2015 VW Andretti Rallycross Beetle Tech Walkaround with Tanner Foust PERISCOPE – Vertical – VIDEO

Tanner Foust gives MotoMan a tech overview of his Turbocharged AWD 570 HP Volkswagen Andretti Autosport Beetle Rally car at Red Bull Global Rallycross in Los Angeles. He covers some of the construction & engineering as well as gives you an inside perspective from the driver’s seat and even takes a viewer question on what he drives. IMPORTANT NOTE: This video was shot with PERISCOPE! If you have a problem with Vertical Video – DON’T BOTHER WATCHING! PRO USER TIP: YouTube now supports Vertical Video on Mobile – both iOS & Android – just hit the expand icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen and keep the phone in portrait orientation and the image will fill the screen!

This was a unique, off the cuff opportunity that we are excited to share with you and we have chosen to look past the format in order to share an amazing 13 minutes with one of the most versatile and talented drivers across multiple forms of motorsport . . .

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JoeyandLindsay says:

love Tanner. great video. he looked a bit nervous in the beginning, but seemed to warm up further in.

GoGagets ! says:

videp with Tanner awesome Motoman.

Howard Salsitz, J.D. says:

Nice interview with Tanner. He always seems to be a gentleman. I thought he was an Orange County boy but I did hear him say, in the interview, that he was originally from Colorado.

MrTheSetter says:

Awesome video Motoman

BrokenLaw says:

Really surprised about the 900 – 1000hp thing on these RX cars! That would be awesome to see! A non restricted racing

Noel Santos says:

I HATE VERTICAL VIDEOS! why’d you go all half ass on the video?!

Ben Kurth says:

Great interview!

1225KPH says:

If Motoman wants to issue a vertical video warning, why is the still image/thumbnail for this video in regular landscape aspect ratio?

1225KPH says:

G Kneisley comments about not being able to hear much of the video and using a handheld smartphone that’s way below his own technical benchmark and Motoman responds, “Thanks for the kind words.” The last vertical video was an exercise in excoriation so Motoman decides to try again with improved crappier sound and shittier camerawork.

Why is he doing this? Trying to get the 15 to 19 year old male demographic? The usual Motoman videos are arguably the best on YouTube but compared to other channels like TFLC, they get no views. How exactly can he afford to tell people “DON’T BOTHER WATCHING!” while begging for views?

Is Petrolicious shot in 9:16? How about /Drive? Chris Harris on Cars? Should I rotate my TVs 90 degrees to be relevant to high school kids?

What’s next, a 40 year old pink haired woman who acts like she’s 18 and a mechanic who only speaks Russian? Think about it because they get 10 or 20 times the views. Next time, try shooting in 4:3 aspect ratio direct to VHS and to capture the Hipster demo.

I’m pissed because I know Motoman is better than this and I can only hope he’s getting bad advice or the money guys behind this channel are demanding a return for their investment and MM is getting really desperate. This is no less than Sinatra singing disco. If you’re too lazy to hold your phone horizontally, tape a Popsicle stick to it.

IceDree says:

Excellent interviewbehind the scenes video M!

openpathproducts openpathproducts says:

awesome video!

Virtual Showroom UK says:

Another great freestyle Vlog, keep Pericoping !!

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