2017 Volkswagen Passat – Review and Road Test

As the midsize sedan segment’s only European entry, the Volkswagen Passat is among the most enjoyable drivers in the class. Even when not on the Autobahn, the Passat’s confidence-inspiring driving dynamics make for a satisfying and relaxing driving experience.

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Palealemale1 says:

is the backseat big enough for 3 teens ?

Andre Nickell says:

38 mpg highway? Nonsense. Toy did not mention the vague feeling steering that provides just about zero feedback. I have a 2007 German made Passat wagon, and it droves like a Porsche compared to this American piece of junk.

An Ngo says:

it’s kinda getting old this car

MrWalker1000 says:

how does this compare to a honda accord or toyota camry?

acronus says:

The headroom is probably worse, but I much prefer the look of the CC.

U B says:

People are but hurt about this car because it’s to simple. But they don’t realize this is fucking Volkswagen. It’s fucking Volkswagen. That’s the point. It’s fucking Volkswagen. You want in necessary style in a car. Go buy a fucking Porsche. You can’t afford a Porsche? Then stop bitching. This car is made for moms and business men who don’t give af if they get head in their car. They just want a reliable, cheap,modern car.

John Wick says:

Just discontinue this already!

Elliot Nartey says:

I have the B6 and the B7. Trust me, I’ll be driving the Passats for a very long time if the keep these design and performance trends

Grant N says:

2016 civic exl with sensing has more value

unijabass says:

Not even close to European model

HD Robin123 says:

Bad car hahahahahah!!!!

C Muir says:

Disappointed. I hope my 06 holds out till vw gets a clue.

PCMasterRace says:

I don’t understand the little center console clock. It really doesn’t make the car look more premium and it’s just harder to read than a digital clock.

sleepybird09 says:

I’m considering this car for the rear legroom alone. Tbh the rest of the car looks boring to me. and the interior does not look as nice. however this is the cheapest midsized car you can buy on the used market with low miles. seen a 14 with 40k miles for 11k. what is the r line?

heyitsme says:

This is one really nice car. I really don’t understand it when people say it looks bland. It looks very stylish to me, both interior and exterior wise. Certainly a lot better looking than the Jetta.

Kevin Yeh says:

My 2014 vw Passat after 4 times repair-changing oil separator and replace rear seal at Punte Hills VW .it still leaks and even call to vw usa and email to VW USA. They could not help. The car currently only 35000 miles even with 5 year warranty Powertrain warranty. I don’t know what to do it with oil leaking.

Kevin Yeh says:

I have 2014 Passat 1.8S. There is a oil leak from main rear seal. My dealer replaced main rear seal twice and oil separator. It is still leaking. The warranty is just went out. The dealer said it is just old oil leak after 400 miles driven. I don’t think my dealer would honor repair after warranty even replaced part would have 12000 miles. Where I could file a calim?

Formata Gfys says:

i want a 2.0 tdi biturbo but i cant get that thing 🙁
thx a lot GM thx verry fucking much GM… why blame athers becouse you cant build a fucking car ???

BigBossIvan says:

I tried one of these out the other day and the front seat sucks for your right leg as a tall guy. It’s awful. I’m 6’3” and my right leg has never felt more trapped in such a narrow little space just to work the gas and brake. That center stack is enormous and just limits the space, bad. Even the Jetta has a better driver’s seat, it’s weird.

Iron Shaft says:

I like this distinctive look. Korean and japanese cars look the same to me

justjac123 says:

Bought a bmw 328i xdrive msport in late november, 2 weeks later this car stops short and recked my entire front bumper. This car however, left the scene with literally two scratches and a smile. After hitting this car unexpectedly at 30mph, i can confirm that this car is in fact a tank.



Rafael Cisneros says:

Hagan un passat con un toque más deportivo y agresivo esta generación de passat parece como para señor casado

g1981c says:

only problem with this car is it’s been around forever and there’s 20 of them on every block. yeah they added new features, new engine, new headlights etc – but it’s still obviously the same car. as for the back seat – yeah it’s huge – does it matter though ? a new Passat has been out for years in Europe but is not coming to US.

mieczyslaw grudzien says:

VW ist keine Auto besaß frad kaufen

RemainedTheSame says:

First minute was cringey af

Heinz LETZTE. says:

Retarded American idiot is driving an automatic. LOL

Bowen Wang says:

whats the difference between the 2016 and 2017 passat?

Ness Rosenbrad says:

That backseat is humongous, most legroom in the class.

Norman Ran says:

get EU Passat here in US and Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

samtoo2010 says:

thanks for the video. you guys are the only one journolist that do review on vw passat

Luke Hoisington says:

which version do you have to get for Android auto?

Robert Bryant says:

They do make an SE V6 version as well as the SEL version.

ghostmetal10 says:

No wonder people are mocking the Passat in US, It’s rear looks bad there, and the front is less attracting than the EU one.
Bring the EU version to US!!!

Quang Lam says:

no, the only people who defended is car are the owners who are butt hurt by the comments everyone else is giving.

F. Scott Fitzhemingway says:

Bought a 2017 R-Line today!

VNL 670 says:

This car is more for pragmatics but if u like fake shapy stylish car for that price so go ahead

Mick Taylor says:

The Honda Accord 4 cyl can’t get out of it’s own way (not so with the 1.8T.) The Honda is also more cramped than the Passat. The Camry console will remind your right knee that IT is the boss and your knee is cramping it’s obtrusive presence. I test drove both and these were some things I noticed right away.

I Finn says:

More like the 2012 Passat.

1969cmp says:

What are the ‘spotty’ reliability issues?

Italolatin7 says:

3 yrs have past and they still don’t bring the european Passat version of the LCD Gage Cluster to the American version of the Passat. WTF! For a lot of people this has been a deal breaker as the American version looks so outdated and cheap.

Danny DeJesus says:

I like this car

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