2018 Toyota Camry XSE – Redline: First Impressions

With Toyota claiming the 2018 Camry as the sportiest, stylish, and most upscale Camry ever made. Expectations are high for the best selling sedan in the country. Last year alone, Toyota sold nearly 400,000 units, will they be able to maintain their spot as the top selling sedan?


Tony Fernandes says:

Not that I’m saying it’s sporty, but it sure looks like it!!

2Twelve TV says:

like – good luck for 24 days
sub – good luck for 24 years

f f says:

will the non V6 XSE be able to get a moonroof?

DJ Mista T says:

dope i love Toyota Camry I miss my 2016

JEEP Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon says:

the backlamp design looks like a Jaguar XF, front a little bit like his brother Lexus. but i think this new camry is the best one of toyota! luxury

Jay_ Fa_5 says:

Do they have it in manual???

Google Name says:

It’s like a sporty refrigerator. Sorry, hard to get excited about an appliance.

CP100 says:

Time to Update the Lexus ES…

Toyo Masauce says:

hmmmm tossing up between the new sports camry v6 or the new kia stinger as a daily driver and weekend tripster, which one is better overall?

Hiep To says:

I like the car alot but this dude talk like a fag.

Kevin Simmons says:

2018 Camery is hot!!

Cameron Clark says:

Should I get this or a Kia stinger

Nabil Abu Asba says:

It is like optima

Bi- Han says:

That’s a Camry???

Fahim Nabi says:

TBH, I think the new Camry looks pretty nice

anonymo0ous says:

nice car

Davin Peterson says:

A common complaint is that the Toyota Camry has always been boring. What makes it the #1 selling car is its good build quality and reliability. It’s also safe as it doesn’t use Takata airbags .

Christopher Willis says:

are you retarted?? they do offer venalated seats and memory seat.

peter455sd says:

It’s a D segment car,for D segment people

saeed saad says:

الله يهدي ابو جميل

ktownmike21087 says:

Great review , your the best on you tube thanks for a great job.

Clint Eastwood says:

Huge Honda guy and i would rather have this 2018 camry over 2018 accord

Hiep To says:

This dude sounds so gay

ghgi11 says:

Please offer Camry in Germany.

Hiep To says:

This dude sounds so fucking gay. Fucking fag.

Millz Ubettaz says:


Khap Hau says:

This car has a decent decent look actually

TheHvk says:

300 Horsepower in a Camry!?!?!? Dafuq?!?!? Wow.

Honda/Acura needs to hurry up and put a Turbo in the TLX because this is ridiculous.

Kumaran Srinivasan says:

is this fellow gay ?

Kelvee Ng says:

NAH mazda 6 for life….

kester says:

I have a 2016 Lexus GS 350..and even I love that new camry xse…super sexy car

Kingdrosive 3 says:

Camry FINALLY looks nice for once

Jay alom says:

But there is no fog light.

Hiep To says:

This dude sounds so fucking gay. Fucking fag.

BrandonSL500 says:

Dont think you are using the term embargo correctly…

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