2019 Toyota RAV4 – Redline: First Look – 2018 NYIAS

After selling over 400,000 in 2017, the latest RAV4 moves to the successful TNGA platform, Toyota promises it to be stiffer, stronger, more capable, and more practical. The safety and tech features are much improved with Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 standard and Apple CarPlay with the newest Entune 3.0 infotainment system.


Avery Lee says:

Team Apple

Fredrick Bautista says:

So fuckin beefy

The Storm says:

This will definitely outsell all the the other SUV’s in the market.

MUKRISTU Gabriel says:

Was enjoying the video until “I dont really care because i use apple”. Very unprofessional!

Fallon Davis says:

When is this one coming out?

Robi Kokot says:

Those wheel arches are ugly as f..

Enforcer says:

You have to be careful about how you conveniently refer to Android users and your lack of caring. We have a 85 percent market share and apple users have less than 14. So why would Toyota do a bang up job on the rest of the car and limit itself to a IOS that is miles behind the time. Major Mistake!!! I really don’t care because I don’t care about Apple Users like you Reviewer in the video.

Jorge Lopez says:

Smack a turbo Toyota I’d trade in my escape ecoboost for the off-road version but I love the power it has.

Jay Jenkins says:

Okay when Toyota didn’t offer Apple CarPlay or android auto, no one made that big of a deal, but when Toyota offers Apple CarPlay but no Android, everyone makes a fuss?

They’ll add it later and you can upgrade at the dealership. Chill. You’re complaining about a car you probably can’t or won’t buy

mike Kay says:

Hope Toyota don’t share your view regarding Apple and Android.
Mike in Oz

K CW says:


Jay Jenkins says:

If they’re promising a 15% increase in horsepower, then it should have around 202 hp

Tabriz Sadigov says:

Why so ugly?

OBAAT says:

This will be a great choice if they’ve fixed the weakness in the safety cage exposed in IIHS’s passenger small overlap test.

Tony says:

it has Apple car play but not Android Auto?? That makes NO sense as it won’t appeal to those with Android phones. It has a similarity to Jeep. Not really a fan of the touch screen being that high up and sticking out. But that’s me.

New Car Review says:

The interior looks nice enough and interesting so why did Toyota have to make the outside look so ugly?? The C-HR is fine…a good and attractive car but this RAV is hard to like because of those awful wheel arch shapes and that poorly execute plastic decoration

Musicmann1022 says:

Good review of a great SUV. It’s gonna sell like hotcakes.

OBAAT says:

Where is this model made? Japan, Canada, US?

everyman thing bhatia says:

Rav 4 good cars

TSkeptic says:

Great review

Janirus Paul says:

Mini Highlander and 4Runner

L B says:

Looks like a Jeep Cherokee,Mazda Cx-5 and a Lexus NX had a baby.

Piri Hern says:

Too much plastic exterior trim

Johnny Nguyen says:

The screen looks exactly like the accord. They just copy Honda design. What a bummer

Michael Kwon says:

Wish it had a v6

bukhookee says:

whoever designed this fuking ugly shiet must have an ugly fuking wife

Roberto Terrazas says:

Headlights look like Honda CR-V’s & Tail Lights look like Tiguan Tail lights.

one and one says:

Wow. It looks like something more upscale than you would find in that price range. Sweet ride.

漢廷高 says:


marki mark says:

Something fishy about the front..

Jessie Harbin says:

They finally got away from the “Bland4” design, and stepped up to make this a mini 4runnerish looking CUV

Tabriz Sadigov says:

Always Toyota ugly, ok maybe good quality but dizayn zero point

yt? T says:

But it looks better than the CR-V

Superfort29 says:

The plastic wheel arch cladding does extend all the way down? Great for exposing the paint to rock chips I expect.

Iran Dude says:

Ugh! Same cheap plastic interiors. Stiff ride is the most popular feature of RAV4.

Carson Redford says:

Toyota just lost a potential buyer because of the lack of Android Auto. Get with the times Toyota.

TimmyK916 says:

Looks so much cooler than the CRV.

Ken Ashlin says:

How do I become a videographer for you guys?? Y’all have my dream job and I would love to break in!

Сергей Мельников says:

OMG men auto !!!

Fifthcell says:

I thought the last gen was ugly this is just terrible. What has happened to Toyota? They’ve only got 2 decent looking cars left and that’s the Camry (which actually looks very good) and the Corolla…

Amy Rose Wimberly says:

Ive been looking at this for months
And ive decided YES

jose abella says:

Are they have the manual transmission for the 2019 RAV4

Mart De Vera says:

love the new model.

Yen Cho says:

Is this a CVT engine? Thanks

The Storm says:


xjhkx says:

What a stupid decision to not have Android Auto when the global market share of Android is much higher than that of Apple.

James Robertson says:

So side steps for suv accessories.

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