2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack On & Off-Road Review: New Dirty-Worthy VW Station Wagon?

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack On & Off-Road Review: New Dirty-Worthy VW Station Wagon?

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Kyle Goodman says:

I’d buy it as my first family car.

Cobalt Lukather says:

whats funny is that this is pretty much the same exact idea as the AMC Eagle wagon.
except the Eagle could drive on a real off road trail. all it needed was lockers in the axles and it would’ve walked that trail as easily as a parking lot full of speed bumps.

i wouldn’t mind that AWD system if it was faster at adapting to different grip situations rather than taking an entire 5 seconds to realize a wheel is in the air

Kornatoski says:

With apolgies to all … don’t mean to throw cold water on all the “gushing” … but I had a 2012 Jetta TDI SW … and this looks pretty darn similar to my old eyes … and they (VW) had issues getting it noticed by consumers and it sold poorly … I can only hope they (VW) fixed some of my concerns … very cramped rear seating …so-so stereo (Radio III if I recall) … DSG (seemed to lack the normal automatics torque multiplication at low speeds which you may need for offroad crawling…or for getting unstuck) …. and yes I understand the JSW was only FWD and this is AWD (sort of) … 170HP??? … seems a little thin … especially if you fill it with folk-n-gear and long uphill sections …mine had the panoramic sunroof which sounded “romantic” but was actually noisy when opened and broiled the tops of my kids heads if left uncovered … I’m sure for VW fanatics this car is “Wunderbar”, though probably a few “clicks” away from “fahrfergnunen” …

Kevin Clanton says:

VW can we please have a performance variation of this wagon?? Sport wagon gti, alltrac R….? Something? anything?

Although an aftermarket tune and some suspension tweaks might do the job, i would rather more to work with right out the box. Anyway, i like this alltrac a lot, and wouldn’t mind owning one in the future.

MultiPurposeReviewer says:

Hey, I didn’t know you came to Seattle! That’s where I live!

Nathan Hart says:

Liberal barrier arrest discipline bay.

Carey Vandenberg says:

Hhhmmm… I have a 2008 Subaru WRX 5 door. I want another wagon that is AWD and I’d buy another Subaru but they make them all way too high. The VW is very appealing to me but… 170 hp? My WRX has 228 so I think I’d be disappointed in the power difference however, the thing that makes me question the VW’s AWD vs my Subaru is how the tires were spinning on the dirt road in this video. I’m going to have to take the VW fAlltrack or a test drive in the wet and punch it off the line. I’m afraid I’m going to be really let down in what they call AWD. I thought I had found a replacement for my Subaru WRX in this but, this video tells me probably not.

680ecks says:

25 mpg not so great. I had a lot of small cars that did better in the past ,think it is all the weight of added features. I had a status that got 30all the time and it was a good size car. I had a gearwheel drive 200sx that would get mid 30s in 1984. Don’t like the light color interior grey or black works better specialy in a sudo offroader one muddy boot and you have a mess I side.

akira mifune says:

The ground clearance is laughable. Give it 1″ more and then maybe I’ll take a second look at it.

turbo311 says:

Watched the other video comparing to the Sportwagen 4motion and you show the Alltrac going up the off-road course with no drama. You didn’t show that here. Why? Clearly you were in road mode and the traction control was impeding you.

Jude Dempsey says:

this or all road??? what would you get

DP T says:

As a recent former VW owner dealer cared for, if they just had the reliability. They should just sell them with a Toyota engine.

Elvis Xu says:

Looks like this is gonna be an ideal choice for young couples or small families.

mark rakov says:

put a GLI engine and there you go

Devin Royce says:

wheres the diesel, i want a diesel. what am i gonna do when my 300 dollar golf gets worn out 400,000 miles from now

Marc Arndt says:

Everyone boots Outback out of their class when reviewing something else. It’s a wagon if you’re reviewing crossovers, but a crossover when you’re reviewing wagon. An outback would pants this thing offroad. The AWD in a Subaru smokes VW’s. These Alltracks are sweet vehicles though.

John says:

Xdddd it can’t go anywhere

TheExtra40414 says:

well, once the dealers are willing to play ball with deals I will start looking at one of these to replace my aging 04 wagon passat.

Jin says:

A poor person’s audi allroad.

Dustin Morris says:

Yup, I love it!! Give us the GTI version and I’d be running to the dealership to buy one!

Alexis Jordan Schreiner says:

…this vs subaru crosstrek

Tim Varugheses says:

I like it.

Josh Gribbon says:

pretty unimpressive all wheel drive system

joseph D'Amato says:

I love all VW’s. I just don’t understand why they don’t offer the larger 2 liter engine in a larger car like this to help in keeping it’s “spiriting driving” tradition.

rileypart1 says:

I think Subaru are the top in the line up. For Volkswagen they are not even close to that with all wheel drive system go on off road.

Rod Reichardt says:

I miss the TDI. Couldn’t VW at least put the 2.0 motor in it. Speaking of unicorns, I really want the Golf R Estate brought to the US.

James Butler says:

Spec it with the GT TDi engine and it would be a winner, plus an integrated towbar bike rack too…probably sell more than the Transporter then, especially if’s it’s only 35k.

Audiwan Kenobi says:

This car is looking extremely appealing to me….I love its conservative looks, I know that the aftermarket world is primed & ready to hug this car!

Michael Utley says:

Sweet Wagon!!! VW did a damn good job with this one. I test drove one today and was impressed with refinement, power, and handling. Something the Outback no longer has.

Christiaan Woodfield says:

where’s the other guy

redcapote says:

22/30 mpg? Quite a drop from the 25/35 I get on my Sportwagen Limited. And the fuel tank seems small enough even as I get combined 31.5 mpg, so at a combined 25 or 26 mpg on the Alltrack, you’ll be fueling up seemingly all the time. Take note if you plan to drive long distances all the time.

Truth & God says:

Does an offroad review, slams on the gas pedal and complains of wheel spin. Fucking idiot, you need to get fired.

A gm says:

The ground clearance between Alltrack and Outback is more like 2 inches, not one like you said. When a manufacturer flies you some place to test their car, you better not say anything bad.

highdesert50 says:

Nice review. I will wait for the manual tranny.

James Wisrik says:

Subaru Outback still way better! Vw builds major POS w/ so-so interior. I still have my 1991 Subie L. still see plenty of very old Subies. Vw..once the lease / warranty is up…get rid of it! or it will deplete your savings!

Jinge Liu says:

Hopefully the DSG won’t overhead on off-road condition. I don’t really agree to put DSG on this, cuase most people just won’t appreciate the DSG. Regular AT works better in my opinion.

papichulo says:

This thing with a stage 1 tune will be amazing.

Tech Defender says:

They give us an offloading golf wagon but we don’t get the golf R sport wagon?!

Leo Oliva says:

I like to see it on snow

Joe Katama says:

Finally going to see something on the road other than a crosstrek

LP Youtube Channel says:

Its Disgusting Corrupt EPA , picked on 4 & 3 Cylinder engines capable of 67 MPG while you can still by a Hellcat and waste 18 Gallons of fuel in 12 Minutes or Buy a Heavy Duty Pick up Truck with 6.7L diesel engine with no Issues
I know , I Know lets blame the VW golf for U.S pollution problems

HDaviator says:

I really like this car. Just wish it didn’t seem like having a vagina was a prerequisite for owning one. The looks are way too feminine for me.

JustLucky says:

Germans killed jews.Yes they killed a lot of humans.I will never buy anything from Germans.

fmonk says:

Is it really ruggedized or just look that way with slapped on plastic?

Paul CCraciun says:

VW flew you to test one of their cars on a track chosen by them.Very unbiased review :).

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