2015 VW Golf GTI First Drive & 2015 Golf R Preview

MotoMan drives the all-new 2015 MK VII Volkswagen Golf GTI back to back with the original — a US Market, 60,000 original mile MK I 1984 VW Rabbit GTI to answer two questions: Does the latest GTI continue the tradition of being one of the most balanced cars on the planet and how did VW make a front wheel drive economy car the very definition of balance over 30 years?

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benjamin reynolds says:

40% of sales? I wonder how much of that 40% is with the DSG, without the DSG I have a suspicion the GTI would make up about the same % as the Focus ST, Mazdaspeed3, etc. 

schmo7777 says:

Funny, VW way behind, 08 chevrolet cobalt ss turbo 280 horse 320 torque (GM tune 1) and same mpg, .91 g lateral accel, rpd, fwd record holder of nurbergring at time, and smoke piece which retails for 10 grand more lol. Plus chevy 100,000 mile 5 year powertrain. Sorry, they did not up the game enough.

david dykeman says:

New GTI for NA made in Mexico. I’ll pass on buying a 2015 GTI. Looks like I’ll wait for the R and hope for Germany made.

N Hoff says:

I still want a GTD!

Fred Schriks says:

You don’t wanna own a Golf GTI in The Netherlands.. most stolen car for the last couple of years..

david dykeman says:

In future lose the “I digress” very lame.

coo2kachoo says:

WO … Wolfsburg … B … Bayern

buildmorefarms100 says:

I test drove a 2015 GTi yesterday. The handling and acceleration was very good. The interior wasn’t so great: The steering wheel, shifter and turn signal plastic was shockingly cheap, the infotainment screen was not good, the gauges basic no oil temp guage in a turbo car…no sale.

Electro says:

He uses the word “digress” a lot 🙂

Cesare Perrino says:

 I live in Los Angeles and I am looking to purchase my very first GTI. I just can not make up my mind, the Autobahn, Wolfburg or even the Drivers Edition. Some many different versions. I want a get up and go, can not wait to get into fun car.
Which should I get?

Cesare Perrino says:

BTW, great videos. If I used Facebook or Twitter, I would follow. 

Hans Schmidt says:

Where is the Full Episode ? I cant find it…

Rex Houseo says:

I test drove one of these and liked it…except I couldn’t really get comfy.  I had to lower the seat all the way and lean it back so the rear view mirror didn’t block my view.  I also had to choose between having my knees in the dash or reaching the steering wheel.  Anybody else have this issue?  

Coyote Man says:

Can you say “Hyperbole”? lol

Pun Jabi says:

Automotive journalists who still cannot properly pronounce Porsche has also been around 50+ years. Please. It is someone’s personal name. Say it correctly!

Humanfactor says:

Excellent review with a great fuel injection of panache!

Emran Solayman says:

The license plate is from Duetchland

aardvarkansaw says:

Very diffuse, unfocused, and confusing program.

Doggepp says:

There is no adjustable suspension on that car  +MotoManTV – When you have the optional “DCC” Dynamic Chassi Control, in other words, adjustable suspension, there is a 4th mode called comfort.

So, no. No adjustable suspension there, sorry.

Kristian benz says:

the plate was German registration 

orackbobama says:

I’m not sure if you’re getting it in the states, but that adaptive suspension system isn’t coming to Canada 🙁

XxMetalGorxX says:

Wolfsburg, duh

Lawrence J says:

How would you compare the GTI four door which I am thinking of buying, to the Mini  Cooper coupe?

gfellmer says:

Great video with very useful and clever information done in a very likable style.  Kudos.

For what it’s worth, I have a deposit down on the 2015 Golf R.  I know.  They are not technically taking deposits, but I have done business with this dealer in the past.  Anyway,  over this past weekend, in an effort to whet my appetite for the Golf R, I drove the 2015 GTI.  Wow!  Very fun and as you mentioned, “very balanced.”  I can’t imagine the smile on my face when I actually take delivery on the R.  Thanks again for the video.  Subscribing to your channel now…

Yippie says:

WOB is a German license plate abbreviation that stands for Puebla Mexico.

Dendis Sarous says:

Why he is reviewing an old car? It is annoying that he comparing a new model with the first generation.

Scott Campbell says:

awesome vehicle review, do more please

3DFX says:

MotoMan! Would you consider making a review of the GTI Clubsport? (like the beautiful one by Cars.co.za here on youtube) I suppose however you have no dates when or even IF its arriving to the states yet? Im living in Sweden & hoping my delivery to keep its schedule for November, but i heard from someone down in Germany VW factory seems busy nowadays… Not to wonder, producing 3000 cars per day, ehh…? *Sigh* – Ohh the wait… 😉

Dariusz Urbanczyk says:

WOD wolfsburg germany, the home of vw 🙂

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