2018 Toyota C-HR Preview | Consumer Reports

We take a look at the all-new Toyota C-HR at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. This new entry in the subcompact SUV market looks to win on style points and content, but lacks desired features like all-wheel drive.

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jvrdlc says:

what an ugly car, interior is indeed dark and has almost no visibility. So far the HR V wins for me.

zyg0te says:

The tailights and dash are hideous

Kevin Harris says:

Great looking, different car. Will be a long waiting list. Much better looking than the drab, HRV, Rogue.

TekReviews says:

Toyota, making interiors uglier then before. Good Job Toyota. Keep doing this and Tesla will swallow your customers whole when they make a SMALL EV SUV.

Confusing Cube says:

Ew, what? Why did they think this was a good design?

Michael Dooby says:

Oh man, who designed the interior and rear end? The interior looks like a lot of cheap plastic, and the rear end looks like it’s trying to be too many different things. I bet the doors sound really clunky when closed too; granted the price tag won’t be super high, but dang, I just feel they could’ve done a lot better. I bet they were trying to build off of the Corolla’s huge success, but they tried too hard in all the wrong places.

SwaggyFruitable YT says:

It looks like Toyota’s version of the Nissan Juke, they both have frog ass :/

Th3Fizzle says:

I wish this car was more like a Tesla, 0-60 in less than 5 seconds. That’s the point of the electrical engine/motors, right?

anguy says:

I feel as if Nissan were to sell this as the new juke, people would buy it more than if it came from Toyota.

John Walck says:

Ugly, ugly, ugly!

Handy Putra says:

actually it looks good from the front view, but the rear design is a little bit controversial, some like it some don’t and for me, i don’t.

Right Lane Hog says:

Blind spot monitoring? You betcha! Those vestigial rear passenger windows are literally an accident waiting to happen. Europe already has an AWD hybrid or a FWD manual C-HR but we only get FWD with CVT. Considering how much hype Toyota keeps generating about the “excitement” of their new launches and redesigns this is a colossal letdown.

gip1279 says:

It’s not for everybody but I’m sure some people will like it, especially if it has Toyota reliably.

zakyum says:

needs awd option fast

Desperate4Attention says:

It has the idiosyncratic styling and ergonomics of a super sports car but the performance of an ordinary hatchback . Having said that, it is in the right market segment at the right time so it will probably sell fairly well. When they do bring over the hybrid it will probably be the only one its category so that will help increase sales too.


I usually like toyotas but a cvt and only front wheel drive isnt that pleasing

gorrilaunit99 says:

Pigfat Prius


Realtime Reviews says:

Will be discontinued in 5 years max

七千转 says:

No turbo and FWD only? good luck on selling it

Sai Sh says:

shit looking car..so toyota!!!!

Terry Khan says:

Nissan Vios!!!!

vothry says:

Common sense ran through the glass door on our millennial generation and hence, this goes to production.

Keykon Kendrick says:


Joshua Johnson says:

I can’t finish watching this video. It looks so disgusting. Every angle I see gets uglier. I’m sorry for knocking on this vehicle but what’s Toyota thinking? Buyers, if any, are going to have a hard time with their blind spot. 1:10, I bet! Very dumb idea. Summary of this vehicle: I have no words.

Tech Defender says:

Omg that c Pilar is HUGE

Smooth Operator says:

Good vehicle,I could see a small family getting this.

Josh Lee says:

Millennials dont want these types of vehicles. What a shit box

jaduboi says:

Dear Prius,
I am so sorry. I thought you were the ugliest car.
I was wrong. I was so wrong.
You are the second ugliest now.

Jonathan A says:

Um, bad design Toyota. HR-V is way better.

Bobby Croghan says:

Horrible central instrument panel. When did integration of design go or the window?

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