Why Tesla’s Model X Was The First SUV To Receive A Perfect Crash Test Rating

SUVs are generally safe, but have a high rollover probability. Tesla was able to overcome this obstacle with their Model X SUV. Here’s how they did it.

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The following is a transcript of the video:

Narrator: This Tesla Model X refuses to roll over. Unlike most SUVs which tend to roll over with ease, the Model X continues to return to an upright position. Here’s why the Model X was the first SUV to receive a perfect crash test rating. When it comes to vehicle safety, size matters. So it’s not uncommon for SUVs to be generally safer than your standard sedan. However, they tend to have one big shortcoming. Rollovers.

SUVs are notorious for having a high center of gravity causing them to roll over when put into tight maneuvering situations, or a side impact. Rollovers can result in the partial or full ejection of passengers from the vehicle, increasing the chances of injury or death. In 2016, rollovers happened in one percent of serious crashes in passenger vehicles but accounted for one-third of collision-related deaths. 

Over the past three decades, automakers have been able to reduce the frequency of rollovers in vehicles with technology and more stable designs. However, once a serious impact occurs it’s just basic physics. A higher center of gravity increases the likelihood of a car tipping or rolling over.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA is the only organization that tests rollover resistance. They also test frontal crashes and side impacts from a pole and barrier. After each test, they measure readings from a dummy to determine how much damage a real person is likely to sustain. They use this data to determine a safety rating in each category and an overall safety rating for the vehicle.

Amongst its many luxury features, the Model X hosts active safety technology such as collision avoidance systems and automatic emergency braking. But what sets the Model X apart is its design. Like other Teslas, the Model X has a large, rigid battery pack located on the floor of the vehicle. This gives the Model X a much lower center of gravity than your average SUV. In the event of a collision that would normally cause an SUV to roll over, this would happen instead.

But rollovers are just one aspect of the safety test. Since the Model X is an electric vehicle, there’s no need for mechanical components in the hood of the car. This allows for a much larger crumple zone to absorb energy from a frontal crash. It also has specially-made side sills that absorb energy in addition to its rigid side pillars. These features help reduce the force exerted on passengers and increases their protection. But if you don’t have $80,000 laying around for a Model X there’s still plenty of SUVs out there with excellent safety ratings.


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Why Tesla’s Model X Was The First SUV To Receive A Perfect Crash Test Rating


atticstattic says:

Since the Model X is about as much an SUV as a Chevy Malibu AND has a nice heavy battery pack – no surprises there….

BullShark says:

In the sand rollover test I wonder if the tension on that wire had any effect on slowing down the roll as it seemed like it might have

Damien Murphy says:

Everyone make sure to thank Dylan/Chills for narrating this video on helium

X Protonium Gaming says:

rip test dummies.

Ted Fredriksen says:

Tesla sponsored

Ajmal Sidiqi says:

Don’t drive and then you will never crash

Sari Masu says:

paid ad, lame.

A1rPun says:

Gta5 AI

George Ibrahim says:

I’m poor I would consider it my honour to be run over by a Tesla Model X, as opposed to just some other SUV with a clearly inferior safety rating gtfo stop wasting my time trying to kill me

Sootyjared says:

Tesla’s are vile and should be banned.

GYRO727 says:

Do people really call THAT an SUV?!? A Sports Utility vehicle? Really? I dont think so

David Hutchings says:

Omg……..not for the masses….a real disconnect …….

1HC says:

Byass video

R3AL Clan says:

What If People are in the Tesla

mlzanercik says:

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错鞘 says:

the model x is not a suv

Diminik Playz says:

yeah makes sense if those batteries are punctured then umm that would not be a very safe crash….. these people doing the crash course think lithium ion batteries will have no harm with electrical fires that are not able to be put out with water.

Dylan Alexandre says:

I’m astounded by how many times I said “oh sh*t” within 3 mins

Zac Buchberger says:


Only 76000 cars a year sold loses 1 billion dollars supported by the government returning nothing to investors
Why is it a viable business ……oh that’s right it’s a safe SUV

Drew Hurst says:

And all the SUVs with excellent safety ratings still have this roll-over problem!
Rating system is sus.
Tesla is safest by a long way with collision avoidance built in, it’s way ahead of most the competition from the start.

protizemo s says:


Luu ChyAn says:

dacia ?

Crackerz GD says:

Elon: smoking a blunt
Also Elon: making the best SUV

B.J.O Productions says:

Oh yeah yeah

Big Chungus says:

Oh no no

poopoo weewee says:

Oh yeah yeah

Candice Wu says:

Technology changes the world. Love Tesla!

Zilla 46 says:

Much rather have an X5 M or just a good sounding, looking V8 SUV over tesla model x IMO

MuhammadOnCars says:

Reliability not really

BullShark says:

With a hollow front line most Porsche cars won’t that make it less durable when it faces head on collisions? I’m not a mechanic but when it pushes the Frame back while it can slow down the impact doesn’t it also allow for the frame to be crushed onto your legs?

Drum bum says:

what dreamland do you live in where a model X is $80,000? they start at $88,000 and that’s AFTER incentives and savings. it ACTUALLY starts at $97K. still a good car though heh

Radialz Gaming says:

But it doesn’t means the best suv in the world…..

Alex says:

Center of mass you mean?

Mr Squeak The Cat. says:

Anyone else want a vehicle built around the rolling frame of the rig that smashes into these vehicles while testing them?

That’s the #1 crash survivable vehicle and it proves it every day by making the other vehicles its crumple zone and surviving crash after crash every time!

Lachlan Brown says:

Still looks super ugly though….

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