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The Toyota C-HR combines the funky looks of cars like the Nissan Juke in a Qashqai-sized package. Two engines are available: a 1.2-litre petrol and a hybrid, but despite the rugged looks, it’s a two-wheel drive only affair. The C-HR has plenty of equipment and has reasonably low running costs. It’s not as practical as cars like the Qashqai, with less interior space and a smaller boot. But for those seeking a family car that stands out from the crowd, the Toyota C-HR is worth a look.

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Daniel Moraru says:

What languange is talking this fine gentleman?

Jody Graham says:

I love it

Yu Studios says:

fuck, this looks nice but no manual in Canada >______>

Brick First says:

Too claustraphobic and poor boot design. Prefer a RAV4 to be honest.

BBdecool1 says:

Finally!! Something that looks desirable from Toyota, that great appliance manufacturer! Well done, I say. Now if only they had given it (much) more power!

jq747 says:

Designed for Europeans in mind.. hence an embarrassingly puny 1.2L engine in a 1400kg car. If fact there seems to be a lot of cognitive dissonance at work with the CHR.. every review I’ve seen, everyone crows about how the turbo is “surprisingly fun to drive”, but I don’t see how that’s possible when it only has a few kW more than a car 400kg lighter like the turbo Baleno or Fabia, for Christ sake.

Sadiq Sadhiq says:

halo sir your review country japan pls telmi ineed thicar im indian men im tike cargo sending india

Phil Ryan says:

Hi guys I have now been in my mates one it’s okay but the carving is very dark and the road noise is very high and is a very small cabin so it’s not for me thank you very much cheers Phil

Gerald Ander Lee says:

looks pretty sexy. juke, rav4, civic hatch variant.

Chao Hong Li says:

Had no idea these types of models existed. Was looking for a coupe, and this just opened up so many more options.

Above In Shadow says:

Looks too weird, specially the back.

Michael Daude says:

the 1.2 turbo is rated at 115hp, a bit disappointing, the old toyota glanza was 1.3 turbo and with the turbo boost button you had the option of 110 more or less or 130 hp, why not something like that here?

MoabMan says:

I’m surprised Toyota hasn’t been sued by Nissan for this car design. It is basically a direct copy of the Nissan Juke. They just changed the headlights and tail lights

Deluxe says:

When Civic and Juke got kid

Vic Reeves says:

Mines having loads of recalls. Exploding screen and petrol tank. They try to blame you too.

RMH 666 says:

I swear this guy always tries to copy Matt Watson reviews

Monkey Lawyer says:

I quite like them, they aren’t as fat as most SUVs. They are suprisingly low as well. If only there was the option for a proper engine in one.

Gisellekalenga Nkongolo says:

TOYOTA Is Silver

Gerald Ander Lee says:

rav4 from the front
juke from the side
civic hatch from the back

网汽车 says:

Look cheap

HX Re says:

I like the Toyota clock

Shanjan Usman says:

Toyota CHR is amazing

Mr.Pand0 says:

The moment I saw it I thought it was a Honda from the back

causticfive520 says:

When you get a Volkswagen ad…

Bacender says:

3:53 I liked the part where you didn’t actually show us the problem.

awanderer says:

I was behind this car today in the traffic lights and it really does stand out and look much better in real life. The rear LED lights are nicely designed and the side of the car looks sporty and not boring.

Tejas dhaliwal says:

best design ever i had seen

Trevour Samuda says:

juke ugly……

Fix and Drive says:

amazing car

capiloton says:

backseat with that small window looks uncomfortable. i will feel choke back there.

awanderer says:

The rear seat windows are too small

sherlock06 says:

Just bought this yesterday i love it!!! So sexy!

Luc Skywalker says:

It’s not an SUV. Definitely a hatchback bro wow you’re a car reviewer that’s just hilarious

elgury7 says:

thhhhsank you

PREPPER 13 says:

In the USA we have one motor option and it only comes in a CVT Transmission. Kind of a bummer

Mr. Muffin says:

this is the off spring of the Nissan juke an the 2016 Maxima SL

René G says:

I wish Honda got themselves a new design team, Hondas are good cars that look like shit, i think literally the worst designs on the market.

Atuo miachieo says:

fucking awesome car i am still a cruze user my next car if can ill buy this beast

Sight195 says:

mazda interior and honda civic tail lights.

Samuel Essenhoff says:

Love the exterior cannot stand the blue trim inside hopefully that’s optional. It seems like a great city car, but I also think it is just a cheaper alternative to a Range Rover, made purely because there is a gap in the market for it.

Χίος on the Rocks says:

Fail sails in Greece because no diesel model engine ……Nissan Qashqai remains TOP line sailing !!!
Try harder toyota

Sadiq Sadhiq says:

This now not available in india

Sharif Alif Adib says:

Its not suit for you #GIANTMAN so shut up please..

stephen mooney says:

Looks fantastic initially but so many short commings ie. Mpg is average at best, claustrophobic rear seatting area, an uninspired driving experience. Toyota defines manufacturing standards but their design team……..

Camara Dëx says:

Who agrees that Toyota should’ve called it the RAV3 instead of C-HR ?

Alex K says:

nissan juke? the rear is a complete honda civic last gen.From the side its a complete hr-v. Wasn’t expecting that from a toyota.

Big Kids Toys says:

The design is very similar to the Mazda CX3

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