FT-1 Tour: Concept Car Overview | FT-1 | Toyota

The Toyota FT-1 concept is a pure performance, track-focused sports car model created by CALTY Design Research, Toyota’s North American Design branch. The FT-1 concept is a symbol that captures elements of the emotion and energy we can expect to see in future Toyota vehicle designs. Its design is heavily influenced by Toyota’s long sports car tradition that includes vehicles such as 2000GT, Celica, Supra and most recently, FT-86 (Scion F-RS)

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FT-1 Tour: Concept Car Overview | FT-1 | Toyota


Justin Noker says:

this has to be built, make it a GTR Killer, make it a good old “GTR vs Supra” again

sokowatti s says:

Toyota who else

Box Manstring says:

I’m in love

Nikola Tesla says:

Does anyone know the song?

Jordan Hernandez says:

Kinda sounds like youtubes national anthem

UsernameUser says:

Man… When Toyota does it right, they do it REALLY right.

Jack Hintze says:

The surpas new baby brother is here

Carlos Lopez says:

Es el carro de mi sueño

Tyrone Curwen says:

i want an FT-1
And i also what this song 😀

Nonenone Faustonone says:

have many four you word like and important

MangKolokoy333 says:

please make it affordable when you do happen to put this in production. im talkin about subaru wrx sti price range.

donthaveone donthaveone says:

now were cooking with “GAS”
_”fuel” in “American”_
1st class or GO HOME

Luahan Hati says:

Hell yeaa

Sebastien Pupier says:


ชื่อ ธีรยุทธ says:


Doc Dank says:

Well Toyota… It’s not a Supra, nothing from the Supra carries over. I can already tell this will not be affordable for a person who loves imports, maybe if your a multi-millionare. But that’s out of my reach so far.

Po Zr says:

More sexy than the NSX. Hope they put some balls under the hood and price it <$80k and at least faster than Corvette ZO6.

Michael Perez says:

I think it is a great car

Ricardo Moreira says:

the question is: can this car move? or it will be just an image on the internet for ever?

qinxiang zhou says:


zenferg says:

They need to build this!!

FuriousPanda RAW says:

I have one question WHERES THE DOOR HANDLES

Coolkid says:

the head roof design looks as if the one on the the gtr

max evans says:

love the wrap around windsheild

maria scor says:


James Cooper says:

Future Toyota?

Narek Avetisyan says:

Looks like a GTR Batmobile. I think it’s cool.

Matthew Lara says:

How many of Calty’s cars actually made it into production? Because i’m praying that this one will!

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