2017 VW Golf Facelift Exterior Interior GTI Preview Volkswagen – Autogefühl

Check out our first impression @ world premiere: https://youtu.be/aq2eCk9jLFg

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Trespasser17 says:

Great industrial music;)

mercguy658 says:

Still no USB for rear seats?

10tenman10 says:

I get it. It’s content. But it feels like a commercial.

Goomy says:

GTI shift knob looks like a golf ball, nice touch!

chakor viper says:

VW golf is the perfect car for the smart people like us

metring073 says:

Think it’s not much about the exterior and engine/drivetrain updates that will matter to buyers’ but it’s the Intuitive virtual dash/feature packed center info screen which I think they are going to line-up for.

Jeremy JS says:

Ivan summed it up brilliantly in 2 1/2 lines. Nothing more to add.

Michael Zhu says:

I hope the taillights make it to the US/North America models. Love the look of the new GTI. Not sure about the loss of a volume knob though, seems like a bad idea considering how many people complained about Hondas not having a volume knob. The gesture control feels like it’s unnecessary.

Koro Sensei says:

hey. hast du schon ne Ahnung, wann du den amg gt(s) Reviewst ? bzw evt auch den db11

Armands Deglavs says:

Looks lovely and gorgeous compared to Škodas work with the Octavia… :/

taylor wagneers says:

they feminized it and it’s looks like it’s a cost cutting design overall.

sko says:

Macht voll Sinn, wenn man nach rechts “wischt” schaltet er die sender nach links weiter… o_O Mal abgesehen davon, dass ich persönlich diesen Misst nicht bräuchte.

Mon Mi says:

Bored of the CC. Passat in US it’s the poor brother of the European one. And this kind of Golf will not arrive here. We have cheaper VW, idk why. Well…”market”…..

taylor wagneers says:

I miss the mk5 quality

TheSteelGamer says:

Looks similar to older golf … from golf 6 is hard to tell the model

Chakib Chakir says:

nice car germany

gbriank1 says:

Guess I don’t understand the hand gestures. Using the touchscreen seems so much simpler.

ANOINTED10 says:

The new Golf is absolutely beautiful.

sebxx says:

Nice new headlights, but I didn’t see any rear view of the estate (SW)… Is it stuck with halogen tailights again ?

Edit: apparently yes, AGAIN !! Why VW ???

SchneiderMan says:

Why not use leather seats? I don’t get it.

Autogefühl says:

FULL REVIEW with Thomas next week ! Trying to get the GTI on location 😉

Tadeu Ferreira says:

the changes are barely visible , they should have made more changes

Peace and Justice says:

Are we going to have the virtual cockpit in the UK? We don’t have it for the Passat here

Hans Van Bennekom says:

It’s all about priorities: The 2073874-th carefully executed VW Golf video. No wonder the “great, great” 3008 II is missing.

Farmer King says:

beautiful car, fantastic footage! where did you film this, especially the mountain road at the end of the video?

Ivan Kesegić says:

VW’s designers working on the Golf haven’t had a new idea in half a decade. Top notch quality, but the design had stagnated beyond what is acceptable and this ‘facelift’ only proves it. Horrible.

tongsli says:

can you please do a full review of the update Egolf?

Adrian Shepherd says:

Passat is upper class then golf but golf has better equipment ? Really VW??

John Smith says:

You can say what you want about some new Japanese Designs, at least they are doing something new and didn’t fall a sleep while designing new cars like some people in Wolfsburg clearly did.

VW Golf the most boring car in automotive industry.

Nevertheless thanks to Autogefühl for providing us with these videos.

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