2017 VW Golf vs e-Golf Mashup Review: Which One is the Future?

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Zach Hanna says:

to your comment about charging and 30 mins being a long time – I do not think electric vehicles are meant for long-range travel. They are meant for what 99% of people use them for – driving for 1-2hrs a day, and being parked the other 20-22hrs of the day. In that case your ‘fill up’ time is 5 seconds, which is the time it takes to connect or disconnect your charge plug in your garage. The time the vehicle is charging after you come home is irrelevant as long as it isn’t over 8hrs. Except for taxi and delivery fleets – then it could be an issue.

Kyle Styer says:

MPGe seems like an unintelligible BS number.

Muddyspartan says:

If tesla has taught us anything, its that electric cars can be fun to drive and practical. Lets see how this turns out.

Bryan Hall says:

Scrap the big battery pack and make it a turbine electric and I’m in. But until batteries improve significantly, pure electric cars don’t make sense for me.

madjh says:

It will be funny. All the streets full of cars charging … and what happens if some one whant to make a “joke” and disconnect the switch?
But this looks like a car … not like the twizy, Nissan Leaf or other electric cars that whant to look futuristic but they look really bad.

headcas620 says:

Really? Why do all you journalists complain about “hurr durr you never know when it’s gonna run out of juice”? You only buy an electric car because it suits your driving habits. Most people only drive to and from work every day. Well under the 80 miles of range. With the savings in gas you can easily afford a plane ticket or a rental car to use on a long trip.


should have a 1hp petrol engine to charge the batteries while you are using it…

Carlos Ascencio says:

Future? none!. Since VW diesel scandal, all respect and passion for VW since I was a kid is long gone; no more I admire nor respect VW.

Doug Maverick says:

Congrats on your GTI.
Currently own a Golf TDI that I bought for $24K and VW is buying it back for $22K. Have had really no issues with it.
Not bad for 5 years of ownership.
Test drove a Golf R and Focus RS, ended up buying the RS as it was a more invigorating Drive.

The Car Crazy Guy says:

The reason why you lease these cars, the depreciation is horrendous (not including Tesla). I just bought a 2 year old off lease Focus Electric with 16,000 miles for $11,000 including a CPO warranty. Fantastic bargain! Plus it has the carpool stickers.

Infinity Edge says:

1. liters ?

Jeff K says:

The problem with more range is it means a bigger and more expensive battery pack. I don’t know if they will be able to hit the $30,000 mark.

Ivan Vojt says:

Either one is a lease only.

Wolfowitch says:

Until electric vehicles don’t get a bigger range and lower prices, no thank you.

Matthew Knobel says:

What about the Golf GTE – plug in hybrid

xchopp says:

6:43 “not enough to replace the internal combustion engine” Doesn’t that rather depend on how far you have to drive on a daily basis? If you only make long trips tree times a year, it makes more sense to rent an ICE car for those trips. If you’re working sales or otherwise drive long every week, you’re gonna need an ICE car, or plug-in PHEV like Volt.

Roman doesn’t get the charge time right: on 110v from zero it takes 20 hours to recharge, not 12 (where did he get that?) — BUT no-one ever has to charge from empty on 110v: you are either charging from 1/3 – 1/2 empty overnight (no problem), or you’re on a long trip DC fast charging from near-empty in 35 minutes or so. What’re you gonna do while waiting for it to charge: have a pee, grab a snack and/or coffee and/or lunch, stretch your legs, listen to the radio for 10 minutes.

I agree that leasing e-Golf is your best option. The next iteration of e-Golf had better be 1. equipped with a battery capable of 150-200 miles range and 2. soon: the 240 mile Bolt is out now and the Tesla Model 3 next year. I love my e-Golf and hope that VW can get its act together: I’d like to be able to choose between Model 3, Bolt, v2 Leaf, v2 i3, and e-Golf.

I have no idea what the comment at 11:30 is supposed to mean: I regularly pick up people and give ’em rides home. I suppose Roman thought he was being smart. Regular Golf: it’s iconic but it’s hardly thrifty at less than 40 mpg. Why does he “fear” that the electric car is the future? Because of the loss of “brooom” sound? Really?

p.. the 83 miles is the EPA rated range: most of the year you get better than this if you live in a state like New Jersey — maybe 100 miles — but when the temperature drops to 55 degrees range declines to 75-85 miles (using heated seats and with the cabin heater off). I am anticipating a range of 65-75 miles when it gets down to 32F but this is plenty for almost all my driving needs (and probably yours if you actually take the time to record your trips).

David Giles says:

Change ISN’T always good. Depends on what is changing.


on a day to day basis, even these 80+ mile cars are perfectly fine for daily use, and you charge at night while you sleep, or while you are at work. I’ve been driving an e-Golf as my daily driver for 2 years now and have NEVER sat around waiting for the car to charge! Once you get into it it’s easy, and actually way less time consuming. I haven’t had to stop at a gas station in 2 years! And my car is almost always full when I head out anywhere. You have to be honest with how far you really drive in a day, and for most I bet it’s less than 80 miles…. if so, an EV will work for you. I used to drive an R32 and I prefer the e-Golf now, I saved over $3,500 per year over driving the R32 between oil changes, gas (premium grade @ 18mpg) brake service, smog test etc… and actually the e-Golf is more fun in daily traffic!! And I do drive it like I did the R32. Sure I can’t take it on long trips, unless I really plan the route, but that’s not what it’s for. The new longer range battery will be out in March and it will be sold in all 50 states. And soon after (2020 which is only 3 years away) will be the 300 mile cars with rapid charge (or next year with Tesla Model III). So get used to it, because it’s coming faster than you think, just like an E-Golf is faster than a gas GTI off the line! One other BIG thing people always fail to mention is that EV’s hold together longer because they are not constantly vibrating themselves to pieces! And fewer parts, means fewer materials used in making dies and molds to make those parts, fewer if any brake changes… I could go on…

GTAYLOR1972 says:

I think Roman is right on the E Golf being the future. However I don’t think in our lifetimes we will see the total demise of the internal combustion engine. Also I think that if the electric car prices stay where they are at or keep increasing and with the technology improving yearly it will become more common to lease a car rather than buy it. Leasing the cars will give the auto manufactures more control over recycling the components at the end of the cars life.

xchopp says:

2:19 Maybe VW can fit a speaker in back of e-Golf to make the “broooom” sounds, for drivers who want it?

Max Ritchie says:

Do you watch your shows before posting them ? only 30 seconds in he says that it has a 1. litre engine.

Ed Mathews says:

But it’s all about the infrastructure. When I start to see gas stations closing, I’ll know it’s really happening.

malcolm chrzanowski says:

Get with the future

xchopp says:

5:38 “you never know when the thing’s going to run out of juice” Baloney! Of course you know when you’re going to run out of juice There’s a meter — actually, multiple displays for range remaining (did you check out the display toggle on the end of the wiper stick?) — and the car goes “bong!” when you get down to 20 miles or so.

Adrian B says:

why do car manufacturers suck balls? they made a golf that goes 70 miles and dies and another that gets 35mpg. we don’t need Electric cars, take a 5.0 v8 which gets 25 mpg already and give it a 100 hp Electric motor which will boost mpg to 35-40, and see how people embrace it. who won’t buy a 550hp car that gets 35 mpg? I would, and I know it’s possible

Johnny Martinez says:

I got a brand new 2016 MK7 GTI, LOVE IT!

Tom D says:

Electric cars are not replacing gas until they make a break through in battery technology

John Ye says:

to save you 12 minutes, neither. ur welcome

Samuel Abraham says:

Tesla pretty much has this down with their infrastructure and tech that they implement. They should make a car below the Model 3, if the thing even works out, give it a 35-40kw battery and the tech that the model 3 has, and sell it for $20k. Probably impossible for the costs and such, but that would be ideal for the average person

Danny P says:

VW interiors are awful. Looks super cheap

Henry Grimm says:

Change is not automatically good!

T Ritchie says:

I have NO desire to give up the internal combustion engine.So I hope Roman is wrong on that. On a side note it was interesting to see Roman behave like an adult.

Phoneguy13 says:

as long as Samsung doesn’t make an electric car will be good

Spectre says:

83 miles is too little

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