2018 Toyota C-HR – Redline: Review

With strong demand for crossovers, Toyota introduces the sub-compact C-HR, slotting below the best-selling Rav4. Riding on an all-new platform and showcase an entirely new, more aggressive design language. The 2018 C-HR should have what it takes to attract an entirely new buyer to the brand, just keep in mind some competitors offer more choices in the powertrain and interior options.


fakeneim says:

wow only black, wow only small backwindows, what the hell? is this darth vader’s car? :))

James Marques BR says:

Jesus te ama

Danish Piper says:

Man, it’s just as ugly as the Nissan Joke:-)

lance jong says:

They stopped making matrix for this model.. also what would be the replacement for venza?

Francisco Villagomez says:

Good looking car….but its slow. The engine is too weak. 0-60 in 10 seconds? No thanks. Oh and the CVT transmission really No thanks! boring

projectvincent says:


missingspartan778 says:

Goodness ill take a camry instead even with the higher price

Megan Clark says:

cool car

Master Wrong says:

No leather seats one premium :/? Idk about that. Mine didn’t come with fog light though -_-

prasant chettri says:

Nobody uses or trust car navigation everyone uses google on phone. Car navigation should rather sync with google

Mauricio Junior says:


No Thank You.

Try again Toyota.

Xellos Metallium says:

it look like a japanese version Jeep

Richard Givens says:

Ditch the annoying club music.

Ray Redmond says:

Thanks a lot. Just bought one for my daughter…her first car at age 17. I think it’s a great stater vehicle! Thanks for your review was good!

Robert Bryant says:

I don’t really see the need for AWD in a vehicle like this. It’s not designed to be an off-road vehicle. It adds weight, reduces fuel economy, add maintenance points, and it changes the handling characteristics. I think Toyota made bad decision on depriving the CH-R of a better performing power plant. Purely a management decision that I can’t fathom logic behind. If you want to sell it, give the best chance of success. Why wait until after it sells and the waters are tested to add the good stuff. I really don’t need a moonroof either. Just a lot of money down the drain for me. I would prefer some interior color accents to break up the monotonous black. No cost to Toyota. Let’s see some options! Completely a management decision to keep the mono-spec path. It is frustrating to see an interesting and more individual vehicle make the market, but without the motor, the infotainment system, and without interior color choice.

Brent Hubbell says:

I love this vehicle!!

Tyler Miller says:

FWD Killed it, Unless you are die hard toyota.. Why buy this over a Cx3 or a Crosstrek ? People make such weird decisions.

steph says:

The Mazda cx3 is better looking, has 4 wheel drive, more options, faster, lighter, 3 trim options and the mid trim called Touring with AWD is cheaper. zoom zoom

Very Good says:

Talk about ugly on steroids!

Arthur Smith says:

Thank you for the review, the soundtrack at the beginning is just killing my ears though.

sweetpapajazz says:

You really need to stop sucking your teeth when you do your review and relax your speech.

Andreas A says:

Just had a test drive today (hybrid) and I did like the way it goes on the road etc. However, the interior looks really cheap and the electronics (e.g. screen/graphics) look terrible. Toyota could have done better with that it is pity.

Carlo Blanco says:

I don’t like the editing style of this video…..

bchott truth says:

u need to drive the 2017 Vitara. and compare both of them

Han Su says:

I do think Toyota should expand the series in North America market. like a hybrid model in Asia market etc. After all, C-HR is the top-selling small SUV in Japan. Toyota needs to prove its value.

m3persian says:

If they had come in 4 wheel Drive I would buy this car right away. From Canada

mikefly562 says:

I actually like the looks of the CHR, but the old style radio and no GPS is an absolute show stopper for me. I’ve seen other reviews of the CHR in the European markets, and they are much better than the CHRs in the US market. Overseas, they have Hybrid options and newer Infotainment with GPS. I think Toyota needs to have these versions in the US as well, otherwise, I don’t see how this car will succeed. I know people can use their phones or a Garmin GPS, but I don’t like to have a lot of loose accessories when I drive. Hopefully toyota will improve upon this car for the US market.

SnailSugar says:

This was a fail by Toyota IMO, No AWD , Outdated tech, slow engine, crazy blind spots because they went over the top on design…the cloth interior looks old school and like it wears down fast. Ill just go buy a hatchback for way cheaper… i dont get it…

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