2019 Toyota Tacoma. Walk-Around.

2019 Toyota Tacoma Walkaround. Much better now than Ford F-150?

Yes, the Toyota Tacoma is a good truck. It’s arguably the best off-roader in the class, and it’s comfortable and capable on the pavement. Inside, you’ll find supportive seats and easy-to-use technology. Still, some other trucks in the class can tow more and go further on each gallon of gas. Also, despite its user-friendly infotainment system, the Tacoma has a low-rent interior compared to its rivals.

The 2019 Toyota Tacoma is part of a generation that began with the 2016 model year. There haven’t been many notable changes since that redesign. The 2017 model offered the TRD Pro trim, which is an off-road-oriented trim, for the first time. For 2019, the Tacoma gained several standard driver assistance features as part of Toyota’s Safety Sense package. These include adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and pedestrian detection. A rear cross traffic alert is also available in the 2019 Tacoma, which is another first for this truck.

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joe rami says:

Toyota is toyota ,

Victor Rendon says:

Ain’t nothing like a nice taco. I still like the older style better than the new one

Nick L Trains says:

Auto Rating nice looking and versatile truck. Nick

Lifer Patriot & Veteran Don’t tread on me. says:

Made in Mexico, crap…
keeping the Fj… is made by Hino.Corp & In Japan

cashino says:


Gladiator Games says:


eddie san says:

I’m 64 yrs old, i’m gonna buy the Tacoma 2019 TRD Pro, don’t care about the price, this will be myy last truck until i kick the can… Enjoy life while you can.. Retired Playboy…

jordan sheppard says:

my favorite full size silverado but smaller pickups these Tacoma’s are nice.

carhartt666 says:

Rear drum brakes still? No thanks.

jordan sheppard says:

I like that Toyota doesn’t purposely make vehicles break down u can buy one new when it gets old give it to ur kid and buy another one new.

J H says:

Toyota is way ahead of the big 3 especially when it comes to safety. Add in excellent resale and reliability….what you get is a great truck.

monibstar says:

Nice technologically advanced Toyota Tacoma 🙂

Suebob 22 says:

SO the toyota trucks still have the no good pice of crap motor and none relible auto trans. thats why totota cant give the 2016-17-18 away. if you buy one of these trucks you will be SORRY. i have a 20015 and i love it . 2016 toyota scruwed UP and put in a NO good motor & auto trans thats NOT WORKING.

anastasia laz says:

Toyota is the king in this category!

Twin Video Production says:

Another wonderful video my friend.

Prana says:


Old Timer says:

The black box sensor camera mounted next to the rearview mirror was a horrible idea feature blocking aerial viewing…

Kveezy says:

Nice trucks I need to start saving

Curry With Kamal says:

Love that truck..

Yeng Thao says:

Just picked up a new 2019 Calvary Blue Off-road today. I’m loving it so far.

Mike Cadile says:

Toyota thank I

Adam Kuperstein says:

What color should i get? I’m purchasing this truck very soon. I’m just worried i’ll pick the wrong color.. I hate these decisions.. Over thinking this big time, but i’ve never spent this much $$$$$

Andrew says:

My Boss was SOOOOOO CLOOOSE to purchasing two of these for me and my brother.just a bunch of bullshit -_-

Suebob 22 says:

IF toyota DONT FIX THE NO GOOD AUTO TRANS like the 2016 17 18 trucks the 2019 want sell anyway . thats why toyota cant sell the them and now offering them so cheep 219 a month. when toyota changes the junk trans ill buy. i have a 2015 an i want give it for 2 new trucks.

B M says:

Went to a truck and tractor pull a few days ago. Toyota Tundra cpuld not be beat. The new Tacoma seems like a nice truck

Frank Burns says:

The four-cylinders are RIDICULOUSLY underpowered, and don’t offer a significant gain in fuel economy. Spend the extra $ for the 6-cylinder, even if that’s the only upgrade.

Mike Cadile says:

Toyota tacoma.thank o yes thank always I thank I thank a Cadile o Mike always

Suebob 22 says:

YOULL BE SORRY. the resale on 2016-17-18 are flat . you were worned.

Film Cars Model says:

I Really love Tacoma and you can sale in thailand that’s is very awesome

kpri101 says:

High end Limited should have power adjustable seats…come-on already!

Kabo Flow says:

Really good.

Queen of kitchen says:

I am gaining lots of knowledge from your channel about cars… thank you for updating us…big thumbs up

Suebob 22 says:

i own a 2015 toyota tacoma and i will not trade m 2015 for 2 of the no good 2016 17 18 tacomas the auto trans dont no what gear it needs to be in . they screwed up the trucks. if you buy one you will be sorry. BELIVE IT OR DONT>

Roger Carleton says:

Not a bad truck 🙂
Like #29

Keeping up with the Graham's says:

As I am a Toyota girl you know I had to stop by. The Tacoma’s are fantastic to be such a small truck. They differently get the job done. 🙂 Toyota’s safety features are what seals the deal every time for any of my customers

deepfriedking says:

Jesus so much bullshit they classify as safety features. Just runs the damn price up. Sorry but I’ll drive my own truck thank you. Automatic bright headlights what the hell?

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