2018 Toyota Camry TECH REVIEW (1 of 3)

For the first time in almost 8 years, MotoMan takes a look at the Toyota Camry. Not only the best selling Toyota in the US, but the best selling car in the US – for 15 years! The 2018 Toyota Camry is a bit different from two levels that MotoMan wants to check out: A shared double wishbone suspension from the Toyota C-HR and of course, a design departure for what is intended to be mass market rather than exciting . . . He unpacks both . . .

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For more information, watch our 2018 Toyota C-HR TECH REVIEW (1 of 2)

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2018 Toyota C-HR FIRST DRIVE REVIEW FIRST DRIVE REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SHYUk0ZXrg

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supremeobliterator says:

I have a 2014 Mazda 6. I’m interested to see these two go head to head.

Nick T says:

Such a beautiful car

Mark Williams says:

it looks hot where you are… maybe you should’ve done the review in the car with the a.c. on.

M Reed says:

that’s a bad ass camry. they’ve come a long way

cadsux says:

Amazing. Toyota actually increased hp noticeably for both the 4 and 6 cylinder engines, unlike the Corolla and 86.

Ken Lai says:

Design works for me. Agree with you not having CarPlay and Android auto sucks.

Ibrahim Mashni says:

beautiful car wowwwww

heckii clears says:

If you Bought a 2017 Toyota Camry I feel sorry for you lmao.

Tayshawn Price says:

I really like the xse a lot as far as design. Very agressive appearance. Problem is i do not want a sports car. Do not like how they drive the way the seats feel nothing. Definitely more of a luxury car driver. Imo the other camry le xle etc all have that same very boring design. Both with the interior and exterior. No android auto is the big gripe i have with lexus. Are they one of the only manufacturers that have still not adopted android auto or apple car play? All and all imo the xse is the best camry to date appearance wise just not my cup of tea as far as no desire to ever purchase a sports car.

bumble bee says:

You’re the BEST car reviewer on utube!

Maher Matar says:

Thanks for you show. Toyota did it again Camry is still the best car on the rode now it’s good car and quality to trust and now it comes with. Sexy looks so it’s win win again with Toyota Camry I love it

Shahab Besharatlou says:

I love the design, but obviously there are some things I don’t like. the back(which is my favorite part of the car), the taillights look too much like the 16 Sentra. also the front looks good, but the strip of body panel under the logo is the extra. if it was a bit thinner it would be better.

noel felipe says:


calvin desmond says:

Great video

Tom Oberlin says:

Get to the point and stop with all the extra conversation!

Emmanuel Hernandez says:

No Android auto may be a deal breaker, especially seeing how impressive the 2018 Accord is looking.

Thomas Russell says:

Stop downplaying the Camry in your tone of presentation — It’s off-putting and slightly contradicting.Seriously, are you excited for Camry’s new vision or are you still skeptical?

Philip Clock says:

Toyota owner here (2016 Camry LE), LOVE the design, will buy! Like the V6, even though People’s Republic of California crammed a 12 cent per gallon gas tax down our throats.

Crystal Mc says:

Looks like the scion tc

mtlh05 says:

How is that white paint in person? Does it have metallic bits in it? Is it like the white they use on Lexus models?
Is it sexy white or rental car white?

Bailey Day says:

Bro I’m so baked watching these and geekin

Ronin Kone says:

Does it have vtec?

死亡皇帝 says:

Way to go Toyota, cool review best Car of the year !

killafocker says:

Not feeling the black roof/spoiler or the fake vents in the rear otherwise it would have been a perfect car

hawkesworth1712 says:

They did a terrible job of trying to work out a way of separating the body colour from the roof colour on the ‘C’ pillar.
They needed a faux vent or something like that instead of just ending the black and starting the white.

Jason Parry says:

What about maxima for D-segment v6?

Luis Guillermo Moreno says:

your work is review amazing cars in YouTube, your not doing it wrong, you are doing it right

Customer Service says:

GREAT information on this vid!!!

TA Crown says:

I would have reviewed the 4 cylinder instead of the hybrid. The 4 will sell MORE than the V6 or Hybrid.

Azeem Saleem says:

What will the 0 – 60 of the V6 Camry ?

Mike Stoddart says:

But when’s it due in showrooms?

Jack Martin says:

I hate when someone starts off a convo by saying “friends”

Sang Eeth says:

I feel like it needs AWD.

Mazhar Musafir says:

will we have red interior in v4 ?

Richard R. Smith says:

Why sir would you do a detailed review of this V6 making up 5% you say of the total sales then NEXT you say you are doing a detailed review of the hybrid version also making up 5% you say of the total sales of this vehicle ?  Hello.  Is anyone home ?  How about you do a review of the new 4 cylinder and THOSE OPTIONS which by the way do NOT have the options you discuss of the other 2 ? Pretty sad guy.

Blake Wong says:

Drink every time he says, “Subo San”.

john cramer says:

sorry still so uuuugly

slimjim355 says:

I have a 2017 v6 camry and i love it it pulls so hard

Kawai Sit says:

The new V6 is this the same engine as the 2017 Lexus IS 350 V6?

B. Chan says:

toyota went full nissan

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