Why do Legacy automakers hate Tesla?

In this video I explore the possible reasons behind most major auto manufacturer’s hatred for Tesla.


Tim Morris says:

Tesla sucks.

Gary Anderson says:

Big Oil is in bed with Big Auto

falcon7350 says:

In the end very soon tho the no service centers is really going to hurt Tesla. all the FUD well not be FUD . as more M3 get on the road there going to need work and parts and its now taking 6 months to get work done and parts in for most of Tesla fleet . soon we are going to be seeing some bad news on this. i really hope he does some thing about hes right to fix so alot of owners can start working on there own cars to help with the load . i am a big Tesla fan but i well not own 1 tell this is fixed

Thomas Foreman says:

Good insights

nicewknd says:

Lutz the Putz stopped innovating after the Chevy 350 V8 with Edelbrock heads.

t lech says:

Same old corporate story profits first shortsightedness quick money turnaround day trading in a stranglehold on that monopoly they enjoyed so long. More profit in force feeding your customers a monopoly product where they can’t go anywhere else for anything better than developing something new that will take out that all away and all those bonus checks in attracting shareholders with dividends that start to dwindle. Typical lazy American capitalist corporations got caught with their pants down and they killed the technology many decades ago and now they no longer own the patents on all the new stuffed and they are crying. In corporate greed large corporations anything is ethical so long as you kill the competition and keep the pockets of your shareholders flowing with money. Cry bankruptcy and going broke and close down American Auto Werks while at the same time silently slowly and quietly opening up American automotive manufacturing plants around the world in Third World countries. This is the American way.

Chris B says:

I have a Chevy Cruz. It’s a great mid-sized car. I wish they would make an electric version of that car.

Brian Smith says:

Bob Lutz is also outspoken about climate change being a hoax

George Schieck says:

Concur. Much and perhaps all of the hard criticism against Tesla has other agendas behind it; the criticism is not about the Tesla product (i.e., its cars) (even if it purports to be). Rather the criticism is from take-no-prisoners capitalism, where a business does whatever it can to survive and thrive, and it sees in Tesla an existential threat to its own ability to survive. Nor is it appreciated that Tesla is literally taking years or even decades away from Big Oil. Well, guess what, U.S. auto manufacturers have had years and even decades to do all of this themselves, but they either refused or were too complacent to see the way ahead. As for Big Oil, that industry has been a stain on our lives for the last 5 or 6 decades, when it became apparent – in the 1960’s – that carbon emissions were literally damaging the planet, but Big Oil either didn’t care and/or was too greedy to do its own R&D and retooling for the future. Tesla is now doing all of that, and if these other companies are gnashing their teeth as they see their own demise, that’s just too bad.

rope says:


Tesla basically is a smartphone on wheels. No other car is like a Tesla, and they can’t accept the fact.

EV Owner says:

The Pontiac Skye as an EV? Great idea!

Ch Lope says:

People are sick of breathing poison, automakers and big oil have held this transition back decades and shortened countless lives in the process. Heck back while people were still using horse and cart to get around Nikola Tesla was driving around in an electric horseless carriage. (Look it up). We should all be thanking Elon, Tesla and the early adopters of this technology. They are paying over the odds and making a loss year after year so the auto industry can be pushed kicking and screaming Into the future.

randycarter2001 says:

Nice story but a couple of your facts are wrong. Luts was never CEO he was Product Development Vice Chairman. Lutz and Musk were never friends, they just happened to cross paths at a auto show, they did respect each other though. It was Tesla’s production of the roadster and future business plan that forced GM to make the Volt to not be left behind. GM was still reeling from debacle of the EV1 and “Who Killed the Electric Car”. Lutz was also convinced Tesla would fail. Tesla as it turned out was producing the most innovative cars on the road far faster than the big 3 could evolve. How long would it take them to make a car with a 17″ touch screen control system?

Ettore Fieramosca says:

Why Tesla fun hate the other automakers this is the real question. The first person who bulling the other automakers is Elon Musk. The fact is that To the Tesla supporter like Vegans and Scientology the reality of numbers doesen’t like.

camgere says:

Interesting topic. Could you get to the point a little quicker? It’s a matter of systems and institutions. All leadership is essentially conservative (against change). One you get to the top (or any level you feel comfortable at) you want things to stay the same. Ever have a boss that said you were too valuable to promote? Ever have a boss ignore the suggestion you put in the suggestion box? Change comes with the fear of failure. Bosses just want to keep everything the way it is, with them at the top,.

chuck green says:

I love my model 3 I will never drive a ice again , they are just being greedy

Soj. H says:

Tesla will eventually be caught up by other car manufacturers if Tesla does not have their own App Store soon to capitalize their current lead in EV sales. Allowing 3rd party to write softwares for the EVs can make the car much more valuable to consumers, just like iPhone 10 years ago. Tesla can also get a pure profit of 30% of whatever software sold in their App Store.

Phillip Probst says:

Not rocket science (that would be SpaceX). Simple really. The legacy makers have “woke” to the threat to their business model.

Bob McCausland says:

The position of the legacy auto companies is similar to Blockbuster. Netflix made them obsolete. They had to sustain their business and change to an online service. Tesla pours all it’s effort into electric transportation and does’nt have to worry about maintaining parts for their obsolete vehicles, warranty etc and move to electric as well. Eventually, the tesla will be cheaper, to own and to run, more reliable more pleasant to drive much safer.

yarpos says:

Hate Tesla?? you are dreaming. They are too busy making and selling cars to bother “hating” Tesla. I imagine its more likely they are mildly amused by Tesla at this stage, its getting pretty weird.

Hanniffy Dinn says:

Because the oil cartels are really behind the legacy carmakers. Also musk can’t be bribed or blackmailed he is new money and a geek. Hence why tesla can’t easily sell cars in many states. It’s the old power trying to keep control.
They said the iPhone was too expensive and had no keyboard and wouldn’t sell and never beat blackberry or Nokia. They were all wrong.
Ultimately new better tech wins and destroys older established markets. So like tesla himself , the company tesla has a target in its back.
Question : would you invest shares now in a type writer business ?????????????

raine2005 says:

Love your drive around while discussing topics style.

Clyde Macasero says:

tesla is doing what they can to progress and grow. i myself don’t own one but have driven the model 3 for a weekend and they are amazing cars. all the news of them going back private is quite a move to shake its investors. there is certainly nothing wrong with competition if it’s healthy. for business purposes i can credit my competition but also i emphasize the uniqueness of my business compared to theirs and what they can expect different out from mine, that to me is a clever business step. something to think about

jim Curtis says:

thank you for being strait up and transparent with us I feel that you like peeking behind the curtain and telling us how how It is once your mind expands from a great idea It never returns to It;s original size you help us grow beyond our own limited experience , don’t be afraid to talk about the political roots when raising the issue of squashing the innovators . the USA has always welcomed new ideas from different people and different places everything that has moved society forward has come from people who think out side the box it’s been that way ever since cavemen have been sitting around the fire there was always that one guy in the corner chipping on a rock …

YK Chan says:

Leaders of well established public companies were motivated primarily to show short term profits to their board of directors. On the other hand, leaders not bordered with short term earning who also surrounded with resourceful teams in their early years may serve like Steve Jobs. Is Elon one of those? Most well established big corporations have a mortal responsibility to answer financial agencies with short term profits may be a factor for not behaving like Tesla.

mikethemoneymaker says:

WRONG….Legacy vehicle makers could not give a crap about TSLA. Anytime you see a statement or video title like this you are being tricked.

one-of-us says:

Business is business, then you asked, why not let product speak for itself.

Because that’s not business… squashing other businesses is business!

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