Will Tesla Pickup Beat Ford and Rivian?

Tesla, Rivian, and Ford are all racing to deliver an Electric Truck first, but who will win? Subscribe here – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbEbf0-PoSuHD0TgMbxomDg?sub_confirmation=1

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// Notes
Trucks outsell every other type of vehicle in the US by far and have done so since 2013. In 2018 light trucks outsold cars 2 to 1 in the US with just under 12M sold with a gap that appears to be widening.

Of those, the Ford F-Series is by far the most selling truck in the USA with over 900,000 sold in 2018 which is nearly double the next best selling truck, the Chevy Silverado

And the way Tesla works is they always come out swinging when they make a new vehicle

Remember the Semi? They could have made a simple small delivery van, but no they came out with a class 8 truck capable of towing more than any other vehicle on the road
And even the Model S – the first Sedan came out and became the best selling luxury Sedan due to its incredible features

So it makes sense that Tesla is going to come out with a truck that competes directly with the F150

But there’s also Rivian who already is taking reservations and just recently raised $700M in funding led by Amazon
So we sort of have a Bezos versus Musk thing going on here
But in reality it’s everyone against Ford in this space, even Chevy is miles behind them when it comes to annual sales volume

So let’s see how these stack up…

First, let’s see Rivian since we have actual specs from them…
Rivian specs

400 mile range
11,000lb towing capacity
1763lb payload
160 kW charging via CCS
14,000nm torque, not sure what that will mean for actual lb-ft

Extra cool features the gear tunnel, frunk and fold down rear gate, built in air compressor and power outlets in bed

Taking deliveries now with arrivals expected late next year in 2020
And now let’s see how that compares to the Ford F150
F150 specs

410 lb-ft
12,000lb towing
3,000lb payload
price from 28K to 67K
Range of up to 570mi

Also equipped with some cool features:

backup assist,
driver assist kinda like tesla auto-pilot
in-vehicle wifi
built-in Alexa
and waze integration

Of course, can go buy this now and get it within days or weeks at worst

And lastly, let’s bring in Tesla. Now we don’t actually have the specs for this truck yet but Elon has shared a lot online and talked about it several times on interviews, so these aren’t made up but do take them with a grain of salt as the actual specs are likely to differ once they’re available
Tesla truck specs

400 to 500-mile range, maybe more
300,000lb towing capacity?
Big truck, likely to compete directly w/ the F150

Unclear the price, but likely expensive due to the sheer power it will have

6 seater
dual motor AWD
240v connection for heavy duty tools
air compressor

Hoping to see unveiling this summer but unsure when and also unclear when they’ll start delivering, at the earliest likely late 2020

// Music by Epidemic Sound

// Disclaimer
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richard rucker says:

Too expensive…pass

Phone User says:

No, electric vehicles are for idiots.

Toyota Nerd !!!! says:

I disliked because I was click baited with tacoma

1hard2findbro says:

All of these EV manufacturers need to get hot a swappable battery option at charging stations.

Toreshammere Celt says:

The Chinese will produce the first viable pickup that people can afford.

Joey Reza says:

There’s No way Tesla or whatever that other brand is called will ever come close to ford.

Stas Statham says:

It obviously have 1400 instead of 14 000

softminimal1 says:

That black Tesla truck looked badass.

Freddie Lewis says:

It will ultimately come down to battery production. Even if Tesla is late to market they are ahead of the game in battery production. We’ve already seen both KIA and Hyundai offer compeling EV products only to be held back by production numbers. Rivian like ford has to secure battery production and Rivian has to prove itself with mass production.

Hater TheCreator says:

Nope lol I doubt it the only people who might buy this truck are soft boys/white collared guys you’ll never see a military/blue collared guy driving that garbage looks like my wife’s SUV


yo, that tesla truck.

YouCoolBro says:

Its funny when a company will say towing is 300,000lbs when its on wheels…Ford or any other truck manufacture will say what you can actually tow on a road.

Dave March says:

The answer to you question, assuming Tesla goes with the design that we’ve all seen, is, unfortunately, no. Oh, they’ll sell some, but that design shows a misunderstanding of pickup ‘culture’ in the US. Nobody wants a pickup that looks like an alien vehicle.

Arik Haydn says:


softminimal1 says:

It’s a shame Rivian decided to team up with Darth Vader rather than Luke.

Justin Davison says:

I’m sorry but your towing spec of 300k pounds pretty much discredits what you know about trucks.

caseylorenzful says:

Just so you know your specs on the Rivian are wrong.

Todd m says:

Ur 99 tacoma will outlast both of these ev’s.

stephen davis says:

Tesla pickup truck rendering (7:22) is bad-ass, the rest are …. beyond repulsive. I sure hope it looks a lot like this because the Rivian looks legit (I say this as a VERY happy Model 3 owner)

Anthony P says:

How about they make a everdays mans truck so everone can go buy it can be simple take away all the bells and whistles

Atlas WalkedAway says:

That Tesla truck concept looks flat out retarded.
WTF Musk? Wtf _is_ that thing?
Is that something that came out of a very smokey chat with Joe Rogan?

Toreshammere Celt says:

How come nobody has started on an all electric locomotive? It seems like the perfect app for HD ev. There could be dedicated trackside charging. Regeneration from a rolling tender. What does Elon think?

Sparklander says:

More layoffs and store closings at Tesla!!

5OO846 says:

Why don’t you just convert the Tacoma? EVwest would do it easily

Tom Zito says:

Very cool to hear you talking outside of the “Tesla bubble”. Interesting and honest comparisons of competing brands and charging networks. I don’t think it’s a good thing that Amazon (Bezos) is behind Rivian. That takes them from 2nd place to non starter for me.

Pat says:

Those electrics trucks are weak, my 98 f250’s towing capacity is 15,000 for a 20 year old truck!! And the payload is close to double that one electric trucks.

jaybrown29 says:

Ah Chevy and gmc are GM and they out sell ford.

MrMeow Catty says:

Tesla has to build a workhorse pickup truck, not just because of the Markets here on earth, but because Elon is aiming for both the Moon and Mars, and both destinations absolutely need compact work vehicles like Pickups. It only makes since that Elon should have enough sense to to make a Pickup truck with all terrain abilities that will be ideal for work related task.

softminimal1 says:

Tesla’s charging network is insane.

dan mcdonald says:

Rivian is using f150’s as test mules, Tesla has the power network, and Ford owns the market, Rivian is the dark horse, Tesla has all kinds of build quality issues with it’s model 3 and I think that will continue with all of their vehicles moving forward, and Ford will be late to the game and be the worst performing all electric truck. One not mentioned is GM who out of all of the big boys probably has the best electric cars, and the longest history of electric cars starting in the 90’s with the EV1 and the S10 electrics they built for the military.

Tom Hardware says:

I hope those Tesla truck renderings aren’t final design. Talk about fugly.

Terry Sharp says:

Tesla’s supercharging network is not as big of advantage as you think. Most of them are not set up to handle a truck with a trailer behind it.

Terry Vanden Dungen says:

As much as I liked the video, you have very big errors. First as for the Tesla semi. You claimed that it could tow more than a conventional rig. All towing is regulated by the GVRW. This includes the weight of both the tow vehicle and the trailer. Since the Tesla big rig reportedly weighs more than a conventional rig, it cannot tow more than one. Second you talked about Tesla light truck possibly having a tow capacity of 300,000lbs. I’ll remind you of your other error where towing capacity is measured by the GVRW. Therefore, 300,000lbs is ridicules and not worth reporting as such.

Leo Timtom says:

You can launch whatever you like, if it ain`t reliable it won`t have a place in the market. Sooner or later imports will take over the last American bastion- pickup truck/crossover market. At first , it will be Koreans, then Japanese will take a slice and then Germans will take a bite. By the way, only Americans will stop making sedans, as they simply can`t even compete with Koreans today- the old adage of poor fit and finish, poor model range, long overhaul cycles, poor reliability and constant rebadging will continue driving nails in US car coffin.

jaybrown29 says:

14000 nm is over 10,000 ft lbs of torque. Really ?

ThreeTwo Victor says:

Didn’t watch the video. Just popped in to comment on the headline “Will Tesla Pickup Beat Ford and Rivian.”

The answer: Hell no. Not in it’s current form. It looks like a great fleet platform, but not an every day driver style pickup.

My 2 cents. Thank you for your time.

softminimal1 says:

I’m sorry but that Ford is a giant hunk a junk.

Dämon Zozo says:

So Tesla basicly will build an electric Unimog

robinrutschman says:

Thank you very much for this very nice overview on Electric Pickup Trucks…

Manny Santa says:

In Elon we trust so Tesla will win the race.

Matthew Boyd says:

It’s a tough call

Ford has the best seller
Tesla has the battery production
And Rivian has actual specs and deposits, so they are first as of now.

Ford would have to be willing to cut into their own sales, so I’d say they are in last place.

Rivian first
Tesla late but second
Ford comes in right after Rivian, but looses out especially after Tesla ramps up production..
Or at least that’s my guess of the future.

Josh Pontyva says:

Jst can’t wait to see how the Tesla pickup truck will look like..this video jst peaked my anxiety

Campbell Von Jordan says:

Hold on… a pickup with a 300,000 pound towing capacity but the semi is rated for 80,000? I understand that the semi is much heavier but people have to understand something: it doesn’t matter how much a vehicle can pull, it’s how much it can stop. The brakes on a pickup can only get so large, and certainly nowhere near the size (or quantity) of the brakes on a semi

Franco P says:

I think Rivian has a chance to survive but don’t think they will meet their specs but people will be ok with that. Pricing will be the issue. If they do have a compelling vehicle with enough interest they should team up with FCA. Share their platform with Jeep. Let Rivian be as it is and all Jeep Grand Cherokee to be it’s alternative (I prefer the Jeep look). However I fear the reality is that any electric truck just won’t be able to compete against an ice truck. Not just range anxiety, recharge duration. You mentioned that a Model X had the ability to pull a plane. You have access to the following question because I don’t. What is the cargo capacity of the Model X? What is the actual range of it at full capacity to 20% charge? I fear electric won’t compete well on the daily basis as a work or fleet truck where high cargo weight is necessary.

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