2018 Toyota C-HR Review

The 2018 Toyota C-HR is ready to take on the likes of the Nissan Juke and Honda HR-V in a segment that’s set to explode.


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carpuppy says:

Failure!!!! If you don’t give people what hey want (sunroofs, leather, turbo engine, normal styling, Apple CarPlay, good visibility, and awd) the car won’t be a big hit.

Lowell Dizon says:

No AWD, leather seats, sunroof, no Carplay, small dimensions? A total miss opportunity for Toyota! Like the Toyota Safety Sense though.

chicobear says:

C-HR: Copy of HR-V, poorly.

rbielarski says:

have too many CD’s I enjoy to give up with this car, their quality is better too then my phone and no satellite radio. Sorry Toyota!

bitman EV says:

oh dear, where is this guy coming from; turbo charged engine! seriously? get real boy we are driving EVs these days with huge torque you know…

Terry Chao says:

Too bad AWD isn’t avaliable *only in north america?

Edpund Bai says:

Toyota is never gonna add android auto or apple car play. Toyota are stupid, they created their own system which sucks.

Edward Reyez says:

toyota stupidly left the previous size of early RAV4 design.. they keep stretching and make it big like how big RAV4 now..

Ivan Vojt says:

1 USB port.

Heyu Yoma says:

The Juke is ugly as hell, just like this CHR

Alex Carr says:

I drive a 2014 toyota corolla and I love it I don’t have satellite radio or automatic headlights it should be standard

Tho One says:

Turbo is unreliable in the long run you dont need it

vwmatt33 says:

Two blaring errors really will hurt sales. But they didn’t have to happen these days. Those to big errors?? The bigger of the two is putting the rear camera in the rear view mirror. That’s just dumb and unsafe. My ’12 Tacoma had the reverse camera in the rear view mirror. It was easy to take your eyes off the small screen even while backing up. Just doesn’t make sense when you have a nice screen right there! Also no Sirius radio in a car aimed right at that demographic is a big boo boo.

Miguel Ircontar says:

Looks like a beefed up Corolla

bigcrowfly says:

No Sirius XM? Why not? It does not cost anything because XM subsidizes the cost and if the person renews for one 6 month periord at discounted rates it gets back its investment.

Akhil Bolla says:

The interior looks nice but the steering wheel looks cheap

Glow 44 says:

I don’t care about adaptive Cruise Control, Toyota. I respect the people out there that don’t want to buy a crossover or SUV without AWD, but I think that is a huge mistake to offer it.

buildmorefarms100 says:

Why does this guys voice go up and down, in pitch and tone?

CRONUS Karmalakas says:

If You knew, Koba had to wait for a year or more to get TNGA so he could make C-HR as he wanted, you wouldn’t be surprised it took so long. Koba just couldn’t achieve what he did on some old platform.

Angel Matos says:

me gusta mas el estilo del c-hr que el nissan juke ahora seria mas interesante un motor turbo y un sistema awd

C Jahmal says:

A crossover without AWD.. what a damn joke.

Ray A says:

This is when people tell themselves ‘you get what you pay for’ lol…if you want something REALLY cheap, and just a quick buy, then waste the years and money on this. It doesnt even have Android Auto+Apple Play….also no CD? the screen looks likes it came out of a 2012 touchscreen…wtf. This is why i dont like toyota…they build things way too cheap and when they want to build a model up, it ends up looking like a lexus…so makes me also wonder why people buy a lexus in the beginning. Well back to this….it doesnt have no chrome to touch it up and no real style inside. from the outside, it looks like Legos put this thing together with oversized pieces of plastic and a bumper that sticks out way too far. wtf..

I honestly do not think this is worth the time. if you want something that can really handle ‘off road’ handling, why not get a Jeep Renegade where Jeep invented the SUV and off road segment? Or if you want something that has more style, why not get a Nissan Juke with optional AWD (i think)..at least thats been on the market for years that has already made the refinements to make it where it is now….

the only people that are going to buy this are going to be those idiots that has to buy it just because its new and because they have to show everyone they have something when it came out lol…like when people buy new phones right when it comes out instead of waiting the few months til the market relaxed. You would have to be really stupid to buy this…PLEASE BUY SOMETHING THAT HAS MORE STYLE AND POWER!!

Dpk says:

First of all: You are not interested in the car yourself and you transfer that negative vibe through the way you speak.

Second: Learn to speak professionally making both likers and haters feel good about the video.

AUTOGUIDE.COM, Please see to that you do not have such people in your shows.

I wanted to like the car and was planing to import it to my country. But after seeing this he kinda makes the car look dumb.

ElementalWk says:

The tacky cruise control knob from 2005, the rear visibility, no apple CarPlay/ android auto, very low cargo, no sunroof… 5 strikes against it for me. Honda HRV still numero uno

London_III says:

C-HR should be CAR, because that’s all this is.

NevadaFederalBites says:

They have AWD…only in Europe at the moment.

Robert Merrill says:

Why the hell do all these auto guide reviewers sound the exact same?

Sheryl Rohr says:

Ok, but what if you drive through snow like I do? You don’t think all wheel drive would be better in that case?

kartika cahyani says:

toyota is stingy

ideaynojodas says:

i like it!!!

sportsMike87 says:

I’ll take polarizing over Toyota’s old bland boxy designs.

sportsMike87 says:

I don’t see the need for android auto/carplay

IxNxFxExRxNxO says:

I only hate that the car doesnt have an option for a panoramic roof or sun roof. And the lack of fast engine. As for the the rest I love it!

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