2018 VW Atlas Review: Top 10 Most Unexpected Surprises!

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Larry Calloway says:

I totally like this SUV !

Emerald Videos says:

i personally respect the loo of the atlas

Howard Bryan Bacayana says:

Now that’s a manly car. Bring in the edges!

Gregory Symes says:

I heard a 2.5L turbo is available, just not in the U.S. I hope the US gets that option here to help the mpg.

robertb34 says:

It looks like a Kia Borrego

dwalmop2 says:

Really wish they would’ve equipped it with the supercharged 3.0t. I’d be all over it if they did!

Peter L says:

Nice review.  No one, however should even consider buying any Volkswagen product.  VW sold 11 million diesel vehicles around the world, promoting the performance and MPG, knowing full well that the cars were DELIBERATELY RIGGED to cheat the pollution control tests.  In real-world driving the cars were spewing 40 times the amount of pollutants they claimed.  This was a massive corporate crime against humanity.  And they repeatedly LIED about it when confronted with the facts. The company is a den of sociopaths.  There are plenty of other car companies to choose from.

Solonas Katsivelas says:

not button controlled 3rd row seats…?in 2018?pffff…. merc GL and Q7 since 2006

iitbftw says:

There it is… The cheap q7

Mark D says:

Thumbs down Andre for not mentioning the most important feature of this VW which should be number 1, The Warranty!
It is a Six-year/72,000-mile “bumper-to-bumper” New Vehicle Limited Warranty!
How did you guys forget this??
And you guys call yourself auto enthusiast, I can do a better job.

zebra says:

Reliability ???? Certainly NOT Toyota Highlander reliability in my opinion

Geezed Out says:

God I think this color is awful!!!

Manu El says:

It looks handsome in every way OMG.

Yasser Syed says:

Car looks great. No diesel no VW for me. ill keep my q7 tdi for now.

HALWG51 says:

Looks a lot like an Explorer.

Chen Yu says:

Thanks for your review Mr. Gru

Luiza Wysocka says:

Hard to concentrate on the video when you speak like this :))). Hey your parents forgot to send you to speech therapist when you were a kid :)))

wheelzwheela says:

That was unexpected.

日産の실비아S15 says:

looks like stupid box cars

Chux_95 says:

5,000 lbs towing is garbage! My 2008 V6 gas Tuareg pulls 7,700 lbs. The Atlas has some great features, put it feels like VW built this vehicle for the European market (you don’t see many campers on the Autobahn). It would be nice to have an SUV that could pull a medium/large sized camper with room to carry family and friends in style and comfort. The Tuareg’s short wheel base prevented it from pulling higher weights. AND worst of all it looks like a Ford from the side. Looking forward to the mid-production refresh…

Theodore Marakas says:

For the money this is an awesome SUV. Me….likey

Wild Willy says:

It’s a juiced up Nissan rougue

zebra says:

It’s a chocolate box

Sam Adrien says:

Horrible speaking voice! Harsh to listen to!!!

Mike & Tabetha Whelan says:

Just a bit of info the 2018 VW Tiguan can come with a third row seat if you want.

Boris Terekidi says:

Good review buddy! Молодец. 🙂

Vlastelin Jopovoz says:

Body looks exactly like Jeep Grand Cherokee’s

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