2019 Volkswagen Jetta – INTERIOR

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Q: Who were you thinking of as the typical person who would buy this new Jetta?

Shapiro: Our buyer base is very diverse. You have your entry owner, those who are getting their first job, or are buying their first new car. There’s the young professional who aspires for something great, who wants no compromises. You also have older buyers who may be downsizing from a larger sedan or SUV who want all the features but are looking for a vehicle with better fuel economy and great driving dynamics in a smaller package.
That’s the real strength of the Jetta. It’s a versatile platform that serves the gamut from drivers who want a comfortable commuter all the way to people that want to push the driving limits. It exudes a much higher quality feel and a more premium driving experience than our competitors.

Q: What was the goal in redesigning the Jetta?
Shapiro: The Jetta name has established itself as the affordable European sedan which offers great design, quality and driving dynamics. Our goal was to build a Jetta that delivers on that heritage while writing the next chapter in the story. We saw the all-new Jetta as an opportunity to reinvent the compact sedan. First, we focused on building a great vehicle with respect to value, fuel economy, and reliability, using the proven 1.4-liter TSI engine and new eight-speed automatic transmission. And second, we brought Jetta further into a rapidly developing digital world with key available features like the Digital Cockpit, driver personalization, and full LED lighting.

Q: How would you describe the styling changes?
Shapiro: Overall, the all-new Jetta embodies the fusion of a sleek and sporty design with everyday usability. The combination of large front grille, sharper lines and LED lighting creates a sportier, coupe-like profile and that exudes a bold character with premium style. A fast sloping roof line gives a dynamic appearance. Meanwhile, the Jetta’s entire interior has been rethought and refreshed. A driver-oriented cockpit with the infotainment screen placed high in the dashboard gives the interior of the all-new Jetta a modern look and makes vehicle information easily accessible to the driver. And all the materials you touch and feel exhibit a high quality of workmanship, a VW strength.

Q: What’s the most important technology upgrade on the Jetta?
Shapiro: The expansion of available driver assistance technologies will take the Jetta into the next decade. In designing the Jetta, we thought in advance of what technologies people will want, from lane departure warning (lane assist) to adaptive cruise control that works in stop-and-go traffic, where the car can slow itself down, then resume your chosen speed.
We’ve seen the usage pattern of such technologies evolve very quickly, where they go from being new and amazing to being practically essential. Rear-view cameras were once like that, and blind-spot warnings are becoming like that now; people are gradually being exposed to it, and once they see the advantages they embrace it. It’s not technology for technology’s sake, it’s how to help improve the driving experience.

Q: What’s the first thing people will notice when they sit in the new Jetta, compared to the current model?

Shapiro: The cockpit is now driver oriented — the dash curves around, and the center console is angled toward the driver. The instrument cluster and the radio are high on the dash; and with the clear VW instrumentation you have a wall of information at eye level and fingertip reach to make it easy to use. With the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit option, your vehicle is filled with cutting-edge technology. Nobody in the Jetta’s segment comes close to that offering of fully configurable instrument cluster tech.
Beyond that the new Jetta has wrap-around ambient lighting in 10 user-configurable colors, a first for VW, which instantly changes the interior ambience. Those colors are coordinated across the instrument panel and with the driving modes; if you switch into sport mode, the colors shift into red. The seats are all-new, and the interior integrates fewer hard plastics and many more soft textures. There’s more color choices available, plus leather seating surfaces with ventilation and heating are available.

Q: If someone asks how the Jetta stacks up to the competition, what would you say?
Shapiro: I’d say it’s not just fun to drive — that’s always been a VW strength – but that the new Jetta is also fun to be in. One of our key new features is personalization, available even on the entry model Jetta. Every new Jetta can have different settings for up to four drivers, from simple things like radio presets to the memory for power driver’s seats. That radio, by the way, comes with AppConnect standard, but can also be configured with the new 400-watt BeatsAudio system that makes it easy to plug in, turn on Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and rock out.

Music Source: NCM Epic Music Ender Guney



Lucano Lallo says:

Who’s the musical group?

Axasus 37 says:

A Uruguay nunca llegó

Savage Axis says:

why we can’t buy this car in Europe? is really beautiful….

Stay Tuned says:

Fun fact: jettas aren’t sold in Germany.

myshkin21 says:

really annoying music

Squirtly Dude says:

Arteon Exterior looks better

amir omich says:

Alles gut!

cruink says:

No Dieselgate version? 😀

Pepe Morales says:

nice car

fily zuricato says:

Por fuera la verdad esta muy feo tiene pinta de ser muy muy lento le metieron diseño como más viejo

Misan Sop says:

I hope VW Jetta improves the weaknesses points:
1- steering wheel is very heavy.
2- the centre screen located lower away from windshield
3- the moon roof is inconvenient to control
4- arm rest is inconvenient to use.
5- the controllers at the steering wheel is inconvenient.

The rests are good.

Thank you.

Ellie Del Rey says:

That ambient lighting is FUCKING COOL

Darth Jar Jar says:

That’s a cool sedan!

Dr Mundo says:

I love how they have a manual even for the highest trim Jetta…..fucking thank you VW!

Matt Gonzalez says:

Recently got an 2018 Audi A4 Quattro and love it. However, I gotta admit it, in my opinion this new 2019 Jetta seems almost as appealing as an Audi in terms of technology. My gf might replace her 2001 Passat by one of these new Jettas. :3

Topher TheTenth says:

I’m afraid of Ambient lighting. What if turns me into a racist?

exionem says:

So the new Jetta is basically the Audi we saw almost 10 years ago… with a more modern interior and some LED ligts.Not bad but seems so… NON INSPIRING…

Sent fromMars says:

They have to change the suspension instead of visuell effects Jetta’s suspension is disaster compared to golf

sameer khan says:

Waiting for lunch in India

Mesut Uslu says:

New Scoda jetta

Brian Amarante says:

Which model is this in the video ?

Vinicius Oliveira says:

mema bosta

migue hidalgo says:

It hurts that in my country
They sell us pure crap and at high prices!
but the mediocre people who buy it and that’s why they abuse because they know they buy it because it’s new
me hurts México

mani moto says:

steering wheel 😀 is it joke?

M A says:

anyone know the song thats playing in background of the new ad for “baby got bass” for the new jetta 2019? of it doing the electric slide?

ToonieMama says:

I currently drive a 2015 Jetta and I love it. Volkswagen is notorious for taking away something good and replacing it with something that is really not needed. I’m not too happy that the 2.0 Turbo is no longer available, and they got rid of the independent rear suspension to lower costs. The fancy interior lighting is kind of passe; that was being done about 10-years ago. I’m not really feeling the front grille either. I really love Vee-Dubs, but I’m not sure about the new Jetta. I will say, however; Volkswagen gives you a lot for the money, and they are solid cars and drive great.

killyamomz says:

that wheel design is ugly as fk. looks like honda or kia wheels.

High Power says:

Wow they changed the game

Phillymadedude says:

i hate the tires ..

Igor Don says:

just wow! cool!!

Willames Pereira says:

Nome da música?

Mesut Uslu says:


Adalberto Galindo says:

El jetta es el mejor

DankMeLater says:

That interior is beautiful. If only the hp matched.

Questchaun says:

Damn it’s got Audi’s gague cluster.

Raul cabronero says:

Boring carq

sergio mesmo says:

A época desse volante já foi muda isso!!

Lucano Lallo says:

Anyone know the theme of this song?



Tyago Silva says:

Lindo por dentro, mas por fora feio
É uma barcona parace carro muito antigo, mas o interior é sem comentários show

Wan Abu Bakar says:

Is it reliable?

Bruno Maciel says:

Qual nome dessa música?

Thiago Oliveira says:

Por dentro ficou show .. mas pecaram em deixar a multimídia posicionada pro lado do motorista…

YaaassChris says:

What trim is this Jetta? Hopefully a SEL, Im really interested in getting one.

zeki akarken says:

price of this car is minimum 40.000 euro in turkey 🙁 1 euro=5.76 türkish lira

MasterlazorX says:

I really hope a redesigned Passat has that ambient lighting.
And i may have most of my respect for VW after the emissions shit, but the ambient lighting has took me by suprise, some top of the line cars don’t even have that much lol.

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