What’s Next for a Profitable Tesla? Let’s talk about it [live]

Now that Tesla’s profitable what’s next for them? Let’s explore some options. To join our Live Q&A register for our email list at https://teslanomics.co/join

// Stories Covered

Meet the new, profitable Tesla – https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/26/tech/tesla-profit/index.html

Financial Dashboard – https://teslanomics.co

$35,000 base price Model 3 at least 6 months away – https://electrek.co/2018/10/25/tesla-model-3-base-35000-impossible-timeline-elon-musk/

Tesla will offer new Autpilot computer in first half of 2019 – https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/tesla-q3-earnings-call-autopilot-model-3-europe-china/

Tesla sends over-the-air update to improve Model 3s regenerative braking – https://electrek.co/2018/10/25/tesla-model-3-regenerative-braking-software-update/

Tesla falls in Consumer Reports rankings – https://www.consumerreports.org/car-reliability-owner-satisfaction/who-makes-the-most-reliable-cars/

Navigate on Autopilot Test Drive – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkSw2SZQENU

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Mark Fitzpatrick says:

Bjorn says congrats to you Ben. He made a video about passing 100,000

tigerbalm says:

Ford is over a 100 years old..and their cars are still CRAP like quality and panel gaps!

Wes Robinson says:

Doesn’t reliability have usually a long term connotation? M3s haven’t been around long to show they can compete with the 5-10+ year reliability of Toyota/Honda. Maybe the fact they are so new hurts their reliability score?

zlozlozlo says:

No, not our roadsters, not all of us. Not all of us get roadsters, Ben.

nnystikai Gakushū says:

Curious why you said the model 3 has not been the most reliable in your opinion.

Bob w says:

Didn’t see the link to the M3 shop manuals/specs. Can you post it again? Thanks. Bob

Brokkoli OMG says:

Should Tesla pay off its debt over the next year’s? I know this might slow down growth but it would be useful to not rely on others in case of an economic recession…

Sergi Sanz says:

I hope u keep us updated on everything well 🙂

CorpseCallosum says:

I have a PM3 with performance package on order with delivery scheduled for Nov 7th. The new $5k lower price was reflected on the website yesterday. Thinking about getting autopilot.

Clayton Root says:

Regarding Consumer Reports Reliability, the Model 3 IS and probably will continue to be the MOST reliable Tesla because it is the least complex. Those stupid, gimmicky, and unnecessary Falcon Wing doors on the Model X are doing their utmost to destroy Tesla’s Reliability Scores. Also, the newer Air Suspension on the Model S is also dragging down scores. Hopefully, they are learning that warranty claims can kill profitability and thus design the Model Y for simplicity and easier manufacturing.

William Dexter says:

I have an open order waiting to matched to a VIN, my adviser has told me I can’t add a referral code, I honestly don’t like the delivery adviser at this point due to her communication style via email, she has never once called me. How can I go beyond her and get this added?? I want the free supercharging for 6 months so bad!

Tyran Mathurin says:

In some ways, I’d rather invest in the lottery than stocks. These folks manipulate the market too much!

Francis Chan says:

I don’t believe in consumer report. They are corrupted by oil money now.

Peter Pruneanu says:

Reliabily of my model x was well aboe average. Small issues yes, and have all been solved: leak by the gulf wing door, doors miss-alligned, bluetooth and voice recognition are sub-par, navigation the same,..etc (there have been a few others). NOTHING major though, and after 36k miles, it’s like new. Except for the scratches on the body.

kurt lowder says:

the reliability the CR is something that I not really interested in. it seems to be based off extremely short term factors. like how could they know how reliable the model 3. has a single model 3 even reached 100,000 miles. its laughable that the prius could be the most reliable. the prius is incredibly expensive to repair. its a specialty car and has extensive maintenance cost and is comprised of expensive, unique parts. its more akin to owning a bmw. for me reliability is how much am I going to have to spend to repair my car over the time I own it. this is the reliability I think most people are interested in. Tesla has had a lot of problems with door handles and other things covered by the warranty. it might suck to take it in to get fixed, but if its not costing anything big deal. so the Consumer report is largely meaningless to me. reliability should be about how much it costs to maintain and repair a car.

Bannor Haruchai says:

Ben, regarding your point about solar panels on SuperChargers, the usage of the SCs shouldn’t matter.
If usage by customers is low, Tesla can supply that power to the grid and get paid for it. In fact, the low usage stations are better off since they would be providing more power & earning more than the busy ones.
A busy 8-stall station may draw a steady 1 MW for hours at a time. That would need more than an ACRE of solar panels to offset by a significant %age

Chris Gillingham says:

Id like to see the data from carreports reworked to include the warranty period and cost/no cost data for reliability. Teslas 8 year warranty likely would skew the results back to them moving up the rankings considerably.

Chris Gillingham says:

Oh god, Ben. I love your content but 10 seconds is more enough of the countdown intro. 3 minutes with no ‘chapter skip’ option drives most of us nuts. Edit down the intro!.

Media Obsolete says:

31:20 James Cavanaugh Jr [Is Tesla’s technology truly open source?…] The ‘Big Three’ as you put it, have had the insight and knowledge to develop and market these electric cars for over two and a half decades now, but they intentionally shelved that development and kept these type wonderful cars from us. They’re only starting to develop them now because Elon is forcing them to do with Tesla’s example. The ‘Big Three’ do not deserve any of Tesla’s tech and if they do get to use, you can rest assured they’ll water it down with their greedy business model, including the extra layer of sleazy car dealers and their lobbies which Tesla has also proven is totally unneccessary. The ‘Big Three’ and others over the past two and a half decades have shown their colors and where their interests lie, and if you still insist on trusting them then you totally deserve how they’re going to treat you. Can’t even believe anyone would ask such a question…

rich1383yt says:

You’re surprised that the M3 is the most reliable (CR report) based on your one-off personal experience? As a “data guy”, you should know better than to make this off-handed non-comment based on anecdotal observations. Stick to hard data & facts (like CR)!

Theo Schijf says:

On reliability. Tesla is lucky to be on the list at all. There are too many issues with their brand new vehicles. Not just paint issues, leakage issues, dented roofs, direction stoke issues, leather issues, screen issues etc. just check the vlogs: I hardly had any issues ….. except …. here come the list, I was only transported twice so far etc. Tesla drivers have so much fun with their car that they are extremely forgiving and/or forgetful. Personally I just have two screens in my brand new S that now and then freeze up completely, as well as the sound, when I am driving 80 miles an hour …. it takes some getting used to.


Tesla Pick Up Truck

JackSpeed 439 says:

So Tesla goes profitable for each new car delivery cycle. Will Tesla go into a loss when the model Y starts tooling up prior to production?


Anything for tesla

Torsten B. says:

Silver play-button incomming. 🙂

Dom says:

In order for you to get the dash cam feature to work, you have to buy a usb thumb drive with a write speed of at least 10 Mbps or more. Any less than that and it will create corrupt files after a short period of time.

Doug Jessee says:

Build to order means you are paying for supplies at the time of build. I would rather have price tightly follow costs of material than deal with all the standard car dealership.

The Sleepless Knights Gaming says:

Volume of cars sold is, in my opinion, more important than revenue for Tesla as they move closer to Transport as a Service

Evoto Rentals says:

Peter from Montreal, from the question and answer section should have contacted EVOTO. We would have gotten you in another Tesla and your insurance would have covered you (not for 4 months but for as long as your insurance allowance would have allowed)

Arlin Sansome says:

R&D is not down by much and its still very high when looking at the last 2-3 years. They need to get more cars to market before they go to nuts with R&D its easy to come up with lots of amazing Tech but its super expensive to get it into production. Its wise to hold back a bit right now.

Lewis Vaughan says:

About the source of information on the M3’s increased regenerative braking capability. According to the Electrik article, the information comes directly from Tesla. The following quote is from Electrik. Hope that helps. I don’t have a Tesla, so can’t check it out for you. :
‘Tesla wrote in the release notes of its new 2018.42 v9 software update:

‘“Model 3 regenerative braking force has been increased to improve the driving experience and increase how much energy is actively returned to the battery when slowing down.”’

John Arnold says:

CU did a segment where they talked about Tesla Reliability. What they emphasized was that in the early days there was one configuration of model S. Today there are dozens of possible configurations and software upgrades which create new issues in old cars. Most automotive issues today are new features not totally sorted out. Not like the old days with major engine and driveline issues!

Jon Harrison says:

The profit is so trivial relative to their debt, capital expense, and warranty costs. They are far from out of the woods. But I’m hoping they make it.

Bill Cichoke says:

Ben, they still have the debt of almost ONE BILLION. As you know, PROFIT is what’s left AFTER ALL BILLS HAVE BEEN PAID. So they HAVEN’T made $300+ million…they OWE $700+ million! That’s NOT a profitable company.

Also, you didn’t mention how many of those sales are to current Tesla owners, which makes a difference as to what can be expected down the road. Since EV sales worldwide are still around 1% of total sales, where is the growth? Sounds more like they’re shaking the same customers down to keep sales up.

Of course, for all those sales, I still have YET to see any running around the Boise metro area…and there’s at least TWO Model S owners over there. So where’s the revolution, outside of CA?

Pertinent questions getting swept under the rug again.

Richard Roberson says:

can we please run the math on the stupid supercharger network already?
each station, crossing the country, is hardly used tbh. like barely 4 stalls are EVER full outside of the east and west coasts
nobody by and large uses them to travel, lets get real

how many superchargers are actually needed in today’s world of 250 mile vehicles to cover the US with 80% SOC ?
like 100? every 200 miles? / major city etc

its what 1M a pop for a 4 stall charger? why not redesign them even so theres more plugs per circuit like teslas 2:1 but 4:1, the chargers barely ever operate at max rate. maybe make them TRAILER ACCESSIBLE even

so the network is worth what, some 100-200M?

alot of it is redundant by and large for cross country travel as well
this issue is hardly the most pressing one
there is no market leading tech tesla has when it comes to chargers

Matt Hawkeye says:

I can’t like the video because there are 420 likes…

shera ghag says:

I wonder if there Will ever be an option to order unassembled Tesla from that catalogue

Tyran Mathurin says:

“Elon on the call said that he don’t see a reason why they can’t maintain profitability going forward. Me, personally, I’m not sure that this is the best strategy. I doubt that will be 100% true.”

You’re not sure sustaining profitability is the best strategy for Tesla, Ben?

Rex Ronald Tan says:

What’s the difference between Model X and Model Y?

Smitb Smitb says:

I really enjoyed hanging in you chat b4 earnings call

gsantee says:

Missing Link for Publicly available Service Manuals. This is a huge deal for the Consumer, especially the 2nd owner of any Tesla.

Roy Wessbecher says:

Soon they’ll have lots of old Ford factories to choose from…

John Smith says:

the one next to the carls jr on your way to phoenix..i know where you are talking LOL. If you go to the one in biltmore area phoenix it has solar panels

Pablo Mendez says:

“my roadsters”… oh Lord

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