2018 Volkswagen Golf Preview | Consumer Reports

The revised 2018 Volkswagen Golf family of cars don’t look markedly different from the models they replace. Highlights include larger infotainment screens, updated interior materials, and the availability of more active safety systems.

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Brenden Pragasam says:

After the scandal, I think everyone can agree that Mazda overtook the VW golf (at least in America)

Kenz300 x says:

VW needs to do more to remove the stain of their diesel gate cheating scandal.
They need to promote their all electric vehicles more and increase support for EV charging infrastructure.
There once was a time when Business schools taught ethics classes. I guess they do not do that these days.
Seems like lying and cheating is common place.

snakerb says:

Forward collision warning and automatic braking should NOT be standard on all models, especially not on the GTI and R. Optional? Yes. Standard? No.

Bruce John Shourt says:

Once again the Consumer Reports video production team fails to do good sound in a noisy environment, resulting in a not great signal-to-noise ratio. It doesn’t help that you clip the body mike on the lapel away from where he turns his head instead of in the center under the speaker’s chin. And it should be a directional miniature microphone, not an omni directional one. The best sound is a short shotgun microphone held straight up just below the chin and have presenter speak across it.

Goru Minosyan says:

VW are unreliable on the long run. Make sure to get rid of yours after 60K miles!

Dixie Normous says:

no wonder people have been reporting really steep deals on the previous golfs…

Emmett AU says:

Has VW given up on Diesel models in North America?
Surprised and dissapointed the preview didn’t make any mention of Diesel / Dieselgate.

Maestro_T says:

In Europe, I hear these are considered reliable cars…!?

Eamonn McDermott says:

REDESIGNED? I will have to get my eyes checked I think, cannot tell the difference between this “new” Golf and the “old” one!

Gabe Pettinicchio says:

For have the life of me, I don’t understand how build cars of such high quality and performance, only to have them fall apart after a couple of years. Otherwise, I would buy one in a heartbeat.

michael tipton says:

I’ve owned 2 GTI’s in my life.
Love the cars but I had joint custody with the mechanic.

Skepticus Maximus says:

I love the 1.8TSi. Just did a Unitronic Stage 1+ on mine and it’s night and day from stock.

Highconsciousnessman says:

Hopefully, the 2018 versions will have much better reliability.

brikag says:

Will they have a diesel variant?

crumdoggy says:

I wish CR would get a bit more into the data when referencing the Golf Reliability.  When you pull up the CR website information on Golf reliability it appears the reliability problems are limited to infotainment and smaller issues–not major mechanical.

Eric Haynes says:

Why buy this Volkswagen when they’ve proven time and time again to NOT be reliable?

Confusing Cube says:


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