2018 Toyota Corolla: Review

In this video I’ll go for a test drive & completely review the NEW 2018 Toyota Corolla! I’ll go over performance, exterior, interior, cargo space, tech, safety & much more… Hope you like!

Big thanks to Hanover Toyota in Hanover, PA for allowing me to check out the NEW 2018 Toyota Corolla! For more information on their inventory please feel free to visit the link below…


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megalo Dan says:

why does the guy talk like a fag

jin5632 says:

F**k haters. Toyota/Lexus rules

Steve Franklin says:

Oh my God, the front end is even more hideous than before.

Commenting Account says:

Just the ~2014 model with a more overhanging body kit on the front.

OkayOstrich says:

i want it

Dongseok Park says:

Ugly cheap car

jackson celauro says:

Bueno CVT??
It’s good CVT??

superarsenal009 says:

I have the 2014 Corolla LE fully loaded, is this worth the upgrade?

Rick Korchak says:

How the heck does Toyota sell so many cars with these continuously boring 15-year-old designs?

Beal Taylor says:


Ady N says:

ToyoTAXI corolla

alex says:

How do you turn on the bottom lights??

Knight Rider says:

Car designs are ugly because they’re being designed by women

Jose David Delgado says:

VVT transmission no CVT

Jim Cameron says:

Leather trim in a corolla. Like suckling off hairy tits on a bald bull.

이대성 says:

look cheap!

Иван Иванов says:


Dewey AI says:


Ryan C says:

Uglier every year.

Matthew Cooper says:

I mean I just turned 19 and bought a 2018 corrola….I’ve always owned shitty used cars so feels like a million bucks to me. Drives amazing sport mode is fast as I need inside is super nice dont see why people gotta hate it’s a entry level car not a turbocharged hellcat

Lincoln hawk says:

I wanna buy a 2017 but I’m worried about cvt engine. Heard nothing but bad things about these engines.

Snake Plissken says:

I drove a Corolla once.

It literally sucked out my will to live as I was travelling.

tjkeen17 says:

I rented one of these last week for a trip I did with my girlfriend and I absolutely loved it. The gas mileage was great did not fill up until we had to take it back but one thing that pissed me off the most was on the last day I found out I could use my phone for my music so I could’ve been listening to my music from my phone the entire trip haha but not I actually want one now.

RyanDoes - Gaming & More says:

I swear if anyone calls this a family car they are blinder then a plant.

ELPJM09 says:

The best selling car in the world that has been around for over 50 years. Not everyone wants a sports car. The majority of people want a reliable, safe, comfortable car to get from point A to B. Corolla comes in made trims. If you just want a basic car buy the LE. Those looking for a more sportier looking and feeling car, buy the XSE.

Vignesh Sivam says:

u sound like a radio dj…..nice car

drunkensessions says:

Those cocksuckers at Budget car rental gave me this as an intermediate! Disgrace!

Lincoln hawk says:

Why in the living world are they using cvt engine. They are god awful transmissions and same with new Hondas . Once great reliable cars are being ruined with cvt engins. I don’t understand car company may seem cheaper but long run losing sales year after year once word gets around.

Keith Richards Liver says:

Looks great. I like the new look of the fog lights. I have a 2016 S model and LOVE IT!!

John Labus says:

Maybe it’s just me but this car, as in most Toyotas, looks bloated and overwrought. I just don’t like Toyota’s aesthetic direction.

Mirroez says:

Awesome review! If you can please review the Toyota Yaris ia 2018 model. 🙂

Anas Alawsi says:

Hi I have corolla le 2017 and I want to change temperature units from f to c … can you help me

Dongseok Park says:


MEAB720 says:

Are the cvt reliable? I bought the 2018 corolla in Beirut Lebanon with 1,8 l engine with cvt transmission. My question will the cvt will be reliable to 150,000 km if driven decently?!’

Ken Wong says:

the highest model of Corolla is XSE. Very reliable car!

sunrisesurfbum says:

Wish they had the old wagon version again, remember those? Made a good surf beater again.

Nick Nana says:

Ha looks gay

John Carlo Sinoy says:

Is it different from the asian countries Corolla Altis?

Zeeshan Akbar says:

we own this car. it rides smoooooooooth. great gas mileage and a promising drivetrain. what else you want from an expensive car

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