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Looking for a car with space aged looks that is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowed? The Toyota C-HR has you covered with it’s sharp edges, and eye-catching design. In comparison to rivals such as the Nissan Qashqai or Renault Kadjar, the Toyota C-HR certainly has plenty of character, but does it perform as good as it looks? It comes equipped with the standard Toyota range of trim starting in Icon, and upgrading to Excel and Dynamic, so could this be the stylish SUV for you? Find out in my detailed video review.

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houssam essalami says:

0:49 a naughty way to grab the materials !!

siguru1066 says:

Had one as a rental.. can’t fault it. Quite liked it actually.

moud mosy says:

Future cars

April Mae says:

You couldn’t get a yellow one, instead a boring gray one.

Yawar riaz says:

Next please!

Arif Abdullah says:

4:30 Hear that! It’s a “Small” SUV.

Alex Magege2 says:


Spam Mouse says:

Compare storage space demonstrated with this American review a big difference.

shaheer Rehan says:

sir pleas review of suzuki swift 2018

superduperboyx says:

beautiful car.. but no ALL WHEEL DRIVE???? Damn!!! Even the Honda HRV and Mazda CX3 had it. Wonder if they ever will get it.. although it may compete with the Rav4..

Not Jim Carrey says:

Your next car if your 8 year old calls the shots when buying.

Ben Hill says:

It’s a Honda

Lon Hei says:

This is interesting car.

Keyser Söze says:

As a millennial, where can I place my crushed avocado crostini? To be honest, I think this car does not have much of a safe space… so 2/10

Maj Jee says:

Never say much about engine

Ilhan H says:

The down Syndrome yawn is just not doin it

TrojanThugMusic says:

Judging by the comments, this is definitely a Marmite car. Personally, I think it’s quite stylish

liam duffy says:

It’s awful.

Andreas C says:

looks like a Honda CRV


Nice shoes

Sam FR says:

you did not mention that annoying CVT gearbox!

Mikael Johansson says:

Almost uglier than Nissan Joke.

Md Khalid Rahman says:

What’s so wrong with making the car suitable for tall people? I just don’t get it .. All they have to do is extend interior dimensions by 3/4″ only, I guess.

John J says:

Punchy engine? 0-60 in 11 seconds?? You mean dog slow.

rett butler says:

daft styling, poky rear, plain interior, I thought it was a honda, slow too, what a disaster.

Cardinal Biggles says:

That assymetric screen is triggering my OCD…..

fatih yurttas says:

Which is the best car chr or hrv?

eriksic says:

Had this as a rental. Worst noise from the road I ever heard. Worse than grandpas old Volvo lol.

David Thompson says:


gezzly72 says:

Best looking Toyota they’ve made

anon says:

This car isn’t popular in Australia and Toyotas are very popular here. It’s the top selling car brand in Australia. Mazda is 2nd. But yeah I’ve only seen two of these in the past 6 months. I have though seen a lot of Renault Koleos, I know it’s a different segment but Renault only sells around 1000 cars in total a month here.

amasoftyou says:

Which car should u just go buy it

Masoud Bathaei says:

Absolutely Gorgeous

Auttie B says:

Wow, hello Toyota! Italian designer? Bit slow to join the Korean party


Looks like a dog

Zendar Dino says:

hai mat betuween toyota chr and 2018 peugote 3008 wich is good car for small familly??thanks

Aqib Mahar says:

Ford raptor 2017 review.

Frosted Hope says:

My aunt is getting that

I am an Average Joe says:

The biggest problem with this car is the engine 1.2 turbo is just not cutting it

Rupesh Shrestha says:

What a shit looking car. Avoid it

Lee Abrahams says:

Rear lights are a copy of honda, it looks a bit like an civic suv. Not original or Toyota design

wwbdwwbd says:

It’s so ugly that I can’t look away…

phillip elliott says:

been looking at lots of ppl looking into boots but most of the time i cant see enough why not use a torch to lighten the back boot

Youssef says:

How on earth is this car sporty when its 0-60 time is 11 seconds, and has a 1.2L engine, don’t tell me its handling is great because its an SUV/crossover and it simply can’t have an exceptional handling so yeah the word “sporty” should never be mentioned with this car

Oyvin993 says:

I see this car in Norway everywhere, very popular here

David Thompson says:

It’s easy to be a critic

albion1949 says:

He was determined not to like it, people buy Toyota because they’re reliable, not all that garbage about boots and plastics.

Wai Chau Yin says:

ugly design

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