Toyota Corolla Hatchback, New Tech Can See Through Fog – Autoline Daily 2317

0:32 Ford and Mahindra Team Up
1:07 Nissan Reveals EV Strategy Details
2:00 BMW EV Mass Production Not Viable Until 2020
3:07 Toyota Introduces Corolla Hatchback
4:11 MIT Develops System That Can See Through Fog
5:43 Auto Industry Talent Gap Causing Fights

Story Links:
– Ford & Mahindra:

– Nissan’s EV Strategy:

– BMW Can’t Mass Produce EVs:

– New Toyota Corolla Hatchback:

– Tech That Can See Through Fog:

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Cosmo Ray says:

It was only a matter of time before Toyota came out with a hatchback to compete with Honda’s civic hatchback.
I really love the New Toyota Corolla Hatchback. It is refreshing.

N C says:

All AVs r not the same. Uber has always played “fast and loose” with rules. So it not surprise they had the 1st fatality with an AV.

xXNamharXx 2K18 says:

Best toyota in history

East Coast Resident says:

I hate the direction some auto manufacturers are going with their infotainment screens. A tablet stuck out the top of the dash is a deal killer for me.

RoobehTunes says:

Wish they’d bring back the Corolla name to the UK! Much more heritage than Auris.

DocWolph says:

Those EV sales [intentions] seems unrealistic unless they mean various types of EVs, Hybrids, GEVs, etc, and not just BEVs.

Joe E. says:

The new Toyota Corolla looks awesome. I just hope that they’ll include the Apple Carplay and Android Auto on the infotainment system.

Rick James says:

but toyota had scion iM and then toyots iM and now corolla hatch?

Tre'von Cowen says:

The corolla hatch reminds me of a Leven

Aurora Jones says:

Far to many ppl are getting finance degrees when we need engineering and science. There should be a campaign to educate and bring young ppl into the fold for these careers, where opportunities are vast and profitable compared to finance where your lucky to find something. Be smart ppl.

mrpmj00 says:

No Apple Carplay=NO sale

Adam Webber says:

This is what you get with a core curriculum.

SkywalkerWroc says:

This laser see-through-fog? Brilliant! Amazing innovation that actually increases safety and not BS like pop-up door handles or whatnot

Warren Knight says:

I have a terrible thought that once we have 50% of these electric cars, theel Warren Knight I think I had similar shorts. We didn’t wear them much, but I recall they were produced back in the 50s. Electricity corporate will double their charges,

gast says:

Good luck with that. Even the NSA can’t keep it’s intellectual property secret.

Warren Knight says:

Whoops that was a total cock up sorry,

Warren Knight says:

I actually said once the electric cars are 50% of ownership, the electricity corporate will put price’s up so high it will be unaffordable.

QuantumOverider says:

When ur universities number 1 is profit and curriculum is 20 years behinde u get lack of talent.

Jake from State Farm says:

Well I’ll be damned. Toyota finally comes up with a car that looks… great! Hope the manual trans is available on more than just the base models.

chan kenneth says:

So the GT86 is a corolla and also the successor of the AE86

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