Toyota FV2 Concept preview

What do you get when you cross a Segway with skateboard? We’re not entirely sure, but the Toyota FV2 might not be far off the mark. This future mobility concept stood out at CES 2014 with its quirky 3-wheel design and even quirkier method of operation.

The FV2 ditches a traditional steering wheel, instead asking the user to stand towards the rear, leaning his or her body in the direction they wish to travel. You’ll need impeccable balance, however, as there’s nothing whatsoever to hold on to, and there’s every chance you’ll fall and hurt yourself riding this thing.

According to Toyota, the FV2 will form a bond with its driver, sensing his mood and changing its appearance to reflect that. It might, for example, turn black if you’re feeling low, or bright pink if you’re in a better mood.

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication is also a feature of the FV2. Your FV2 could, in principle, communicate with others on the road, warning (or receiving warnings) about potential hazards, traffic etc.


Kevin The Wise says:

It looks like a big dildo with wheels

Bryce says:

What happens if it rains no wiper blade?

Jairul Joe says:

Future car is far better then this,,

Валерий Момит says:

Красивая ГЛУПОСТЬ. Лишнее колесо и лишняя колея (в повороте две.) Ещё не известно чем управляется крен и поворот, если только смещением ЦТ , то ХРЕНЬ ПОЛНАЯ. (КРАСИВАЯ)

OG Jawdinz says:


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