Why Tesla (And Everyone Else In Tech) Is Obsessed With Batteries

The battery industry is rapidly changing, in part because of growth in mobile devices and electric cars. The lithium-ion battery industry alone is expected to grow to $93 billion by 2025. But the energy sector could be disrupted by battery innovation as well. Here’s everything you need to know about the big business of batteries and how battery innovation is changing our world.

**CORRECTION** @5:04 in the story, the lower third reads Gaston Plante. The correct name is John Goodenough, who is the co-inventory of the lithium-ion battery.
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Why Tesla (And Everyone Else In Tech) Is Obsessed With Batteries


Trentbob ZEPHlazar says:

Is that cnbc ? …. Really… Great job guys…. U guyz left working for cabal or false news…. Thnkx for sharing factual news…

Curran Kemp says:

vanadium flow batteries are the answer to grid storage.

Ari Edson says:

Brondo has electrolytes.

John Wallis says:

Hmmm… maybe tesla is so interested in batteries because they make electric cars and solar?

Meldridge Reed Jr says:

This will not work.Read “The Accidental Superpower” and “The Absent Superpower” by Peter Wiehan.

Garn says:

I’m not sure where the guy towards the end gets his numbers, that we need 10-20 times cost reductions in batteries for them to work at a grid level. They are pretty much at parity with natural gas, with the electricity coming from wind and solar, right now. 10-20 times cheaper would be great, let’s do it, but at current costs NG is already starting to be non-cost effective.

tigeroll says:

Lithium batteries will be the go to energy storage on Earth for the next 500 Years.

ygg drasil says:

Pumped hydro is also a very good way of storing a lot of energy in non-electrical form, which you then have on demand.

lppoqql says:

BYD is actually better than Tesla at batteries, its a fact, people refuse to believe this simply because they are a Chinese company.

SexyDragonMaster says:

Wait a second, at 5:04 in the video, that’s Dr.John B. Goodenough and not Gaston Plante receiving the medal from United States President Obama. Gaston Plante died on May 21, 1889. Jesus, CNBC just lost some more credibility for not fact checking this!!!!

Walkertongdee says:

never notice Faraday was a handsome manly dude.

Michael Schuenemann says:


pdahandyman says:

Nice, but incomplete. I’d like to have seen more information about future battery technologies currently in development, like the various solid core types that aren’t susceptible to catching fire.

NPC #90210 says:

And no one ever mentions how terrible batteries are for the environment or the cost to correctly decommission . Going to be millions of these things going into landfill in years to come. Good stuff.

cuda426hemi says:

The real question is why has CNBC and all the rest of the fake news been obsessed with dirty 100 year old tech fossil fuel? Could it be they are all bought and sold by Big Oil’s advertising, kickbacks and influence? CNBC is the FOX of economics “news”, this fake article is about 10 years LATE.

Earumamaadu says:

Unless Tesla is planning to recycle 100% of their batteries they will be dumped on landfills which would cause more harm to the environment. All corporate companies only care about profit even if they’re selling electric cars.

Eric Ling says:

That Asian guy sounds like Steve Jobs

Buffalo_Chips says:

LIthium battery production is scheduled to grow 20x in the next 3 years. There are dozens of factories under construction. The forecast is way off. The professor Dr Sadoway who does most of the speaking has a liquid metal battery coming to market next year. Big Cheap Bullet proof with zero fade after 30,000 cycles. His Company is called Ambri. Look him up on youtude. CNBC wants you to think change is years away

Manuel Ramos says:

The cheap and giant battery has been invented already is Concentrated Solar Thermal! Which has been almost killed by cheap photovoltaic panels.

ordinarylover says:

Well if the size of the batteries is not an issue when it comes to storing energy from the grid (and it is not) then I believe we already have the tecnology for that…the old types of batteries…I mean, why use lithium-ion batteries for that if we don´t care the battery is heavy and occupies a lot of space ?

hotneo7 says:

Electric vehicles is not practical and that was mentioned in a BBC Top Gear episode with Jay Leno and James May in which hydrogen fuel cells is the better alternative to EV since there is a couple minutes to refill a tank of hydrogen rather than charge for hours. When the HFC come down in price then EV and lithium demand will slow.

Super -sim says:

You can charge all the batteries up with solar easy. Charge batteries up with coal is stupid.

oGSteffan says:

Sooo…… does Sony getting money?


Who ever can store energy the cheapest, longest, and reliablely wins the trillion dollar energy market is why!!!

J Fr55man says:

pump water to height with wind and solar… and convert through hydro when power is needed

picknngrinnin says:

@2:12 “after World War II the nickel-cadmium battery was invented” and shows a picture of Waldemar Jungner subtitled, “Invented the nickel-cadmium battery in 1899” Hello!?

Sacto1654 says:

I do think the next steps forward are dry-electrode lithium ion batteries (already in the small-scale production stage) and ultracapacitors made from graphene and carbon nanotubes. That’s when you get major leaps forward in battery technology.

sweiland75 says:

Why is Tesla using slave labour?

Mark Plott says:

CNBC is wrong. Batteries DO NOT GENERATE electricity, they are a Storage Device.
A generator , such as a powerplant Generates electricity, as does Regen Braking , that power is used to charge the batteries.
and the MULSIMS invented the BAGDAD battery , years before Westerners “discovered” batteries.
YOU NEED BETTER FACT, checking CNBC stop spreading LIES.

mkmm60 says:

There are many options to store energy without batteries. British Highview power uses liquid air to store gigawatts in industrial size, gravity storage waits to get permition to show what they can. It is just so that fossil energy is still too cheap.

krawacik3 says:

I think all batteries have potential.

r56mini says:

Battery price needs to come down. EV price is too high currently. Like any technology it will come down fast and go obsolete

mountguitars says:

Appreciate CNBC for this article because most of the times, I dislike them for betting against Tesla.

Fanboy? Yes. Tesla is doing something revolutionary and changing the world for the better so what’s not to like?

ØCCULT Bass says:

life is so trippy

Nikhil Patil says:

Future is Tesla

drifter4training says:

so Faraday invented the Faraday cage ?

KrKyoutube says:

Tesla has just announced their 2.5 GigaWatt powerpack

Justice Warrior says:

Just 50 billion??
I thought it was a 300 billion market and it would be a 800 billion in 8 years !

Prometheus says:

Oil is much better!

Pulkit Sharma says:

There’s a better battery system for battery farms. Its efficient, clean and has infinite life. Its called a HYDRO ELECTRIC Battery

Will Johnson says:

Graphene and vanadium flow are interesting for the future.

Trentbob ZEPHlazar says:

Just kick out the ice automakers n oil corporations…. Everything else is okay on earrh….

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