2018 Volkswagen VW Touareg 3 / T-Prime Concept GTE – Preview, In-Depth Look

Volkswagen presented the VW T-Prime Concept GTE at the Auto China in Bejing earlier this year. We had the chance to take a closer look at this showcar which is supposed to show how the 2018 Volkswagen VW Touareg 3 will look like. Seems like Volkswagen is planing a luxury suv that will aim not only for customers of the BMW X5 or Mercedes GLE, but as well for the Audi Q7.

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Bend Em says:

Hi I would expect Apple play and a great B&O stereo or Bose or Boston. Would also like to see upgradable sports and Awd chips or have installed factory so better than last model. Like faster smoother and tuffer. Also find my car if stollen perhaps lock thief in and call cops.

Raymond Allo says:

Thiz iz a very nize car. I can see that they will ruin the production model instead of doing the concept model. Just look at the Atlas

Walter 777 says:

Doesn’t look like German !!!! Look like Mitsubishi!!!! Don’t buy VW in these days it’s so unreliable

MrShelange says:

china made VW how come?

KHD says:

they better get new name

Huw Williams says:

Very very nice. As a former owner of an Audi Q7 and before that a Range Rover, BMW X5 and Mercedes ML, this interior design is outstanding.
I’m glad that they will use proper keys that you can find by feel, rather than flat touch-sensitive ones though. While blister switches and smartphone-type switches are OK for some installations and for the touchscreen infotainment system, we do need switches on the steering wheel and doors that can be found and used by feel only.

I hope they build quality and longevity into these cars, don’t cheat, and train their dealers not to uplift service costs by selling superfluous services and parts, like replacing brake pads and discs that are only one-third worn. Some of us really will not put up with such dishonest practice.
They potentially have a car here that could take a considerable slice of the market.

emrah şimşek says:

best looking volkswagen concept cool design.

theory816 says:

I hope they keep the long strip of light across the grill and those taillights has got to go, they look girly.

sow zıoaz says:


ZABFE says:

please man take some english classes…

Ocean says:

ze fugh of

ram64man says:

forget GTE, this car would be a sure winner if VW decide to put a 85 kw battery powertrain in attached to a 255hp twin motor setup, I would take VW touareg mk 3 ev over tesla model x any day

Ириша Герасимова says:

Mounting the spare parts for Volkswagen Touareg NF, FL; Porsche Cayenne 958 II – http://mountwheel.ru Volkswagen Touareg NF, FL; Porsche Cayenne 958 II – http://mountwheel.ru

marivaldo de brito santos says:

Carros de linha muitos bonitos

Cathy Di Fede says:

great looking car, how about an 8 cylinder to make it more powerful

coin master says:

What a studding concept!. I don’t expect the production version to be even half as nice on the inside :/.

kababrutal says:

I like zis car

Gregory Trane says:

A former BMW owner for many years I moved to VW because after leasing and finally buying one I have now realized that the value they offer trumps status and cache. They also handle like BMW’s use to do years ago. I’m completely satisfied with them and will look foward to the new generation of their offerings.

Ayo Ero says:

Very unprofessional….wasted so much time on the dash board or display. A beautiful design from VW.

Jasper says:

Great concept!

VW did confirm a new Phaeton for the future and they’ve confirmd your idea about the regular Touareg and a car in this style.

Roger Grenier says:

Nice and useful presentation!

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