2016 VW GTI vs Mk6 GTI vs Tuned Mk6 Review – TFL Leaderboard Hot or Not Ep.4

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2016 VW Golf GTI Mk7 is the Hot Hatch, but so is the 2010 Mk6 GTI. In Episode 4 of TFLcar’s new series TFL Leaderboard Roman spends a week behind the wheel of the Mk7 and Paul takes it around the track to find out if it is Hot or Not and set a lap time. But to make it even more interesting the boys also test a stock and tuned 2010 Mk6 GTI.

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George T. says:

The only thing that stops me from tuning my Mk6 is the fact that I went through one clutch already which failed at 15K bone stock with me driving normally 99% of the time. Almost never launching it, and rarely in stop/go traffic. It was likely defective because it was replaced under warranty, but it made me reconsider adding 50 ft/lbs torque to the engine without getting a more robust clutch. And that makes the tune a 4000 dollar affair.

Blizzard Maximumgaming says:

do the Lancer EVO 9 MR please …

anas boulkhalil says:

don’t know why in america you get the ugliest golf ever

Xbox360bbb says:

Tune the manual then put some slicks on it 😛

jay czyzyk says:

putthe civic back in itsbetter car in every way

boovoo66 says:

So how would my 2016 golf r do? With these 2?

kinetic 88 says:

cobb? goAPR

Leo says:

what did they do with the ESP, you can’t turn it off on the mk6, I’m not sure if the mk7 is able to be disabled or not

The Dtmtailsthefoxxx Rod guy says:

I love it

Justin Meyer says:

My issue with the mk7 is the steering wheel. I understand it may be petty. But it’s not as nice of a handshake it’s not like it was in 08. Or even 2013. The change that they made i just can’t get one because of it. I had a 2013 beetle turbo tuned. 08 gti tuned stage 2 best car I ever owned. Needed only better speakers. But please bring back the old steering wheel.

The Gifted says:

Wow….a COBB tune on a German engineered car smh , thats the DEFINITION of wasting you’re money…, im done.

Frank White says:

Paul is such a well-rounded cool guy. I’m enjoying these hot or not episodes very much!
Keep up the good work

andrew fournier says:

Now test a tuned MK7 GTI. No small 10 hp gains there.

MrPaxim says:

Testing autos was a waste of your time… 6spd MT FTW!

Owen Ltd says:

The golfs just keep getting uglier and uglier …look at it…..lol

Dan K says:

MK7 @ 7.1 sec 0-60mph?? Paul, you need to learn how to drive. You are definitely not driving the car right. I live in Colorado Springs (6400 ft above sea level) and easily get 6.2 sec 0-60 mph times with my stock 2017 GTI Autobahn DSG w/DCC.

jrms60r says:

Cobb? No hate but everyone knows APR is the best.

Joel Gomez says:

Should I get the Performance Pack? Or just the S? Suggestions? First brand new car

ItsB3ngbrossss says:

EU golf is like 200 times better looking

DamedFilms says:

that is a really weirdly spec mk7 gti. You have leather seats and a sun roof. But you dont have the nice lights. When i bought my mk7 gti i could not get a sun roof with out getting the lighting package as well.

Matthew Quayle says:

Why Cobb tune?

john lynch says:

Hack Frauds 2 door vs 4 door, auto vs manual. not very legitimate testing.

SpaceGh0st711 says:

Stroke at 0:54?! APR Tuned Mk6 GLI here! LOVE IT!
Also, Mk 7 sounded like a true manual and the Mk 6 was DSG. Is that true?


While you wealthy folk like the mk7 to the MK6 I’ll stick loving my mk6 regardless.

Fields Carlisle says:

It’s a huge shame they didn’t test a PP equipped Mk7. Also, DSG vs Manual is not really an equal test.

Lanning Kann says:

I have a 2016 GTI Autobahn PP. I love it to death.

40 Roller says:

Knock the MK6 all you want Fast Lane but you are wrong on the interior. Personal preference but the inside of the MK6 is miles ahead of the MK7.  The steering wheel for one is 100X better. The MK6 just feels more raw. Both are good cars but with a tune to stage one you can beat a  new stock MK7 off the line for $600.00 – Equal the torque and horsepower. Plus the Mk5 and Mk6 look better than the boxier MK7. Anyway keep in mind that these guys ran these tests a high altitude so all of the numbers will be better a sea level.

LeadBlastin22 says:

Repeat after me, “Foot Pounds of Torque”.. A car guy running a YouTube channel shouldn’t be so awkward trying to convey information about the power the car has. He had no idea how to talk about or how to refer to torque. Its not “50 torque more “or “50 torques”

Vw Superbeetle says:

this is one of the best videos you guys have done I for one would really enjoy seeing more like it still also wanna see a Subaru BRZ vs the Jetta hybrid 0-60 mile hi mash up

BundsJR says:

I was never concious about it but the american Golf MK7 has the center console of the MK6 whereas the european (of course much more expensive) version has a premium-like console which is higher than the seats with a closeable bix and an electronic park brake.

James E. says:

Bought a MKVII about a month ago and loving it!

louie fattorusso says:


Young Rios says:

so wait I just did a apr stage 1 ..and it’s 260 hp and 300 lb torque what do you think my To the Wheels numbers are? just an estimate?

The Dutchman says:

I really like the MK7 GTI, i don’t really consider it though, they will seriously get stolen with just a trip to the supermarket over here…

samlonzo70 says:

Not sure why you compare two cars from the same auto maker!

King_tazz says:

a very good video but you can’t really compare the first gen mk6 to the 2016 mk7 that’s a six year difference it would have made more sense to do a 2012 or 2013 to the 15 or 16. and also did the dsg not have launch control??

Daniel Tojcic says:

Great vid, this is some good content! Wish you had tuned the mk7, or could further add to this video by comparing a PP MK7, and then a MK7 R for a complete comparison

Juan Noval says:

Great review guys. The GTI platform is quick, fun, and practical, which always ticks the right boxes for me, but it also adds lots of performance stock, and with a COBB access port you can unleash more fun. At about 25K-30k, it is also affordable for most folks. Now, the dilemma, sell my 2008 MS3 for a new Golf GTI or tune my MS3 with some COBB goodies, like a Stage 1+? The Mark VII GTI sure looks sweet, though….

ssjneko1 says:

I’ll never forgive COBB for jumping on the bandwagon this late in the game. This should have been tested using one of the companies that have been tuning the MK6 for almost a decade. COBB is a joke in comparison.

highdesert50 says:

Really enjoyed this new format. The inclusion of the tuned version made this particularly interesting.

L says:

Nice vw golfs

Edie Belk says:

+thefastlanecar, what kind of exhaust do you have on that mk6??

spinnetti says:

Performance pack or no?

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