2017 Subaru BRZ – Redline: Review

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A restyled front fascia, more power under the hood, and revised gearing in the 6-speed manual transmission promises to give the latest Subaru BRZ newfound enticement for enthusiasts looking for a rear-drive sport coupe for not much money. No, it’s still not turbocharged but those of you in search of a razor sharp handling tool should look no further than your nearest Subaru [or Toyota] dealership.


karlo Pabellano says:

Got one in ma neighbourhood.

Willie Stroker says:

Wouldn’t be cool if they got rid of the back seats and turned it into a hatchback fastback?

Se Zwo says:

It is a beautiful looking car.

Kamal Kiss that says:

The exterior of the vehicle is very bold and aggressive . I love the refined shape and the sporty visual appeal . Conversely , the interior seems obsolete and the instrument cluster could use a refresh . Would’ve been better if Subaru incorporated all leather seats . I understand it is a sports car , and alcantara inserts gives it that traditional sporty feel, but leather is more premium .

a ва says:


Real Super Sand says:

Interesting review! Which car would you say is best for balance, power, etc at under $30k? Need some good opinions, planning to get one soon late 2018

CH H says:

when you’re wearing pajama pants

Austin Frostin says:

Dude slow the fuck down lmaooo

DarkVoid says:

Every driver of these brz and frs cars are only chicks here in California..

Max pass says:

15:19 in the video you are going 50 in a 30 mph zone lol i wonder if you can get a ticket if a cop see this video

Johnnyboy JDM says:

Still slow better get an s2000

Jose Cerdas says:

Hey Sofyan, which car would you buy if you can choose between this Subaru BRZ and the new Civic SI 2018? I know they are different cars but I’m not really sure about which would be the best option and I really would appreciate your thoughts! Your reviews are always great!

mickey rat says:

Why such low horse power tho? Is it an insurance thing?? Cus they can get more power out of that 4 banger.

Simple Frankie says:

tell me where to buy for 25k cuz in my place its 31k

Scott Watkins says:

Such a nice looking car. I think I want something with more straight line speed though

Billy Bob says:

If this was awd I’d buy it yesterday

Roman Reyna says:

Hate the spoiler. Only downside about the BRZ.

Jesus H. Christ says:

I hate the way you say “pedestal” at 3:16

theslimeylimey says:

It’s absolutely crazy that you can buy a Forester with a turbo but not his car.

Formula Ace says:

What’s the difference between the base and the Sport-tech?

Kacper Macudzinski says:

did you just rev on a cold engine?


terrible all black interior. cheap cheap cheap.

Luciano says:

Revs it right after turning the engine on…

uralsmol says:

i need one, i have a 2005 corolla s since my mom gave it to me bc it was hers

jerry ramos says:

ive heard rumors of brz sti

Kevin Manuel says:

Great review

Ben Chesterman says:

You Amerians are going to be fucked in the ass if Bernie sanders is Elected . Denmark this costs 464000 Kron

Sam Wilson says:

song used in video?

Oscar Kylander says:

So they didnt get rid of the torque dip..

Pipa Cacao says:

They are very expensive in Europe!! Nowhere near the “budget sport car category”!!
They go anywhere from 28.000 to 36.000 EUR. Thats a lot of money for such a car/brand. Thats Audi TT territory (not to mention many other models).

Lets remind ourselves that these cars dont even have proper parking systems. (they offer rear sensors but they are garbage).
Most of this car you need to modify with aftermarket stuff to be decent to use daily.
Im sure that they are nice to drive for fun though.

Infinite Reviews says:

Want this car!!!!

Theo says:

Is it possible to get the limited version without the spoiler?

Eric Martinez says:

The new refresh looks great.

T!J! Hisaw says:

So I have the Toyota Special Edition 860 in Halo White. It’s exactly like the BRZ limited but has racing stripes, orange stitching, and 86 stitched on the dash. And Toyota says they will only make 860 Halo whites and 860 Super Nova Orange. But there is no proof or plate that says in writing 1 of or 50 of 860

Hayden Blackler says:

subaru brz is my dream car

Jordan R says:

thank you for minor gripping the no 3 blink one touch turn signals. You feel the same way I do. It’s the little things.

illricky says:

Not having NAV is pretty significant. Subaru needs to step their tech game up.

Harwin John Pajares says:

Can you still drift this even if it has a automatic transmission?

guy with a very smol dick says:

thorough refreshed

tank2449 says:

that engine sounds like dog crap

K Reed says:

looks about the quality of a Yaris inside

Joey Chavez says:

MY 2002 4.6 mustang gt would lose

Jordan R says:

how is it in Canadian winter conditions?

Monty Montaño says:

I’d have to chose the BRZ because I can take my dog with me. Mazda has no pet space.

Anonymous User says:

Good review

Po says:

Evo handles better.

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