2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI Preview

The full review hasn’t been filmed yet so here’s your chance to sound off on the 2015 GTI!

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saltyhero says:

Alex, Thank you for your excellent and insightful reviews. I would like to hear your thoughts comparing the GTI to A3, Focus ST, and the Subaru WRX. Also what are your thoughts on the three packages available: Lighting, DCC, Drivers assist. Thanks  again!

Bruno Simões says:

Please try the Audi A3 1.8TFSI

godfatherNYC says:

Even though I’m more interested in the 4 door, I too found the backseat in a 2 door quite comfortable for a 6′ tall adult. PLEASE do a Child Safety Seat fit test for the GTI! Thanks!

Stephen Colmant says:

What’s your opinion on the level of comfort for the driver. Is the seat bolstering too much, especially on the legs?

DMaster Mensionz says:

I question reliability

cartoo123 says:

Will you be reviewing the Scion xD?

Omnis says:

About time, Alex! lol. Let us know whether you think it’ll rot apart in a few years. I like the GTI but I’m not exactly crazy about its reputation.

Kip Amore says:

You don’t have to get it with those wheels do you? Looks like something futuristic Nazi would tattoo on his bicep.

ziggy72170 says:

Soft , or heaviness of the clutch pedal, would be a good question for me. Could a petite women drive this ?… (For my Girlfriend).

Buck Futter says:

Was wondering what your thoughts are about getting the base Subaru WRX at almost the same price…

Anthony D says:

it used to compete with the genesis 2.0 turbo but that’s gone. maybe the focus ST or the mustang turbo in terms of sportiness and price.

Hassan T says:

Hello, can you comment on the noise, vibration and harshness. Especially with respect to different road surfaces. Having had a 2012 I feel that this was one of the few downsides to the GTI. But many enthusiast car reviewers fail to mention. Do you feel this has improved at all? And if you have driven the Dual Clutch, how is the low speed lag from a stop or when coasting to to stop. Has this improved?

Jeff Arnholt says:

It would be very interesting to compare the eGolf, GTI, and TDI. You now have two of the three; I’d love to see what MPG you could get with the TDI (many reviewers report >50, but I trust your reviews most), as well as your take on the very impressive 236 lb-ft torque in the TDI. Looking forward to the GTI review!

Antenox says:

0:55 Oh, goddammit, I was so looking forward to your take on the cargo capacity. Now you’ve spoiled that part of the review; I have no more reason to tune back for the full thing.

TechExplorer says:

Alex , I hope you do a review of the 2015 VW Golf R with 4 motion .I would love to hear your thoughts !


Oscar Mayer says:

Great video! Nice to see a 2 door MK7

Michael says:

Yes! Looking forward to your review of this. I’m looking at getting one this summer.

Aw€sum101 says:

Can you do a review on the 2015 Prius c? Thanks!

TransHerring says:

I haven’t seen any videos that show how to take the subwoofer out of the spare tire, and put back in.  Also details on weather or not the power should be engaged during this process or not.  Just details on the removal and reinstallation of the subwoofer.


acchaladka says:

I’m curious about steering and acceleration feel vs the e-Golf. I know it’s all subjective, but. Also, is the GTI just too damn big now? And, can we turn electronic stability control off, please? Thanks Alex, I’m really looking forward to this one!

Stan Powers says:

Am looking forward the full review Alex. This is on the short list for replacing my 2004 Subaru Forester XT (shopping 4 door; DSG). I too would like your thoughts on the value of the LSD (going from AWD to FWD) and I also wonder about the perforated sunroof screen – will it let in too much desert heat and sun. I owned a 77 Orange Rabbit – very fun to drive but nickel and dimed me to death – swore I’d never buy another VW – but these new GTIs are tempting – especially as WRX is now hatchless… Keep up the great works and thanks!

Rizwan Ulhaq says:

Alex i want you to record maximum speed a GTI can achieve.

2T47 MM says:

Alex, I’d be very interested in 2 things:
1) your assessment of NVH with respect to the car being an everyday driver on varying roads — some of them fairly poor. 
2) comparison against competitors that could also be excellent everyday drivers for a family man who enjoys sporty performance but needs the space and comfort to keep the wife and kids happy.

Nick Zimmer says:


Tomáš Prchal says:

Great videos on your channel. I like it so much.
Is it possible to travel with three persons (kids) on rear seats in Golf 2015?

bluedream RA says:

can you explain to about the reliability.
i lived in a hot place, most of the time higher than 35 C.
can i trust to turbocharge engine?
thanks for your reviews.
your the best.

cartoo123 says:

Any chance you will review the new Mazda2?

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