2016 VW Passat TECH REVIEW & MotoMan’s initial statement on #Dieselgate

MotoMan presents a different kind of TECH REVIEW with the 2016 Volkswagen Passat. Yes, he starts with the engine but for the first time on camera, addresses the elephant in the room: #DieselGate – he then presses on to a major technology shift, not just for the 2016 VW Passat, but for the entire Volkswagen group . . .

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Junk Fard says:

How to make a new passat? old NMS + new trim set + radio swap + front bumper swap = new passat!!!

Frederick Hwang says:

Imo, the main difference between all these scandals is the fact that this particular one with VW happened in the era of social media frenzy/wild fire.

Ali Madan says:

the reason this scandal is so much bigger than the rest, is that the rest were mistakes unintentional (at least during engineering).
in VW case it was a decision taken to purposefully lie and cheat to people and governments about the vehicle VW sold.
To me the decision and authorization to such complex engineering could only be done with the consent of at least some management positions, making it (at least to me) a company policy at the time.

smonkey001 says:

I won’t give credit to VW’s doing the Android/iOS support cuz everyone is doing it right now. If VW made it happen like 3 years early and doing it as the only manufacturer can that’s a huge plus. Now the thing is out, all the car companies need to do is adaptation. Back to the sedan. It’s a loser. Now only German car fangay with no real money will buy a VW.

Max M says:

Personally I would rather have a car that might be a little worse for the environment if it even is, then driving a car that could endanger my families life. I don’t ever feel cars get the the true numbers as promised when it comes to epa rating. I wonder what the bigger picture is when you look at actual mileage on cars to what they are supposed to get.

Omar Martinez says:

All of VW cars look the the same, they look bland and boring there featureless, like ??????? I think its really ironic just because VW has so may huge names with really good looking cars that they own, what happened ???

Jova R. says:

MotoMan, I have read the NY Times article, and if you’re responding to the second investigation on these diesel cars, then I completely agree that “We don’t know what we don’t know”. However, if you’re responding to the first investigation, then I completely disagree with you that we don’t know anything. Volkswagen openly admitted that their diesel cars had a “defeat device” that knew when EPA testing was going on. I think you’re a pretty intelligent person, and one of my favorite car enthusiasts on YouTube, but here I think you talk about this as if it’s just a widespread rumor.

Carlos Pereira says:

Of course vw was the biggest scam of all. they are criminals. they did it on purpose.

coram says:

people lost their lives due to gm’s negligence, no one died from vw cheating on emissions. comparing the two is disgusting.

fivefootsixtriumph says:

No diesel = I’m not interested

chris taylor says:

By far the GM ignition!!! Love your show from stockholm Sweden

muhammad hafiz says:

too many talking…… useless

rakshant raj says:

bro u r too boring ……….. we want to see interior also…..we r not interested in your blabla

IceDree says:

“Can I get away with it?” I remembered the Hitler video & now I can’t stop laughing …I think this is a tough one, On one side you IgnitionSwitch (somewhat contained to a one shitty econobox & could somewhat prevented by not hanging too much crap on the key chain) & Unintended acceleration that actually led to people getting killed or injured .. but on the other hand …. A FINE OF 87 BiLLIONZ!sadly, people kinda accepted death in the news & kinda tuned it out of their attention … but mention Money & they’re all ears!

Michael Daniels II says:

Poor showing Motoman, the last thing you said about diesel gate was listen to what people are not telling you as opposed to what they are telling you. and I heard everything you didn’t say… I think you should go back and listen to yourself, you sound like you knew about it the whole time and are trying to get out of the situation without losing your job. Volkswagen was 100% in the wrong. And intentionally damaged the planet purely for profit. and it’s not as though this is 1932 and everyone else is doing it, every other company on the planet that has diesel engines was able to release them and pass emission standards. they chose to be sneaky, and got caught red handed. Cooperating is the absolute least thing they could do!

Yippie says:

Why can’t Volkswagen just bring over the European model and build it in Tennessee? They could just have a stretched wheelbase version of that car. Why does North America have to have the different crap model? As a previous owner of a 2008 Euro Passat it just makes me angry. I would have bought another Passat but this Americanized version is not up to par in every way. Why would VW jeopardize alienating its core customer base? I’ve said this for few years now, VW’s company culture has changed. It’s longer about it’s core customers it’s about profits. Look where it’s got them. VW had a niche with the previous Passat, between a Toyota Camry and the luxury brands. Now playing in the same league as a Toyota Camry just doesn’t cut it. They lose their long term customer base and they don’t have the reliability (perceived or real) as Toyota has to bring in enough new customers and keep them. If I ran a company I’d take a smaller and stronger loyal fan base over a bunch of people that have no real connection to my brand every time. We will see if VW (America) does the same to the upcoming 2017 Tiguan and CC. If so, then I am probably done with the brand.

Ebrahim Mofreh says:

Why you did that ?

LamboGallardo560 says:

The difference between the VW thing and the others is this was an intentional scam, no other way to put it. The GM thing was another classic example of cheaping out and it leading to people dying, they didn’t sit down and say, screw the law, lets lie to everyone. As for Toyota, NASA couldn’t even find anything in the code to pin it on them. People died in both so obviously the cost was higher, but neither was trying to kill anyone. Lets be honest, both were sensationalized in the media for emotional reasons; Toyota by the xenophobia against the Japanese auto industry and GM by the anger over government bailouts. VW scammed every government agency in the world and sold their customers on the superiority and environmental responsibility of their diesels. People are willing to forgive honest mistakes but fraud is a different beast, people feel betrayed on a very deep level and thats far more dangerous than making cars that break.

Condor1970 says:

I honestly don’t give a hoot. You’re average Ford F-250 with a Diesel Powerstroke using the new Urea system, still puts out 10x the pollution as the 2.0 TDI. The only reason they can do it, is because the vehicle is classified as a working truck, and not a passenger car. This whole scandal is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. The EPA really needs to change the restrictions on diesel cars. All it does is prevent good competition between car makers, and limits the supposed free American consumer with dictatorial marketing.

And to top it off, these idiots at the EPA actually came out with an “estimate” of how many people VW has killed from pollution because of their engine. LOL

Lathan Starnes says:

Diesel gate is worse than almost any other auto industry scandal. Audi unintended acceleration was caused by stupid people pressing the wrong pedal. Toyota unintended acceleration was caused by improperly installed floormats, and stupid people who don’t know how to put a car in neutral. GM ignition switch was bad, but was ultimately unintentional and was caused by poor engineering ethics and corporate incompetence. Volkswagen very intentionally duped regulators and consumers.

西西木子瓜 says:


sdf4786k says:

still keen to know if BMW was also involved in creative software development as well on ECU programing

Daniel Chendi says:

motoman shows always spot on. learned so much tech and stuff about cars on this show. amazing stuff

Mohammed El Sanousi Korg says:

u wasted my time by talking

russell brenzel says:

That is the B7 PASSAT. Look up the B8 Pass at on sale in Europe,Russia, and China…

Fussinated says:

Tech Review: Fucking junk because Germans tempered with the ECU LOL!So, really different municipalities was not in your verbiage when Toyota went through that exaggerated “unwanted acceleration”And as for people are not telling you is that Europeans consider Americans as dumb hillbillies and temper with the electronics of their cars. If you are not aware the CEO of VW already apologized and resigned. If there shouldn’t be anything he wouldn’t have done that. Wake up and smell the roses. You are trying to defend a car company that deliberately rigged the ECU in their cars to pass the emissions test because they wanted to get away with their cheap technology and still make money out of them as they did in Europe. Period.

Ebrahim Mofreh says:


Riisfalch Cars says:

Driving dynamics are important, but comfort is even more important in my book. And that’s coming from somebody living in Norway, the land of the two lane twisties. Today I drive a 2014 Tiguan 2,0TDI R-Line, and on 19″summer wheels that car is way to stiff! It has fantastic driving dynamics for a crossover, but that at the expense of comfort. Now being 30, and gravitating more and more against comfort, I’m now waiting for my 2016 XC90 D4 AWD Inscription to arrive, a car that has wonderful comfort!

2000xlt says:

where is this infographic?

Riberto says:

Once again consumers getting the short end of the stick.
Chevrolet drops their diesel Cruise, now this dramatized VW diesel scandal.

We all know that if they offered a Diesel options on the half ton pickup trucks (Ford, Chevy and GM half ton series), SUVs (Suburbans, explorers, etc) and automobiles, they would sell a bunch.

You can buy American made, diesel powered Jeep Wranglers (outside the US).
You will find diesel powered Chevys and Buicks in Germany. But not in the US.
I am not suggesting they all should be, just make it available as an option.
Modern diesels are cleaner, more fuel efficient and last much longer. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

Yury Kerimov says:

samii huevii vipusk. S telefonami prostoyal i vse

DC R says:

new for 2016.. and engine/camshaft that explodes??  No thanks

Amir Kazemi says:

passat is sooo boring a drive

Minnesnowtan says:

TECH review? 184 ft-pounds of torque starts at 1500 rpm and continues to 4750 rpm. That is a HUGE advantage.
As for your “dieselgate” comments, it isn’t only VW.

What is a more important brand killer? The particulate filter on the TDIs. Not mentioned as an item to be serviced, it will eventually clog up and be a multi-thousand dollar repair (A twin cities VW dealer shop foreman estimated $4,000. The part is about $1,800). Why is a filter installed in such a non-replaceable manner?

Kanuni Sultan Suleyman says:

Volkswagen will rise up just like how Germany progressed after world war

dziubek123 says:

This US PAssat is poorer version of European. It looks like Skoda.

Pholela Mapeyi says:

I respect vw for having taken ownership of the wrongs they’ve done ….and i for one support the initiatives they’re doing to rectify it….. …i drive a vw … and will always drive one..

Scott Gordon says:

This guy talks way too much

Mick Taylor says:

So Audi and Mercedes diesels are able to pass the emissions tests and they do not have the tricked out software cheat?

King Reef says:

what the fuck VW. where is the EU model

kamal sandhu says:

one of the big f review

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