2018 Toyota C-HR – A small crossover that hides a race engineer! TECH REVIEW (1 of 2}

MotoMan heads to Texas on its 181st Independence Day to meet one of it’s newest residents: The 2018 Toyota CHR.. A Toyota that was to be a Scion but now is a Toyota again. During his time getting to know the Toyota Coupe High Rider, MotoMan learns a lot more than name, rank and serial number of engine output and driving dynamics of a new Toyota so in unusual fashion, he kicks off this TECH REVIEW with a special guest . . .

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Mariachi153 says:

i think my 2011 corolla looks better… maybe it would look better in a different color… maybe….

barulipasserulipas says:

I am 6’2″ tall, this car is not for me.

Todd m says:

The 2 different models in pa are 23 something and 25 something. So its not overpriced.

LaVerite124 says:

super Matrix

mixter7x7 says:

you lost me with the cvt. the technology is not reliable enough yet. the crv went to cvt in 2014 which is why i spent my money on the old faithful drive train of the rav 2.5 L 4 with 6 speed auto. rock solid. the c hr brags 31 mpg when my rav gets 29. not a problem.

Alain Brunet says:

there is no rear view camera ?

Brian Anderson says:

Lol loved the intro… i was sold before the actual review xD

Christopher Burns says:

I was sold right up until he said no sunroof. Why not offer one Toyota? Sheesh

Yung Padawan says:

Why not put the A25A-FKS 2.5 4 cylinder that’s being used in the 2018 Camry as the base engine? It makes 203-206 HP and 184-186 Lbs ft of torque and gets 41 mpg hwy in that Large car. I imagine it would be a blast to drive and get great mpg with that power plant. I like the looks and the idea of the nice rear suspension setup, I only wish it had some more ooomph (power) to match those go fast looks and AWD to boot. I’d pay extra for that engine and AWD and the lovely 8 speed transmission Toyota developed in this package.

hadrienstar says:

worst review !!!

Touly V says:

the chief engineer works for toyota but drives a suburu at home. you don’t even drive a toyota at home then why should i buy ur car. looks like toyota’s version of a mazda cx5 cx7. toyota you so too late in making these crossover style.

lil_mellow17 says:

Looks like a more dope Rav4

Ghana Mafia says:

is this awd?……

Billy Leung says:

cmon man we need AWD n Turbo like Japan….. Why u play us like that toyota.

Imachowderhead says:

Test drove one, slower than molasses with that CVT transmission.

Hang Loose Tv says:

Deserves some sort of sun roof and I really hate when they try hard to make cool or good feeling shift knob that looks manual and its only automatic

Rose Horsey says:

Just bought mine! Fully loaded and I love it!

Rahim Ferhat says:

Drive on Houston roads

Kudret KILIÇ says:

Turkish car

Nostalgic Entertainment says:

Should of came manual and turbocharged

Julia barrera says:

my car wished….if I have money this is the car that I want…

Harvinder Sandhu says:

Looks like a HRV but a bit better looking

LGGM16 says:

I have a Toyota Corolla 2017 SE I wanted to trade it in for this CHR but I got navigation sunroof touchscreen leather seats for the same price as the starting model C-HR

Russell Condie says:

We paid $23,900 for a new 2016 Toyota Rav 4 LE AWD

Why would My wife and I buy a Toyota C-HR FWD for about the same cost?

Storm Wolf says:

do you think 144hp is enough for countryside..

martin martin says:

It ‘s pitiful to see Toyota bringing us vehicles with so little functionality . None who looks like a NV200 in their product line up ( except in euro ) … instead they prefer to sell a CH-R base on look , or a big guzzler Sienna or monster truck like Tundra

Dark AngelNHK says:

Three different trims
1. Standard 15k to 17k: Sunroof/ only FWD/ Bluetooth/ horsepower 170/
2. Limited 18k to 22k: Tech package Panoramic sunroof/ 6 inch touch screen with backup camera/ push start & keyless entry/ heated seats & dual climate control/ lift gate/ horsepower about 190/ FWD OR AWD/

3. Turbo Edition 24k to 27k: Panoramic sunroof/ 8 inch touch screen with backup camera/ push start & keyless entry/ heated and cold seats/ dual climate control/ lift gate/ horsepower about 201 or 230 with Turbo/ FWD OR AWD/ manual or automatic/ stiffer suspension/no CVT engine/Quad exhaust

Travel with NJ_Steve says:

Apparently from other reviews I have read it handles very very well…so what it really needs is more power. Should be offered with at least 200 hp. I’d pay $1000 more for a more impressive engine

myke collins says:

did i miss the part where he was driving it? must of

Jose Torres says:

No manual transmission, no fun

Matthew Prevete says:

Looks fast, but isn’t

Daniel Medina says:

I live in the U.S., and I was really thinking about buying a chr until I found out manual transmission is not an option. Not fair.

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