2019 Toyota RAV4 XSE – The New Small SUV Benchmark?

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Carrying the title of the best-selling vehicle in a company’s lineup comes with some pretty big expectations. For #Toyota, that vehicle used to be the Camry for many years… Over the last 5 years, Toyota saw sales of the fourth-generation #RAV4 double to the point of moving over 400,000 units every year. For 2019, the most important vehicle in the lineup gets a revolutionary change with all-new styling inside and out, more technology, more power, more capability, and improved fuel economy especially on the #Rav4Hybrid. It looks like Toyota may have just set the small SUV benchmark even higher for 2019.


varinder singh sohi says:

I wish if they launch Asian Fortuner here in North America, I will be the first buyer….
Have a look https://youtu.be/lSYasUw4YSw

Jay RYU says:

Cheap shit looking interior…

Min Yuk Ahn says:

I love the engine sound

Z15TEEN says:

it just got uglier.

rooster sideburbs says:

i dont believe toyota designs their own transmissions. they have stock in a company that does aisin. unless he knows something i dont.

Lg springs says:

Great review, answered all my questions

cloudsplitter24 says:

Nice looking car. Not sure why you’d need paddles in a CVT. Comparisons to Lexus should mention the price difference. I like the 41 mpg for the hybrid.

Gurpal Bajwa says:

One more WOT left exhaust will falloff.

Jackson Brewer says:

sounds like a 2 stroke lmfao

G T says:

It has a mean looking face.

It is Nunyo says:

This looks like the Volvo XC40

blarghman332 says:

Toyota is making some big moves.

rooster sideburbs says:

why would anyone use paddle shifters on an automatic transmission. i never got that I drive a manual transmission and i never understood how the shifters in sports mode worked

Simple reviewer production says:

I test drove this gas rav4. It sucks. 8speed is weird and so noisy. Not enough power for the car. Hybrid fuel economy is twice better than gas version. 2k price differ between LE hybrid awd vs LE Gas AWD. The gas save will compensate the price difference in a year in Canada. So Instead i ordered hybrid LE version. Delivery end of march. Very excited to see it.

boostindub says:

I’m having a 7lb baby I HAVE TO BUY A SUV. “Is this the biggest one you have?!”

X Finity says:

Looks nice but I hate the back, looks so old, it looks like it’s a car from 2009 from the rear..

حسام حسام says:

حلوه بس سعر يوصلنه غالي

Andrew Yacos says:

Interior looks like my 2019 Corolla Hatchback, which I love. Can not wait to get this big brother version.

SlikzPlayz says:

Looks amazing!!

D O says:

I don’t like it! It looks way to aggressive for my taste!

Aaron Lawson says:

Every manufacturer has copied the Jeep Cherokee in a lot of aspects of their new designs. Jeep has become the trend setter! The Jeep has a lot more balls and capabilities than the Rav 4.



Igor P says:

Ford edge st all the way. They need more hp for this car….the engine sounds horrible.

ทนงศักดิ์ ศรีคํา says:


Tufik Ismail says:

كبير ودبش بس حلو

ChaiKnees Nollies says:

Damnit might trade my tiguan for a rav

Cross says:

Yeah no the same loaded CR-V is still better

Brad Peterson says:

Rav quality has diminished as of late by 300k – 400k they’re falling apart unlike old ones

GeminiNES says:

Cool design

Ryan Urmom says:

I prefer the previous generation of rav 4

Alia Hassan says:

i need your advice .. sportag GT 2018 or new RAV 4 ?? thanx 🙂

Calvin D says:

Love the new RAV4 damn nice.

capitán_ camote_picante says:

we want the 3rd row again..

李啵啵 says:


Steven Lebbing says:

We test drove a 2019 Toyota RAV4 XLE premium AWD at the end of December. But we did not liked it first we did not like the front end of it. And the ride it felt more like a truck then a cross over. So my sister just ended up getting a lighting blue 2018 RAV4 XLE with some nice upgrades on January 2 of this year. As for my mom we going to look at the 2019 Subaru Forester Limited a 2019 Honda CR-V EXL or Touring. A 2019 Hyundai Tucson Ultimate. A 2019 Buick Envision essence. And a 2019 Lincoln MKC Select.

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