2018 Toyota Camry XSE – Redline: Review

The most important family car in America gets its most comprehensive redesign in its 34 year history. Riding on an all-new chassis dubbed TNGA, this new 2018 Camry promises to be sportier, more stylish, more premium, and more technologically advanced. All its Japanese rivals better take notice, because Toyota has just moved the midsize family sedan needle way forward. Video includes driving footage on the 3.5L V6 and 2.5L 4-cylinder engines.


Elio Guzman says:

If its awd then it be better, front wheel sucks

Danny Jr says:

I’m down with it but I’m still getting my 2018 Toyota 86 next year when I graduate high school!!!

jefferson ethur says:

Nice job! Thanks!

quietguy1948 says:

Good review…

Pure Life says:

The seats are so ugly and don’t have good features

Erick Pantoja says:

i want this fur sure my first new car

Who am I? says:

What makes it even better is that it’s a Toyota!

JON in MN says:

I just owned a 2012 then leased a 2015. I can’t WAIT for my lease to be up. I’m not remotely interested in another Camry. Toyota has really declined in comfort and quality.


no increase in mpg more recycled plastic crap just change the shell and call it a new model

DannyzPlay says:

Holy shit toyota hit it out of the park with this one.

Da Crazy Kid 15 says:

Bought a 2017 Mazda 6 GT, loving it, looking at this 2018 Camry Redesigned…..I still don’t regret buying the 6, and will say that this car looks nice as well. Kudos to Toyota for Revamping the Camry……

Mojoe510 says:

It would’ve been nice if it came RWD or 4WD

Hatera says:

this actually looks like a sports car! doesn’t look like a camry at all! nissan and honda, ur screwed if you dont step up your game

Thyny San says:

I like the toyota brand, but have always hated the boringness of the Camry. It will never be a sports sedan.

Robert Drexler says:

The commercial is misleading they wanted you to hear the engine. Like it was some kind of sporty car which it isn’t. They were a very slow in the redesign. I assume as usual their charging people thru the nose because its a toyota. Thats a reason for thumbing your nose.

devil devil says:

I usually go with Honda but with this fuck Honda and the new Honda Accord doesn’t even have a V6 smh

Janio Lima says:


PUNKem733 says:

How could anyone look at the front of this car, and not bust out laughing? What’s even funnier is this guy is trying to sell it to us as if it looks fantastic, and not the disorganized mish-mash of design cues, put together with no rhyme or reason. It’s like they’re allergic to designing good looking cars.

Alex W says:

That interior is HOT

axl K says:

toyota should remove that ugly fake air vents beneath rear lights.

YankiEBubbAAussiE says:

Having a 2015 Scion TC, that sunroof sucks. Since its so big and angled so high it’s going to shake and rattle over any type of bumps.

aoescool says:

spray the white beak on the grill black.. you can look almost like a lexus

TheVendeada101 says:

Excellent review. Thank you!

Christopher Gutierrez says:

Looks like acura desinged the camry with all those angles

Jose Gonzales says:

2018 Toyota Camry vs 2017 Mazda 6 which one do you prefer?

iiTzBluNTMaN says:

The lame ads dubstep ruins the video lol

flyy sly says:

If we are going to talk “MODEL’S” saying the sportiest ever made it would actually be the Toyota supra

courgargold says:

I own a 2.5 4 cylinder and the V6 looks impressive with 300hp and 32mpg. But WHY in the name of god did they have to make it look so ugly?! The front facia of the XSE looks like they hit an espresso machine and decided to leave it there for production. C’mon Toyota, take some design queues from the highlander or something.

Almost seems like a Fast and Furious teenager was allowed to bolt on a bunch of disjointed, aftermarket mods to the car’s exterior. No real cohesive lines on the front or back. Also the seats look terrible.

Ohio Dashcam says:

the front end is horrendous

Adam Hickman says:

Looks awesome. Want to drive one and see how it compares to the Maxima.

rahat apurbo says:

U fucking cunt… show more of the car not ur fucking bitch ass face u ugly face shit…

ALI love says:

Superb awesome

usn04 says:

Now what will do with the Avalon I say drop it..

MeisterPC says:


Jordan says:

Those houses are beautiful

Light Bringer says:

Made in America! This is the most important thing. My dream car. The 2018 Camry XSE. Ever since I owned a 2000 MR2 Spyder that was hooked up aftermarket. Best handling car I’ve driven. Best manufacturer.

R1_Rebe1 says:

The Toyota/BMW collaboration is really paying off.

yoshii2011xo says:

Now, I want this car

Jon Abraham says:

How can u just talk about car for 30 minutes ?

Porkchop Jefferson says:

Looks good but the maxima still looks better.


They must be competing with Acura for the ugliest grille. That InfoScreen is hideous.

Marlon says:

i didnt like the camry for years but this year they really did a good job low key want it haha

kj k says:

worst interior ever .

Robert Kirkpatrick says:

Great video as always. Im so disappointed with the exhaust sound in the v6. Here is to hoping that they redesign the Avalon with a little of the new camry design in it.

Will Moon says:

Can someone explain to me what the hell “Sporty” means?

Chris84Redfield says:

the rear is very ugly

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