2015 VW e-Golf EV – First Drive

MotoMan heads to the back roads of Virginia to drive the all new 2015 Volkswagen e-Golf and learn how much VW Golf is left in the e-Golf in its transformation from 4 Cylinder Internal Combustion Engine to full Electric Vehicle . . .

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Vw needs to bring the gte golf, that gives you the flexibilty beyond electric range with little compromise in performance.

FI S says:

Range doesn’t really matter! We want a charging network!

Chris Persoon says:

200 miles of range and a gti button and I would be sold

MEGADRIVE Jeroi says:

Just lol of that 80 mile distance. I love EV’s but Tesla can do with their design 300miles which is like 500km which is mileage that makes me want to buy it. For 80miles and 10 grands expensive than 300mile gasoline variant is no deal for EV version.

Kenz300 x says:

VW should have focused more on ELECTRIC vehicles than TDI diesels — electric vehicles have no emissions…….
Electric vehicles are the future……….
I guess there is no such thing as an ethical business….. Business schools once taught a class called Business Ethics. It looks like Universities needs to bring back the Business Ethics classes……..

John Benton says:

As with all things electric, there is a premium to pay. Now we all know that running costs of an EV when compared to an ICE are very low, and the distance/time required to break even varies from model to model., but the thing we have to take into consideration  is the fossil fuels are from a finite resource while there are many ways to generate electricity. So what I’m saying is this: If you care more for your pocket and your convenience buy a ICE car, but if you care about the environment and what sort of world you’re going to bequeath to your children and grandchildren, you pay the extra and buy an EV. Your grandchildren may have no choice, so it’s down to today’s car driver/owner to make sure that the inevitable is relatively painless.

Anthony King says:

or you get a use one for 17K !!


id love to through the engine into a mk1 rabbit…

Ashwin Nambakam says:

What would it take for me to buy an EV?
1. Most importantly, IT MUST BE REAR WHEEL DRIVE!!
2. Less than $20,000. Maximum $25k.
3. Lexus like reliability.
4. Weight of less than 1000 kgs.
5. The 5-door hatchback body of the e-Golf would be a perfect bonus.

Marcus Pacheco says:

white zombie

Eric Carbonell says:

This technology has been applied so recently that we have no idea how fast it will become obsolete, other than to say with near certainty that it will be faster than you expect.  Kind of like buying a PC in say 1985.  Or 2015.  Or a smart phone.  The next model is on the shelf before you even get the wrapper off.  So my money is on a cheap vehicle from a company with a good track record for reliability and support.  But there really isn’t any choice for a person who needs a vehicle with long range that is electric only- the Tesla.  I like look and features of the VW EV but I have been burned twice by VW in the past- sharp and pretty on day one but usually lots of problems in fairly short order and expensive ones at that.

Just Daniel Just Daniel says:

stop buying oil and sending trillions of dollars to muslim scum!

thealexcamo says:

It would take quite a bit to get me to drive an EV.
200+ horsepower and a lower price tag would be a good place to start.

cyberpine says:

Can you run the AC or Heater while charging?  Can you run the AC or Heater while parked unplugged with lights off overnight? Does VW ever plan to offer the e-Golf in Florida?

Wesley Chou says:

after incentive rebates it could be 25000

Josh Williams says:

I’m buying an ev in fact I’m looking to buy within a month
Top 3 on my list
BMW i3
Nissan Leaf
Mercedes b class

DFKnightmare says:

Stop saying Volkswagen as if you are German, you sound retarded.

Aaron Powell says:

I hated all ev cars. I bought an EV golf 3 days watching this. They don’t even sell them in my state. I’m so excited!

mercguy658 says:

Golf GTI 24 grand fully loaded? Hmmm…

Harry M says:

What would it take for me to buy an electric car? Well, let’s just say that unless I win a lot of money, i can’t afford a car, electric or otherwise. But if I win, try and sell me an ICE car. You’ll be wasting your time – and mine.

James Tyree II says:

For me to buy an e-golf, I would want to get 250 mphe, a price under $25000 and a charge time of 10minutes max ( silmilar to how long it take to diesel up. I also want to be able to tow up to 990 lbs with it.

Francois DuJour says:

VWoA is supposedly releasing the updated battery for 2017. Real world range could possibly be 125 mi or better. It just seems unclear whether the car will make an appearance in the fall of 2016 or spring of 17 and be an 2018 model.

Billy Boy B says:

Noticed he said foot on the Gas!!. hahaha I think that phrase should change to juice lol

schmo7777 says:

wait for model 3 . plain hybrid is better.

would buy if cheaper and Canadian incentives. none here and gas is a rape always.

Talons X says:

can someone dress him…jeez

84porca says:

Those batteries must become more simple to swap for Joe average and not some swaping/recharge station which for me actually nullifies the point of these cars…
If I can have two or three reserve batteries in my car trunk, so I don’t have to worry about being stranded, and I can recharge them in my own house for cheap, then this car will rule the world… The moment I can show the middle finger to the oil industry scum will be a great day…

John V says:

115 hp is ok, tork is ok, range is totally not ok 120 km is way too low,if it did 300 km i’d considder buying it

B Gur says:

What would it take for me to buy an EV ? The hope that fewer moving parts translates into fewer visits to the dealership. The hope that, if and when I do have to go to the dealership, that it is much easier and cheaper to repair.

Peter Franz says:

I wish people wouldn’t try to build up other cars by attempting to portray Prius buyers as essentially poseurs. The Prius is actually an amazingly great car for what it’s intended to be. With a 4 door hatch design, it is extremely roomy and can swallow surprisingly large objects. It’s comfortable, crazy reliable, holds its value, and gets better mileage than anything in its segment (here in the USA). It never would have become the monster sales success it’s been without those attributes. I’ve been a passenger in an e-Golf, and WOW is there torque. I hope it’s our next car, but I’ve gotta give props to Toyota for getting A LOT right about the Prius.

João Soares says:

EVs, like PHEVs, will always be niche things until charging takes as much as filling the tank in an ICE vehicle. The focus shouldn’t be on range, it should be on battery technology that makes it possible to fully charge in 10 or 15 minutes. Only then will these vehicles become more than city cars.

rmwtsou says:

Not wearing a seat belt?

tstrrtstrr says:

I got one of these from our sponsor to drive. They are great fun in the city. So cool zipping around almost silently. If range was 500km, I’d buy one personally in a heartbeat.

TheJ0hnPrest0n says:

thats very easy: premium price (like a GTI or even a bit more), BUT teslaish performance and a similar range as proposed for the tesla model 3…. so what I’m saying is: I’m getting a Tesla Model 3

Pete N says:

70 to 90 miles a joke; normal drivers in California need a range around 250 to 300. Once manufacturer make it available, I believe ev vehicles will be more popular.

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