2018 Volkswagen Golf R Review – Inside Lane

This is the new 2018 Volkswagen Golf R facelift hot hatchback. Its 2.0 litre turbocharge 4 cylinder engine now from produces 306bhp and 400Nm of torque to match the Type R. All wheel drive enables 0-62mph in just 4.6 seconds with the DSG gearbox. Top speed 155mph. 40 MPG is claimed.

A high quality interior is spacious and ideal for family life. A new 9.2 inch Discovery Pro infotainment display also features gesture control. Boot space is 343 litres.

Costing from £31,865 the updated 2018 Golf R is competitive with key rivals such as the Ford Focus RS.


Jonathan Pivovarov says:

The gutteral sound comes from an asymmetrical puck in the dashboard

Aiden Young says:

Why does it do an accidental fart on each gear change?

Keyser Söze says:

Were you testing that around Hertfordshire?

Outdoor Layne says:

I have this car (2016 version). It is quick and well built. And utterly sterile to drive.

nolongerhuman13 says:

It’s Lapis blue. Not signature. Do your fkn homework or I’ll come from Wolfsburg and fkn crucify you on the hood of my golf R with your mundane review. You sleepy mofo. Just wait. You will see. You will all see muahhahhaha

Brendan Mehling says:

ugle wheels

X1AOU says:

Great video. One of the reasons it inspired me to do a video of the mk7 vs a mk7.5.

Lewis Jarman says:

The wheels look horrible, don’t know what vw were thinking…

Daniel says:

the golf r is really nice, but when i’m up to afford the car, i think the gti will be enough for me

Roberto DV says:

Unfortunately the amazing Golf R will never arrive to Brasil. VW doesn`t respect us. If you wanna a similar car you have to chose for Audi S3, but I don`t like that tablet in the panel. If you import one, the customs, fees and taxes will make it more expensive than RS3.

Billy Hughes says:

Love the understated looks — will probably buy one in the near future.

Vladislavs Liturinskis says:

What DSG model on new Golf R Mk7.5 … DQ250 or DQ500 ?

Fikmet Atalko says:

is it lapiz blue ? and can you tell me does it have darker colors of lapiz blue ?

Sam A says:

I’ve seen lots of reviews on the 2018 golf R update…and sure, I’m appreciative to hear about how “nice” it is, however, I’ve yet to hear one reviewer really say how it compares in feel and quality to the 2017 Golf R, is there a noticeable difference in interior refinement, handling, etc.. .(power, we already know, it’s a slight increase… however, it would be nice to hear how and where that power may be noticeable in comparison to the 2017 model)… all this said and done I’d prefer the 2018 model due to the 7speed DSG compared to the 2017’s 6speed DSG, I feel the extra gear would add noticeable value on this car, especially when considering tuning.

Loko Motion says:

WTF is that?

Dumisani Mashele says:

nice car

Jim Paras says:

love the car hate the wheels.

kesh Lakhay says:

Those.alloys on that mk7.5 are terrible…the pretoria’s are way better…also no mention of the performance package… so a disappointing vid imo.

StuckIn Toledo says:

So they nixed the auto folding mirrors and the improved infotainment system for the US model but continue to raise the price. I’m ordering my Civic R, in spite of it being so ugly. 10k less and all I have to trade is awd for reliability VW has never realized. Sie Germans lost a sale.

1066gaz says:

A great allrounder.
I think this model will become one of the best cars ever made in the future.
A real future classic.

steel city rc says:


Hamza Kasuji says:

I did 168 no maps

Inside Lane says:

We have also tested the new 227bhp 2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI: https://youtu.be/2ZYFK7oAGj8

Christer Albäck says:

It’s “Folkswagen”. How hard can it be to learn that. And I’m not German.

Dialysisforever says:

Very nice. I only issue is the wheels. I hate wheels that look directional. They look good on one side of the car but not on the other side. I like both sides to look the same. Maybe I am just being picky but they would have to go.

Gabriele Ciravegna says:

hi congratulation, nice video. i have a golf r 2017, 19″ wheels i was wandering if i could improve my ride. first i must say that ”improving” for me means mercedes air suspension like confort and when i want ohlins like sport ride. i do not use my car in trak days or in track, i use it to go to work and sometimes i like to drive a in a sport setting, not all the time. therefore i looked at many companies, km, ohilins , blistein, they all seem too sport oriented and they do sacrifice the double face nature i am looking for, so i checked some air suspension companies. the air suspension seem focused on ”stance” ( lowering the car to the grownd ), i could not care less about looks. so here i am asking you for some advice… which suspension should i pick?

Papa John says:

Those wheels r sick

Ryan Ritchings says:

I just drove one of these today and now I want one

Nick Bultman says:

so you have to get the navigation?

Brian McCann says:

What a great review, very concise and to the point….


The rims design is awesome

The Truth says:

This looks like something a old lady would want to drive. Classic vw shit turd.

BrainStorm4207 says:

this car is fucking amazing. my fav has always been the 2004 R32. yes my dream car is a simple R32. i have realistic dreams lol this is beautiful though. 2017 and on cars are ugly but this is a diamond in the rough …..and.AWD!!!!!

Robert LeBlanc says:

Curious: If one wanted to spice up the styling a bit, are there aftermarket addons available for this model gen, like a front lip/splitter, etc?
Excuse my ignorance.

ross m says:

I’ve had a 2017 VW Golf R for nine months now. Engine warning light has been on the entire time and the car sputters and shakes for the first few minutes most times I start it. Dealership and VW both say it’s a known problem but … they don’t have a fix for it yet. Refuse to do anything about it in the meantime. Which leaves me driving in fits and starts down the road. I would NOT recommend buying one of these cars.

Reality Cheque says:

Professional review. Well done you have good presenting skills.

Iceweasel says:

My dream car!!!!!!!

alan cooke says:

nice but what A DARK HOLE

cybah786 says:

Anyone else noticed that on these wheels: one side of the car has the “fan” type wheels directed forward, and the other side the fan goes backwards? making the wheels/car look kinda different depending on which side your standing… Does this bother anyone or just my OCD?

William Angeles says:

Garbage. No v6. This sounds like a civic

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