world also.

YRN Juvy says:

U ppl just jealous he is a billionaire

Elite Accord says:

Unstanable grows by billions per year. Wtf

Cyumonite says:

Teacher:why are u laughing
me: nothing
also me: elon musketoo

Hal Landy says:

Elon Musk may well turn out to be the most important person in human history. Stop trying to destroy him. Get your verminous hands off him. He is a mold-breaker.

S Games says:

lot’s of musky sucking in the comments huh

Sagan Unit says:

Shorts: The $35k Model 3 will never come out!
Tesla: *Releases $35k Model 3*
Shorts: Tesla is lowering the price of the Model 3! That proves there is no demand!!!

Tay says:

Elon mesk is my hero and anybody forcing “business norms” on this company should go F themselves

Turn Racing says:

Idiot reporting

hasnat rbm says:

He’s a cool guy not shitty pro CEO, who don’t talk to people.

bhavanesh parbhoo says:

I blinked everytime he blinked.

RakiArtsFX says:

What a S3XY lineup

Axel C says:

Tesla…too ambitious…a nd made for the top 8%

thomas says:

I feel sorry for their fan boy they were buying stock dipping at 330 saying every time it pull back I buy more. I told them that this stock is too expensive to make money even if it when to 1,000 with 30 k invested at 300 you only make 800 buck. Now stock at 260 but at lease they just lose a hundred or so..

Ziggi Mon says:

Even in the most rosy scenario TSLA is 3 times overvalued. But in reality it’s much worse. Even if all the troubles magically go away, the Tesla $12B debt is a millstone on their neck that will eventually drown it, no sugar coating can change that reality.

Pragnan Saha says:

After Meme review, Musk went downhill, FAST

Jimmy Jazz says:

Got a dissertation on Tesla to submit by Thursday! Take my survey pls! @t

Gurinder Singh says:

How’s Tesla gonna look like in 2019 is a ZERO DOLLAR QUESTION. It’s going to do business as usual. The million dollar question is how is Tesla gonna do 10 years from now?

pedro Hernandez jr says:

EODY Stock price: 220

Ythalo Rossy Saldanha Lira says:

The guy are trying to inovate and has a lot of person try blocked him.

stanis kos says:


Tabula Rasa says:

A lot of people seem to not be aware that the word Tesla Is pronounced with the letter Z, not an S which can be counter-intuitive to some. But that non-English words for you.

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