2018 Toyota Camry Preview | Consumer Reports

Toyota’s top-selling sedan debuts a dramatic makeover at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, and looks to build on the brand’s solid reputation for reliability.

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I know you're right, but says:

Was CVT as a whole is a failure or Toyota mastered it?

ronkemperful says:

As an ageing Baby Boomer I am afraid that I am not as excited as many concerning the new Camry.  Lower to me:  means harder to get in and out of no matter the seat design – and usually poorer sightlines and visibility.  Sporty to me: means more delicate tires on larger rims with less rubber to handle potholes and more noise, vibration, and harshness.  Technology to me: means more expensive body-shop repairs with sensors and cameras, and quicker obsolescence as electronic fads change.  Will this be a car that I would want to live with for ten years of my life?  I wonder?  Sorry to be such a party-pooper!


Looks like a modern 2011 camry

Heyu Yoma says:

Wow that’s ugly

lexusfan100 says:

no fogs????

Scotty's Used Car Channel says:

Honda sexy af

Mitul Jariwala says:

looks like i slapped the shit out of the front end!!! WAIT THE 2018 ACCORD IS RELEASING LATER THIS YEAR!!!!

bay510408 says:


The Ghost Of Youtube says:


Jaime Elizalde says:

It reminds me of the Toyota Mark X G’s. I like it.

JSquared Production says:

It looks like an acura ilx

PussMag says:

the look is back to 2007, what current gen is based on, so nothing really changed then, hmm

DD bhaha says:

those grills can be used for weekend bbq party! grills!!!

NiharM77 says:

I’m sure Consumer Reports is drooling because it’s a Camry.

Pure Life says:

Wow it’s ugly

Ricky Rick says:

I bought one 4 days ago and I love it!

innerpurpose says:

Oh no, it’s got the Lexus bumper syndrome!!! Boo

yiyangcheng says:

It already looked dated

VariantOne says:

How is an 8 cylinder auto reliable?

7c8f says:

2018??? I thought the 017s just came out!

eddie lujano says:

I’m so disappointed that front is the ugliest thing I’ve seen .. I’m such a fan of Toyota but that front will make people buy a Honda instead

Bobby Croghan says:

Such s horrible nose..

Miguel Angel Medina Rise says:

[# > \}}}}}#{{{{{// <#] //}}}}}}#{{{{{{\ Great job on that grill design guys.

Ayyy Lmfao says:

I was expecting 1.4L or 2.0L powertrains. Thank god

Randomvideos 242 says:

omg thats good looking car

Confusing Cube says:


Brian Rosado says:

I’m trying so hard to like that front end

세로운시대 says:

so bad design that i can’t understand camry desingn.do you think it is good?

ninedakom says:

Noo why’d they give it the lexus face. smh

Andrew atm says:

i am shopping for a new car to replace my 2000 celica gts…i like hondas, but most of the honda accords have transmission with that stupid cvt…same with nissans. camries do not have the cvt transmission. so i will get the camry. toyotas are more reliable than hondas….i own a 2008 honda and had problems with it. the celica is still running good, eventhough its 17 yrs old. so to all those complainers out there, when u buy a car look at the reliability factor as well, now just how it looks….but then, to me, this new camry looks awesome….close to a lexus is and to an acura tlx. good job toyota!

Leland Chen says:

The front like Lexus, looks really ugly.

Handy Putra says:

looks like they implemented the lexus design on this new camry

Steven James DeBlasi says:

Fugly front fascia

Tardisius says:

Has Toyota paid off their $1.2 Billion fine yet ??

Emmett AU says:

zzzz what you buy when you hate cars

Yurii222 says:

damn ugly

Fecw Las says:

Looks great in front… But what’s behind? Lol

stvnburg says:

Never buy a new car the first year of a redesign, too many recalls and bugs to work out. Mechanics rule of thumb – wait to buy until the model’s 3rd year of production & on.

BadlndsBob says:

That grill is ugly.

BIG SHAQ says:

Looks good.

Trauma Dynamics says:

Did you say “decent handling”? The steering feels like it is barely connected to anything. I had the chance to rent a Camry, Sonata and Fusion in relatively short order. The Camry was by far the most disconcertingly disconnected to drive.

James k says:

Front. looks like Kia Optima

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