2013 VW CC Sport Plus – Feature Tour

An overview of the new 2013 VW CC Sport Plus with Navigation.
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daniel carter says:

Good review, covered alot!

Daniel Miller says:

Man, I’m brazilian and I was loking for a review of this car in portugues as nice as yours, but i didn’t find. Your video is too god.

Tin ooo says:

The front looks like the new volvo v70

Richard McAllister says:

Mileage is variable according to your driving style and where you drive. However, I get reports of 32 mpg on the highways from my customers regularly. I also have heard averages (both city and highway driving) of 26 mpg.
The levels are all varied. Mostly, every trim tier adds more luxury items. For example, the Sport Plus adds navigation. The Lux adds a panoramic moonroof and different wheels. The V6 Lux adds Wood and LED internal ambient lighting. The Executive adds cooled seats with massage.

Alan Mann says:

thank you sir, just bought one today and very pleased I`ve watched your video 🙂

ganstadogg69 says:

Really thorough review, is a bit too long for a car review but very detailed. GREAT WORK.

Richard McAllister says:

I am originally from Utah. I grew up in Sandy and lived in Salt Lake City for many, many years.
I look forward to helping you with your new VW. I love these cars and love showing them off!
Thank you for your comment.

MoncyRD says:

i love VW CC is one of the best.

stigofdunsfold says:

i love the lights of the 2013 CC but i like the interior and body style of my 2010 CC Lux better.

Stephen Demergasso says:

i wish BMW salesmen were this nice….

Junkyjunkkey says:

A lot of things are the same like at the much older Passat 3C B6 . But ist a very cool car like the 3CB6.

615makmak says:

Can’t wait to pick my new CC on Tuesday


i really enjoyed watching 2013 VW CC Sport Plus Tour , thanx a lot , ibrahim from Saudi Arabia

Steve Miller says:

I enjoyed the review thanks.  Two questions regarding the 2015 
1.  Are you able to control what plays on an iPod by voice control and,
2.  how can an iPhone be charged.


TheKenjoje says:

it’s all very nice because it shows some setails you don’t know through regular tests. still, I think it lacks real road test

Justin Marsh says:

Nice video

cristian rojas says:

richard im going to come see you when i buy my next vw and i live in utah..


Really Thank You so much for this nice & important video ,,,,

it really helps me a lot ……
Thank you again

Walagold says:

Thank you for the great review.  I bought the 2013 CC Sport in December.  I knew more about the car then my salesman did, just watching this video review.  Fantastic car and fun to drive, great-comfortable front seats, awesome sound from the audio system and just an awesome, sexy, sporty car to drive.  I like to think that cars speed up beside my car just to get a look at the CC, plus I have the Fontana Red.  The LED tail lights of the ’13’ are totally awesome to see at night. Awesome and great review!

Paramvir Bumbrah says:

Very nice review Mr McAllister!!!

Matthew Brooks says:

Great Review, thanks for all the help.

Jerico Navas says:

Dude this video was so good and you showed things that no other review out there showed me. I’ve been doing a lot of research about the CC and I’m sold after watching this review. So this particular model is the sport plus correct? The one after the entry model (sport)

5.56 Only says:

Is that cable permanent, because that won’t fit the new iPhone/iPod ?!

Brian Bonilla says:

Great review Richard. You covered a lot of things that other reviews skip over. I have a 2012 GTI and I didn’t even know the armrest was adjustable in that way!

08mrstream says:

well done Richard

Patrick Lino says:

This was the best overview I have seen on the CC. Thank you so much. You’ve made my decision to perhaps go with the CC that much easier. Cheers!

N3orion says:

I do enjoy your overviews. I am looking for a Golf GTI or R and came to this video to see the sat nav demo and ended up watching the whole thing..

Josh Damiata says:

Very informative review! I appreciate someone who actually goes through everything and doesn’t make it seem like a chore! Thanks for a great review!

Paolud says:

Hello Richard, I watched your review over and over again and want to say thank you for the detailled feature tour. I ordererd a CC and can’t wait to get my hands on it. Thanks to your video I know how to use the buttons without having to read the whole manual! Keep it up, it’s been really helpful! Greetings from Germany.

Aydin Jalilov says:

very informatiive video…will definitely change my 2011 Kia Sportage to this beauty…asap

ajo229 says:

hey is it possible to get the 2013 lights and install them on a 2010

VWGTI says:

They should make the CC with the GTI steering wheel…wuld look great in this car! I just a 2013 GTI in August and I love it! Just my windows tined too!

Blablabla says:

this is the best car reviews ever on youtube !!!, thanks richard!!.

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