Canucks & Trucks: 2018 Toyota Tundra Reviewed with a 8,300 Lbs Trailer

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( ) Canucks & Trucks: 2018 Toyota Tundra Reviewed with a 8,300 Lbs Trailer.

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gvukster says:

Toyota diesel, it’ll be out soon 😉
You’re welcome.

Jason B says:

The MPG is misleading.. the EPA mileage is just a average. The 17 mpg hwy would be like 19ish if driven properly.

Rocky R says:

Good stuff my man, I have a 2010 tundra 5.7 that just broke 210,000 miles I’ve only had to do general maintenance. No corrective maintenance thus far. I love it!

Mark Pagel says:

Awesome to have a Canadian segment of TFL. Keep it up!

Randy Thompson says:

Really your saying Tundra is where everyone else was 10 years ago.

El Capitano Kapitan says:

Wow this guy came here?

John Fassetta says:

I have a 2007 Tundra with 190k miles that I want to replace. I just refuse to buy another one all this time later with the exact same powertrain. It was the best half-ton easily in 2007. Problem is every other truck has had at least one, if not two, new generations since then. Here’s to hoping for something big with the 2020 model.

backwoodsriders says:

Don’t pull a trailer if you can’t remember it’s there.

Your Moms Hitachi says:

Jesus Christ what is this metric crap

Locked Loaded says:

Why is tfl now doing Canadian stuff it’s not relevant

Sharkson77 says:

Dumb ass it is cheaper in Canada look at the exchange rate

AntiScreed Breton says:

Hey TFLTruck….the exact reason the tundra is so expensive is that the tundra is made in Texas….your socialist government charges 20% tariff on every one. Most American brands have an inside deal on Canadian sales…or they make them there. Free trade? Not with Canada it ain’t

6 GEAR !!! says:

I love my TUNDRA! The Gas Mileage isnt the greatest but I know that I have a good truck and I try to take care it. My coworker has an old tundra that has over 200,000 miles and it runs as smooth as the day it was new.

David Hillbrand says:

Nice review. The Tundra may be a bit old school, but this test showed how well it still does hauling a load. Decent fuel economy as well; probably better than an Ecoboost F150 would have gotten towing 8300#.

Jeffrey S says:

Now if you take the ford and test it with the same load how does it drive and feel? Also performance nd gas millage because as you said the toyota has a different reared then the other trucks.

Dive Bar Casanova says:

Why do the 6.2 Silverados get so much better MPG?

darickymeister says:

My 2011 F250 has a 96L tank, and a range of 850+km…. with diesel…greetings from Sudbury.

Cicero says:

Thanks most American truck in modern times.

Jack Price says:

How did anyone ever tow a rowboat before they had blind spot monitoring, radar, automatic brakes and multiple video cameras?

Just Saying says:

Hahaha, I was like “that MF’r holds 94 gallons of fuel??!!!”. Then I saw it was liters, lol.

Keith M says:

Your review was bang on! I have the 2018 Crew Max and say all the same things about it. Really disappointed in the lack of a bench seat in the front – that really doesn’t maximize the Crew max. I’d also like to add the use of plastics in the wheel wells is not very stylish , the wipers control & cruise control are in interesting positions, the seat-warmer buttons are out of reach, out of sight, the gas door is flimsy, centre console is a mess without aftermarket organisers and there is a HUGE lack of storage in the Tundras. Love the engine, love the body, love the spacious interior and will love the lowest depreciation in it’s class when I go to trade it in.

Toyota of Naperville says:

Great video. have to be honest – not a fan of using cruise control when towing heavy loads. Need to always be in control of the truck/trailer combo

Diego González says:

Here is the answer to all those that asl why tundra doesnt make diesel trucks;
Because the goverment regulations wont let them. If Tundra is already the most reliable on gas, what would you think it would happen on a super duty? An out sidder business has already take a big part of the market in the country, they wouldnt want either, to let tundra grow more, take anymore market and/or hurt the government and other businesses pockets. Instead of buying 4 trucks or more in a life time you would probably only do 1 or 2 with a tundra. So less taxes, less jobs, less competition and they def dont want an outsider business to have so much power. So the government does regulate businesses

Aj Vazquez says:

This is my second tundra. The 2018 version is quiet and strong. They have underrated engines and are easy to add hp and torque. My 2008 can make a lot of trucks look bad on the highway in Texas whether off road or on 45. The 2018 tundra has nice leather seats and overall comfortable technology. You can load your phone settings on the etune software or just drive it. You will break before the tundra does….

Jake Fer says:

46,244 usd = 60,000+ cad, and your tester is 55k, you actually got it cheaper

onlychevys Williams says:

Pants that fit are cheap, just sayin.

Ben Ban says:

Did you use a four pin or the seven pin connector? Was your trailer equipped with trailer brakes?

Shane2907 says:

Isn’t he from Auto guide?

Mark Newman says:

Here is my opinion. I switched from a 2014 Toyota Tundra to a 2016 F350 Lariat diesel. The reason for it was I was going to be hauling a couple snowmobiles on the deck more often and I was tired of the 32L/100km I was getting with my Tundra. What a huge mistake! I hate my Ford. It rides rough, stock it lacks power, poor interior quality with squeaks in the dash etc. When you jump in a tundra yes i do hate that the technology was lacking but the fact is the Tundra is built better and will last longer then any other 1/2 ton on the market period. They also hold there value better then any other truck on the market besides maybe a Tacoma. My Ford was $67,000 plus taxes and all the extra warranty package ets it came to over $80,000. Two years later and 55,000 it is only worth $50,000. A loss of over $30,000 in 2 years. Ouch.

Michael R says:

Great review.

SthilMine1998 says:

I’ve had a tundra bought bran new. It was no better than any other truck I had. Mine was a 2015 got terrible gas mileage and I put ball joints in it everyyear and had driveshaft problems.

CMG30 says:

Very nice review. Thanks!

Chuck Schams says:

Toyota needs to spend some money and update the tundra.

Hema Nigansz says:

You shouldn’t be driving a truck based on your complaints, everyone wants fancy stuff, I don’t care for it. I’ll be happy knowing my tundra will not let me down mechanically as the reliability is what Toyota is known for. Get a diesel and tow with it, are you running out of content on your channel? Because your review is common knowledge if you’ve been watching TFL or a Toyota fanboy, they’ve done many on the Colorado roads.

Tommy Casselman says:

You know what the tundra does have. Balls and a real mans truck

C-Martz says:

Great video and informative, but still subjective 🙂

Jason B says:

Towing with the AC ON = worst MPG…

Jay Garcia says:

Ugly truck! And heavy slow and horrible gas I’ll stick to my f150 enjoying 24 mpg 🙂

Robert McLeod says:

I own a 2010 tundra and I love it. I call her Helga, because Helga may not be the prettiest, but you know Helga’s tough. Lol. Awesome workhorse machine. My cousin bought a 2017 Silverado and I’ll admit it’s a beautiful truck and he spends hours keeping it pretty. But he says he’s very disappointed with the way it tows, even with the tow package. Transmission is mapped too much towards fuel economy. His Chevy sure gets a lot of looks downtown, but when you hook it up, it doesn’t perform. I’ll stick with my old tundra. I’ll put it up against that new Chevy any day.

Jay Trock says:

So pretty much when you buy a Tundra you are buying a Truck not a car with a bed. THat is why the Fords are almost 65k for a loaded f-150.

John says:

Dang, TFL desperate like da housewives o’ hollywood…enlist this guy to ‘review’ the tundra’s towing capability and he blabbers on aboot millennial features and the foard

jan kokot says:

Why would someone pull heavy louds with gas truck.maybe cuz hes stupid canaduan

Hunt 777 says:

the tundra is a truck

the ford f-150 is a car

Oby1Kenobi says:

Good job doing the video man! TFL needs this guy! But the truck…didn’t do so well! 3.12 miles per gallon!!??? Wow! That’s horrible! My 01 7.3 Powerstoke gets 12 mikes per gallon towing 10k at 70 mph! Was I the only one waiting for the trailer to fall apart? It was shaking like crazy! Yikes! Get a better trailer for the next one, that one is just scary!

DiSoRdeR Partizan says:

coming to triple c frame, biggest brakes in segment and rear diff, let alone safety, quality, durability and reliability, outward mounted rear shocks, 2′ depth around the frame for towing hitch, etc…”this it the least comfortable ride out of all half tons”? really? what planet do you live on?

gwot says:

Everything bad you mentioned completely doesn’t apply to me, I love a vehicle with minimal “features” I just need a super solid and reliable powertrain, and lots of feedback, done.

Also you loaded the trailer incorrectly, it should be front bias not rear bias like you did, right over the axle is correct if you’re close to maxing out the capacity of the trailer, but loading it front bias is important to minimize trailer sway.

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