2.0-liter Dynamic Force Engine, a New 2.0-liter Direct-injection, Inline 4-cylinder Gasoline Engine. Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announces that it has developed a new continuously variable transmission (CVT), 6-speed manual transmission, 2.0-liter engine, 2.0-liter hybrid system, and 4WD systems based on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), a development framework aimed at making ever-better cars. The new technologies offer both superb driving performance and high environmental performance.


Mark Cryptoking says:

cool tunes, anyone know who the artist is?

Edward Kenway says:

an electronic thermostat and pump for the coolant? if it fails won’t that mean that your engine won’t get coolant and fail.

Fordsidevalvesforever says:

My now 14 yo Mazda 2 has VVti, brilliant fuel economy, has now done 220,000 ks, I have towed well over the recommended weight at close to a ton, 2500 with a family of 4 interstate moving. I paid $1000 for it. It still going.
I bought it as a throwaway car over a year ago and I cannot get rid of it.
Engines, engineering and quality reached their peak in the late 90s and by 2010 there is a distinct trend to cut costs, this is becoming apparent with the amount of engines that now blow up, completely throw rods out of their bed.
Diesels with their exhaust recirculated through the manifold looks to be a across most car brands, the internet is full of complaints about engines self destruction associated with oil contamination from this system.
The petrols/gas engines, it’s the timing chains that lunch themselves. Not just a problem with the Jap, Asian engines, look at the Ford Modular based engines, the GM V6.
The only more recent engine I think build more for economy of building is the GM LSX/Gen 3, pushrods in the 2018, wish a few more manufacturers revisited the pushrod engine.

ssaannddrro says:

What the hell is ‘Laser Clad’?

Exgaves says:

so other companies are at the stage of dynamic compression ratios and toyota had a “why not both” taco moment with the injector format?

Duane Evans says:

Motor Trend reports the power to be 168 hp and 151 lb.ft. I would like to know if this engine will be used in the new Yaris GR of which 25,000 are scheduled for production.

박범녕 says:

Same old piece of shit toyota engine!!

Michael Smith says:

looks like ero. engine

Mauricio Nuñez says:

FINALLY LONG STROKE ….couse current engines SUCKS at torque like hondas. I hope toyota catch up Mazda or Nissan again, we need JDMs like 80s and 90s

Jake Zgaib says:

I have seen better technology, I can prove it. I dare Toyota to test me.

crazywaterz says:

The ENTIRE auto industry, including the trolls in the comments, are clueless and talentless AF. These morons are STILL using pistons for f*cks sake. What kind of bozo-school they got their “engineering” degrees from, seriously?
Just because you haven’t seen a modern engine design YET, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Back in 2012, I’ve invented a hybrid and fuel agnostic engine with only 3 moving parts, at half the size, volume, weight, cost that puts this PoS and any engine created the last century into shame, while producing zero NOx and I still struggle to get the retards of the industry not just to adapt my design, but barely meet me to see that it works. The masses expect the factories to be innovative. You are so collectively dumb if you think they want to do it. The only reasons they come up with incremental improvements is competition, free grands from your tax money and pressure from governments and buyers for “new” models. They would still sell you steam engines that run on coal if they could get away with it. And electric cars are NOT 100% clean. No technology is. Stop worshiping Elon like a God, he’s still using rocket tech from the 40’s to go to orbit. Not to mention that with fully electric cars, you always carrying half a TON of dead weight like an idiot, charged or not. Forget about batteries. The future is in capacitors. You are all delusional. Educate your ass and open you minds. There are ways to get 80%+ efficiency with ICE, if you know how.

david ioselli says:

Electry car please

Somphoth Siratsamy says:

Hello my project

RobWillmot says:

Its time to think straighat and make things more simple. Mechanical parts take a lot longer to brake than electronic parts. The engine is great but complicated. it looks throw away at 100.000k

euphegenia doubtfire says:

How does this compare, in terms of fuel efficiency to Mazda’s Skyactiv X?

RobWillmot says:

Electric water pump and electronic thermostat. Something else to go wrong.

Glenn Laycock says:

I’m surprised; one of the best representations of 4-cycle.

Conrad Sealy says:

Nice but not spectacular like Nissan’s new VC-T engine. Now thats some technology thats heady.

Honda Freak says:

looks like technology that other engine manufacturers have used for years or even decades. Honda has cams cut to spec so that one valve opens before the other to create a swirl effect and mix the fuel mixture better to create a cleaner burn. they have done this for years.

Duane Evans says:

I believe it will be in the 2019 Corolla Hatchback and form the basis of the next EV layout.

Perry Anderson says:

so essentially nothing new

Gerard Arciga says:

Nissan beat these guys with a VC turbo

Jack D says:

Is this a foking Toyota sales advt??????

Lotte De Smet says:

Important drain past origin distance walking contemporary headquarters sin stream chemical matter crop.

Jim Baker says:

and it still drives like a toyota-boring, in fact that could be their tag line, Mazda has zoom zoom and Toyota boring boring

RobWillmot says:

Well this fixes the problem with the inlet valves getting gummed up with exhaust emissions

sploofmonkey says:

Bu t the sparkplug hasn’t really changed since 1930s, plasma please.

Harvey Millar says:

Not a fan of electric water pump, prefer belt driven pump with thermostat to regulate flow through radiator.

Goran G says:

All I will say is – If you can’t crack 280kw from a 2.0L, 4cyl production engine (showroom floor), don’t bother coming…!!!

jimmypowerman says:

its teory. . realy is other

Fahim Mahmood says:

I take the attention of the designer from 2:11 to 2:18 where the inlet valves remain open which surely drives combustible mixture back into inlet chamber again and practically there will be no combustion after that. I dont know whether it is intentionally or accidentally done.

Jack D says:

Plastic water pump! Ya know what . BMW has been using those for years . They break/die after 3 years heads up …plastic .in proximity to .. extreme heat = kaput . Dumkoph. Maybe $2,000 to fix

Woful Draco says:

Y dónde está el 3jz :’v

mitos meios says:

Change some angle here and some mm or cm there and voila! you have again reinvented the the same old engine to being the best engine in the last thousand years…until next year…until next year…until next year…

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