2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Review – The Best Hot Hatch Ever?

I’m super excited to unbox for you the 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI, without question one of the best all-around performance cars on the market.

The first GTI premiered way back in 1975 and over the years VW has simply perfected and refined the segment it literally created – the hot hatchback. This seventh-generation GTI comes powered by a standard 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 210 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. Opt for the Performance Package and power is boosted to 220 hp. Power is sent to the front wheels via either a six-speed manual or a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Don’t let the GTI’s simple exterior and interior designs fool you: this is truly a capable performance machine that’s happiest when being driven on a twisty mountain road or at track days. And yet it’s such a usable daily driver that’s fuel efficient and spacious. Is there anything the GTI doesn’t do well? Not much, but check out my full review to find out more details about the greatest hot hatch ever. Enjoy!

Introduction: 0:05
Hot Hatch Background: 0:40
Exterior Design: 1:35
Engine and Transmission: 2:30
Interior: 3:15
Engine Start Up and Sound: 5:00
Performance Specs: 5:30
Infotainment Touchscreen: 6:15
Fuel Economy: 7:05
Interior Details: 7:50
Safety: 8:55
Sunroof: 9:40
What’s It Like To Drive? 10:15
Lights: 10:45
Windows: 11:15
12-Way Power Driver’s Seat: 11:30
Let’s Talk Tires: 12:15
What’s The Golf GTI’s Competition: 12:40
Rear Passenger Space: 12:55
Trunk Space: 13:10
Safety & Conclusion: 14:15
Pricing: 14:55

Special thanks to the Del Grande Dealer Group (DGDG), located in the San Francisco Bay Area, and to Capitol Volkswagen in San Jose, California, for letting us shoot its 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Vehicles in this review were provided by DGDG.COM, the largest car dealer group in Northern California. All opinions in these reviews are that of CarBuzz, not that of the Del Grande Dealer Group.


Filipe Acafrao says:

Hey can you please do the 2017 Audi S3 Sportback?

1gsrtom says:

The GTI IS20 turbo is the best feature on the car , yes it might have a little lag but that turbo puts down an average on 250-270 whp with just a stage 1 tune basically you just add a air intake and a simple reflash. It’s the best factory turbo in it class and is on par with an STI turbo. But if your going to keep it stock , I think the focus ST has a better interior.

telemaq76 says:

i ve mine for 3 monthes, a 2015 one with leather interior, manual gearbox, really love it. Great car for sure.

ayden siah says:

I have this car

Rick Danner says:

I test drove this car a 2016 GTI manual shift and I loved it !!! BUT everyone is telling me including my mechanic not to get a VW because they burn oil right from the get go , they are not as reliable as a Honda or Toyota (see customer reports) and they are real expensive to fix . I have a 16 1/2 year old Honda civic SI that I am still driving . I have tried the civic turbo which was nice and I like the hatchback but it is so ugly to me compared to this GTI . I might just pull the trigger and get the GTI I love driving it , the way it looks and the hatchback configuration . Any opinion about my comment? Thanks

David T. says:

The GTI has an 8″ touchscreen when gotten with Navigation. NOT 6.5″. Source, I own one.

Gunsforfreedom says:

Its even better tuned! My ’16 GTI is stage 1 APR tuned. 316hp 380tq. Plus it has the DSG tune. Really fun to beat other ‘sport cars’ at red lights that don’t have a clue what you are driving.

Jay Biv says:

You couldn’t find any plastic anywhere in the interior?! Really?! lol

Nathan Soper says:

prefer the manual handbrake on this version. the UK model has an electric one. no hand brake turns.

hyperrat12 says:

top speed 124? I’ve gone over that in my stick mk6…

Sean Ryberg says:

Thank you for the review. Hey, the headlights moved when you started the car?!? I did not know they did that. (going to google that!)

D. Akhtar says:

whats the reliability on one of these like? Ive been hearing mixed reviews on VW

azor ahai says:

Great vid..why so many dislikes?

The Highlander says:

yes i’ve had mine for 2 years now , best car i have ever owned . performance pack nav pro leather reverse camera adaptive chassis control the only bad bit has been the depreation but i guess thats the price you pay for buying a brand new car great review keep it up

Dom says:

I’m trying to decide between this or a Subaru Forrester.

Baz Tunnicliffe says:

its a shame the dealer didn’t clean the car properly 🙁

I have the same colour GTI and admittedly its a PITA to keep clean.

Dan K says:

I noticed the unit in this video didn’t have the Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC). My 2017 Golf GTI Autobahn has it and WOW, what a difference it makes!

mburke1211 says:

Hey man, excellent review. Very thorough, and I think you hit all of the right points. I have a GTI almost identical to the one you reviewed. I’ll add one other very minor complaint – fuel capacity/range should be increased. I am getting about 32 mpg on my daily commute, but effective range is still a little under 300 miles.

Thomas Vogliardo says:

Could the turbo lag be a result of a fresh engine that hasn’t been broken in?

kanastle one says:

I bought mine 4 months ago and I love it let me tell you I have managed to get 35 mpg with the dsg I’m my daily commute great video btw!

MassiveGlove says:

We don’t get power seats in the UK! Very cool

Mike P says:

Of all tme ?

Designs4Times says:

Such an awesome car. Nothing compares to it in the class or it’s price range.

illskill3 says:

i have a mk5 gti, and going to buy a mk7 soon. my biggest question, dsg or manual? which is better

CA R says:

I think your wrong about the Mechanical fuel injection. I believe the BMW Tii had the Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection 1972 in America, don’t know when it came out in Europe.

BioTechKnowledgey says:

Seats aren’t actually leather. They’re “leatherette” aka vinyl.

Edit: My mistake. In the higher trim GTI, they are leather. In the higher trim 1.8 TSI’s they’re leatherette.

Brett Butler says:

How much is the light package?

Shane Pertzborn says:

Coilovers and a tune make it completely new car able to crush the completion

Ethan Bherwani says:

Have the same exact car. It’s a beast.

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